Breastfeeding Under the Trees, June 1939

I am always amazed by the pictures I find of mothers in the 1930s and 40s who breastfed; I’m obsessed with them, really. Although formula was readily available then, poor farming mothers most always breastfed their babies as opposed to feeding them in a way that was expensive and I hazard to say…unnatural.

Here’s a mother breastfeeding her daughter under the trees in Wagoner County, Oklahoma. The picture was taken in June 1939. This is a wife and child of an itinerant cane furniture maker and agricultural day laborer.

One satisfied baby.

4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Under the Trees, June 1939”

  1. They make me cry, these images. They are that beautiful (of course, I can’t look while my 15-month old is awake unless I feel like nursing, because if she so much as sees a baby and a breast, she squeals with delight “NUM! NUM!” and proceeds to lift up my shirt;). I so love this project of yours!

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