Would You Breastfeed a Stranger’s Hungry Baby? This Woman Did.

Image Credit: Rebecca Wanosik Imagine you’re out with your baby, and sit down to feed her a lunch of pureed vegetables. Another mother sits beside you with her baby. She reaches into her bag to find she’s left her baby’s food at home. You have plenty food to spare. It’s a no-brainer, right? You share your food with her baby.

What if the food was breastmilk? Rebecca Wanosik posted a photo of herself breastfeeding a stranger’s baby, and it became fodder for Internet trolls and Facebook censors.

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The Missouri mother received a text from a friend asking her to breastfeed another woman’s baby. The woman was in the hospital having surgery and her baby, who is exclusively breastfed, was refusing to take a bottle. Wanosik didn’t hesitate.

“When the baby arrived you could tell she was hungry and exhausted and just needed some milk,” Wanosik wrote. “I did what I hope any person would do for my child in a time of despair. I fed a stranger’s baby.”

While she fed the little girl, she nursed her own child at the same time. She took a photo of the scene (the babies are holding hands!), and the trouble started when she posted the photo to her Facebook page. The post went viral, the trolls came out, and Facebook deactivated Wanosik’s account over the backlash. Her husband, Anthony Wanosik, wrote his own post to express his dismay and support for his wife.

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Wanosik’s account was quickly reactivated and a Facebook spokesperson said that breastfeeding photos are allowed on Facebook, and that the deactivation was a mistake due to the millions of reports its team has to sift through weekly.

In reaction to the negative comments, Wanosik had this to say: “I was so surprised by just how many people thought it was weird, or unnatural. They are boobs, they are meant to feed babies. Also, in case anyone forgot, they are mine, so I’m fairly certain I choose what happens with them. Regardless, I took an amazing photo tandem nursing these two babies together, and it shows that hungry babies don’t care, they just need to be fed.”

The post has since garnered 61K likes or reactions, close to 13K shares, and just under 10K comments which, for the most part, are positive and admiring.

What do you think? Would you do this?

Image Credit: Rebecca Wanosik (Facebook)

5 thoughts on “Would You Breastfeed a Stranger’s Hungry Baby? This Woman Did.”

  1. Good goin’, Mama! That’s what breasts are for, especially when a hungry baby is involved. You’ve got the best milk available for babies and the prettiest milk container, too!

    It’s usually those who were denied the breast that have the most difficult time watching babies breastfeed. They need to look at the nursing baby and recognize that that is what they were denied as infants, hence their over-reaction to what is normal and beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous picture – love the babies holding hands! Just ignore the negative comments (“haters gonna hate…”).
    Breastfeeding is natural and beautiful, and a hungry baby doesn’t care who feeds her.

  3. I nursed many babies over the years. Always at a mother’s request. There is so much ignorance around this subject. During much of history, “wet nurses” were common when mothers died, were sick, or just when a mother did not want to bother. It’s our culture’s obsession with breasts as sexual toys that causes the problem.

  4. Hurray for a woman who recognized what was good and normal and who was willing to help a baby in need, in the way that was needed!

  5. Overwhelmingly beautiful! Words arent even enough to express the honesty and love that YOU chose to give! Being that im a new mom, i have so much undenied love for babies. Though i have yet to experience a situation nearly as close, i know now what i’d do if it were me. Thanks for the share and your freakin awesome!

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