Breastfeeding Champion: Tom Hale

Breastfeeding Champion: Tom Hale


Thomas Hale, PhD, is a leading international authority on breastfeeding and drugs. He has educated an entire generation of lactation consultants about drug use in breastfeeding women, teaching them that women can safely breastfeed while taking medications.


Hale holds a doctorate in pharmacology and is a professor of pediatrics at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine, where he has spent the last 30 years teaching pharmacotherapy. He started learning about breastfeeding and drugs in 1992 at which time little or nothing was being published on the subject, “I quickly became enamored with the almost mystical beauitfy of human lactaion and simply fell in love with this area of physiology and pharmacology,” he says.


He immediately began collecting drug information and lecturing at various breastfeeding meetings around the country. The first edition of his Medications and Mothers’ Milk was published in 1992. Since then, 11 editions have been published, and, more than 250,000 copies have been distributed around the world in two languages. Hale’s article, “Medications and Breastfeeding,” was published in Mothering in 2002.


In addition to Medications and Mothers’ Milk, Hale has publilshed three other books: Clinical Therapy in Breastfeeding Patients; Drug Therapy and Breastfeeding: From Theory to Clinical Practice and A Medication Guide for Breastfeeding Moms.


Besides an active consulting and international lecturing schedule, Hale serves on the health advisory council of La Leche League International. In addition, he has a busy website devoted to providing answers to questions about medications and breastfeeding. His new app gives health professionals continually updated, evidence based information on the risks of prescription and non-prescription drugs for breastfeeding mothers.


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