Breastfeeding, antibodies and flu vaccine (2nd submission)

I apologize if this goes thru twice: I got an error msg when I first submitted, so I’m not sure this went thru.

Dear Dr. Bob,

I have been reading articles and reviewing the CDC’s recommendations on H1N1 and vaccinating, but haven’t found info about the pros and cons of breastfeeding and this vaccination. In light of the CDC’s recommendation that caregivers of infants receive the H1N1 vaccination, which of the following two scenarios might help my newborn son the most?

First, if I were to receive the H1N1 vaccination myself, would I give antibodies or immunity to my nursling son via breastmilk? Second, say I forgo the vaccination myself and I end up contracting H1N1, would I offer antibodies or immunity to my son via breastfeeding?

Thank you for any clarity you can offer. there is so much confusion about this vaccine and the benefits, and I’d value your opinion.

Becky Suzik
Raleigh, NC

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