Bright, Colorful Thirsties Duo Diapers Giveaway!


Good Morning, Cloth Diaperistas!

Today I am giving away 4 Thirsties Duo Diapers. Each pocket diaper comes with a duo microfiber/hemp/cotton insert. (You can also stuff the diaper with a prefold.)

Please mention your preference of cover pattern and size. Please note: I only have diapers with Aplix closures (top row, above).

Choices are:

Alice Brights (flowers)

Warm Stripes (pink, orange, purple)

Blackbird (trees)

Cool Stripes (blue, green, brown)

And I have sizes One (6-18 lbs.) and Two (18-40 lbs.)

Here’s some description: “The durable Aplix closures of Thirsties Duo Diaper provide a snug and secure fit at every diaper change. Thirsties’ signature leg gussets provide advanced leak-proof protection. Each of the two sizes feature three rows of snaps to adjust the rise to your baby’s shape; it really is like having THREE sizes in one.”

You can enter by leaving a comment below. And if you want to, let me know how you discovered Mothering and/or tell me about someone you’ve turned on to the Mothering.

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505 thoughts on “Bright, Colorful Thirsties Duo Diapers Giveaway!”

  1. I would love cool stripes.. reminds me of the ocean..

    I found mother in 2004 when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter.. I love reading mothering.. Mothering has taught me how to stand up for what I believe in when it comes to my children

  2. I would love the Warm Stripes in size Two!

    I discovered Mothering from my fellow posters on!

  3. I would LOVE the size 2 Blackbird. I am trying to get my stash together for our baby due in July.

    I discovered mothering by accident. I was googling for information on co-sleeping and came across the MDC forums. Once I saw there was a magazine, I was hooked!

    I’ve since told every mom I know how much I love mothering. Even my husband has started to read it.

  4. I discovered Mothering as a youth. My mother is a homebirth midwife and Mothering was the magazine that graced our coffee table and bathrooms! I was raised to feel that birth, breastfeeding and natural parenting was the norm and I love that Mothering Magazine portrays it as such.

  5. I would love any of them because I have a 2 year old boy (so the big size would work) and am expecting a baby girl in September (so the small pink ones would work)! Please pick me!

  6. Oh my these are adorable diapers!!

    I discovered Mothering 5.5 years ago when I was pregnant with my son and it changed my life. I never thought I would be anti-circ/anti-vax, or co-sleep among other things! The due date club was so helpful as well…what would I do without my Mothering friends?! I send all my expecting friends over to Mothering and am glad to say that the majority of them have loved the site and have also given out referrals!
    .-= Riley´s last blog ..2 down =-.

  7. While I was pregnant for the first time, a friend of my mom’s asked me if we were going to circumcise. (I thought it was very strange of her to ask me that at the time!) It turned out that we had a girl, so it wasn’t an issue, but I was still interested in Mothering after she recommended resources here.

    Hmm…I think I love ALL the prints! But if I had to choose just one I think it would be Blackbird in size 2 🙂 Thanks for a great giveaway…we absolutely love the 2 of these that we have!
    .-= Ashley´s last blog ..God is good! =-.

  8. Thinking about cloth diapering and this would be a great way to start! Size 2 – Warm stripes or Alice Brights preferred. Thanks!

  9. So cute! I have never cloth diapered before but, I plan to for this little one I am expecting. These would be great! I would like size 1 alice brights pattern if i am lucky enough to win!!

  10. I have been reading Mothering for so long I can’t remember when I first discovered it but I always give a subscription to my new mommy friends or new friends who haven’t heard of it!

  11. Oh those are adorable! If I were lucky enough to win, i’d want the cool stripes and or the blackbird style in size 2 for my chubby little grandson that I keep =D

  12. Super cute diapers! I love the Alice Brights (size 1) since I’m naming my daughter Alice 🙂 This is actually the first time I’ve visited Mothering, I’m looking forward to exploring it more!

  13. Hi! Gorgeous diapers! Would make a nice addition to our well-worn stash. Size two, black bird or cool stripes please 🙂 My turn to be “lucky”!!!

  14. I would love to have a size one in any of the colors although I prefer the blackbird pattern (but I’ll take whatever I can get). I found mothering magazine at my local natural foods store and thought I would pick up a copy since I am pregnant with my first child. I have subcriptions to every pregnancy and parenting magazine but by far Mothering is my favorite.

  15. My older sister gave me my first issue of Mothering as a new mom! Its a great magazine and I loved all the great info about cd’ing!

    Thirsties are my favorite covers & fit my little girl best!

  16. I cam across mothering during my first pregnancy. I was just browsing magazines at the local bookstore. I absolutely love the blackbird print!!! I am CDing my 3rd child & LOVE it. He’s a big boy even tho he’s only 2 mos old so I better go with size two! LOL

  17. I love these patterns! I would love the cool stripes in size two! Hope I win! My very AP friends introduced me to mothering and I love it : ).

    I have the blackbird at home from and it’s my favorite cover!

  18. My friend Alaina turned me on to Mothering by giving me a subscription for my baby shower. The best present ever!

    I’d like either the warm stripes or Alice brights. Size 2

  19. I just finished doing a cloth diaper trial with ecobuns, and got to try a Thirties Duo diaper. Loved it! I would be thrilled to have the size 2 Cool Stripes! Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. lol honestly I love them all! but Blackbirds and cool strips would work best from me since I diaper 2 kids ( at night only) and have a 3rd on the way and I’m not finding out the gender. =)

  21. I have a 13 month old girl and another girl due any time, so either of the girls’ prints in either size would be wonderful! A friend of mine introduced me to Mothering – it’s just an all-over solid magazine, but I enjoy the articles and healthy lifestyle it promotes.




  22. The blackbird pattern is awesome! I’d love a size one!

    I discovered Mothering thru a friend, visited the forums, and joined the FB group! MDC forums were the best resource of my pregnancy!

  23. This is such a cool cloth diapering month. I just laminated the article so I can share it in birth classes. My precious girl would love the Alice Brights or Blackbird. She would need the size 2.

  24. Those are adorable!!!

    I happily found Mothering through an online forum’s mom recommendation. I’ll forever be grateful. It’s been an amazing resource and great to share.

    Thanks Mothering for the work you do!

  25. lol honestly I love them all! but Blackbirds and cool strips would work best from me since I diaper 2 kids ( at night only) and have a 3rd on the way and I

  26. I own one thristies cover and its a size small! I’ve been debating on which print to get once I get some money saved up!

  27. I’ve been on since my first baby was born in 2001. I had purchased the magazine and loved it, and knew I would have a home here. I’ve made some very good friends through

    I would love the Blackbird or cool stripes for my little guy! size 2

  28. I found Mothering mag at Whole Foods! I turned my friend who is a Bradley instructor onto Mothering. I like the blackbird in size two!

  29. Size 2 blackbird (trees) PLEASE!!!

    I discovered Mothering back in 2006, i guess and really I can’t fully remember how or why, but it’s been a wonderful resource for me over the years.
    .-= christina´s last blog ..a few quiet moments… =-.

  30. Really I’d love any pattern and I’d prefer the size 1. We’re having a baby in October, but the gender is going to be a surprise! My older child is out of diapers.

    I learned about Mothering from a dear friend and it has been such a treasure to me!


  31. I love the new Thirsties prints!

    My older sister gave me a subscription to Mothering when I was pregnant. Best gift ever!

  32. I am in desperate need of some diaper covers!! These would be perfect! I have a little boy and a size 2 would be ideal!! I hope I win too!!

  33. I first discovered Mothering at Whoke Foods. Great magazine! Would live a small Alice Brights fir baby #4 due in Sept!

  34. The Blackbird and the Cool Stripes are so, so adorable!

    I discovered Mothering accidentally while waiting in a too-long shopping line at Whole Foods….three years ago. What a breath of fresh air to a brand new mama who’d never met another breast feeding mama! The magazine’s provided me with so much information and so many affirmations over the years, and I gift subscriptions often. 🙂
    .-= Emilie´s last blog ..Thankfully Thursday =-.

  35. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to try any of them in the size 2! I think I found when doing internet searches for midwives and good places to live when I found out we would be moving out of state at 5 mo pregnant and wanted to do a homebirth.

  36. Yay! I’d love to win the Alice Brights in size 2 for my baby girl! I discovered Mothering as an alternative to the pregnancy mags I was reading during my pregnancy. I was dissatisfied with all the main stream, non-instinctive stuff in those mags and finding Mothering was a revelation – so much more in line with my instincts. Thank you!!

  37. blackbird size 2 please. i was introduced to mothering at 4am in the birthcenter which i was apprenticing. first time mama was having a long but normal labor and while giving her space to nap i cuddled on the couch in the public space and read about diapers.

  38. I found Mothering when we were expecting our daughter, now 6. It’s been an amazing resource over the years for everything! We’re now expected baby #3, gender unknown. I would love a Blackbird or Cool Stripes in size 1. We’ll be ordering Thirsties Duo’s and prefolds in a few more weeks.

  39. I am pregnant with our 4th child and have yet to make the transition to CD!! I really have wanted to (we use no chlorine earth friendly disposables) but have just never tried. There are so many options out there! We are seriouly considering it this time, so winning a free pair would be a great way for us to start! We are expecting a boy and love both of the blue styles!

  40. I would love blackbird in size 2! My cousin sent me over to Mothering for vaccination info, and I have found so much more useful information since!

  41. I found Mothering on a rack at my local co-op, I think I had it read cover to cover by the time I left the parking lot! It is where I have turned to many times to reassure myself that the choices I make (unschooling, AP, co-sleeping, CD, etc) are good and healthy for us and there ARE others out there who feel the same. As an apprenticing midwife I often suggest Mothering magazine to other moms and expecting moms. It’s a favorite during nursing times! -Noel

  42. I found Mothering when I was researching pregnancy books. I got Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth. THEN I started researching midwives, which led me to the MDC! It’s changed my life!

    I’d love the Alice Brights in size 2. I hope I win! We had a Thirsties newborn cover that was perfect, but she outgrew it.

  43. We’d love Blackbird or Cool Stripes in size 1.

    I found Mothering searching for information about natural birth and have been addicted ever since. 🙂

  44. I discovered Mothering when I bought an issue to get a Bum Genius coupon! I loved all the articles because they were so pertinent to things I had going on in my life right at that moment, and I thought the approach to everything was more in line with my own than that of other parenting magazines I’d read before. I’ve been hooked ever since!

    These diapers are so pretty! I love cloth diapers so much. Of these, I like Blackbird or Cool Stripes, and would need a size 2 for my sweet 16-month-old boy! 🙂

    Thank you, and congratulations to whoever wins!!

  45. I would love a size 1 in blackbird. I’ve actually been coveting this as a duo cover recently!

    I don’t remember how I learned about Mothering, but I’m so glad I found it. I read it cover to cover every month and it’s so in line with my philosophies and ideas, that I enjoy every issue!

  46. I would love the Alice brights in size 2. Although the warm stripes are cute as well. I found mothering while looking at Magazines at Barnes and Noble. I was getting sick of all the typical parenting magazines and then noticed your magazine with an article about not circumcising on the front.(I hadn’t circ’d my son) It intrigued me a so I looked through it nd I’ve been hooked ever since.

  47. Great giveaway. I’m interested in the Cool Stripes or Blackbird ones, size 2.

    I found out about Mothering magazine when my midwife gave me some old issues to ready about vaccines and circumcision. I got hooked! Since then I’ve been a subscriber and a big fan! It’s so refreshing to read a magazine that actually supports positive parenting and respects mother’s instinct.

  48. I’d love to be entered for the Blackbird in Size 1 or Cool Stripes Size 1. I’ve just been put on bedrest at 32 weeks and having to order my baby supplies online~ this would be a huge bonus!!

    I am a family/pregnancy chiropractor, and not only do I have your magazines available in my office (and been subscribed myself for the past 2 years), but now every January/February I hold a raffle for all of my new moms in the past year for 5 mothering subscriptions…. it’s always a huge hit!

  49. I would love Blackbird in size 1 or 2. I discovered Mothering at a magazine swapping stand and it felt like it gave me oxygen! I’m in an area that’s not especially supportive of natural/attachment parenting, and I’m SO happy every time I get my mothering in the mail now. I’m not alone!

  50. I have been wanting to try one of these diapers for a while now.

    I found mothering mag from a cloth diapering site on facebook.

  51. I’d LOVE the blackbird sz 2!! We’re still building our stash and I haven’t been able to find any covers, especially fun ones like these!!!

    our lo is only 4 months old and the cd’s are awsome for his little tush!!

    I found out about motherin magazine when there was the BG coupon in it, it went around the CD’ing world fast!!!! 🙂

    Thanks for this opportunity!!


    snowwhite_1234 at

  52. I came across Mothering quite randomly online while researching cloth diapers and thought I’ll get around to reading the articles at some point. Then a cousin of mine was praising Mothering mag and told me it’s right up my alley and that I would love it. Sure enough, I LOVE IT! I’m currently due with my second child in late summer and we will be cloth diapering for the first time. I’d love to try these Thirsties DUO diapers in cool stripes, size 1. Thanks!

  53. I learned about mothering through my Bradley Method birthing classes. I prefer the Alice Brights size 2. I almost ordered them but found the solids less expensive. : (

  54. I would LOVE to have the Blackbird in a Size Two. What a beautiful diaper!!

    I started using the Mothering board last year when I was pregnant with my son. I was planning a homebirth and none of the mainstream sites were very accepting of my pregnancy or birth plans. My midwife gave me a sample of the magazine and told me to check out there forum, so I’ve been here since. It’s the only parenting-related magazine I will subscribe to!
    .-= Andi´s last blog ..Are you brave enough to give up shampoo? =-.

  55. I would love a size 2 cool stripe or blackbird. I got turned on to Mothering when I saw an issue with Ani Difranco on the cover! 🙂

  56. my boss sent me the mothering magazine and I absolutely love it! Then I joined the FAcebook Fan Page. Would love the cool stripes in size 2 for my boy!! YAY!

  57. I would love to win a size two Alice Brights! Super cute! I found Mothering when I was pregnant with my fiest and was looking for AP friendly sites!

  58. LOVE THESE! I’m just not getting into cloth diapering because I’m sick of the cost of disposables. I LOVE the blackbird ones…size 2.

    I was pregnant with my first child in 2007 and knew I wanted a water birth b/c I am deathly terrified of needles. I didn’t know there were any other options than a hospital. I explained to my doctor what I was looking for. He told me they didn’t do water births but that his nurse had just given birth at the Birth and Family Place here in SLC. I went there, met the midwives, and was hooked! They had free Mothering magazines for their clients to take home and read. I read the first one and was hooked. After the birth of my daughter, I made sure I subscribed and have kept my subscription active ever since. I would be LOST without Mothering.

  59. Blackbird size two please.

    Mothering magazine was recommended to me by a friend. I just had my first child and was looking for a good parenting resource. It’s great!

  60. Ooooo! I would love these! I found Mothering through a friend of mine just after my first daughter was born. I’ve been wanting to cloth diaper but just haven’t been able to get the money together to buy them! These are so cute! I would love the Alice Bright prints or the Warm Stripes prints in size 2!

  61. I discovered Mothering 8 years ago, while looking for cloth diapering info for my first baby. I have 5 children now 🙂 I would love “Alice Brights” in size 2 for my latest addition. She is almost 7 months old.

  62. Cool Stripes, size 2 please! I already have the blackbirds and I love it!! Thanks

    I learned about Mothering when GroBaby let their fans know there was a coupon in this month’s issue. I subscribed and love it. Thanks!!

  63. I like the blackbirds pattern, and size one would be great! New baby coming in September and I need to stock up on diapers for him/her!

    The person who taught our childbirth class (Bradley), was our doula, and our daycare provider told us about Mothering. She’s awesome!

  64. Blackbird, size 2, please – how gorgeous! Thanks for this offer! I really don’t remember how I found Mothering. Many friends had mentioned it and I have come across it many times via web searches.

  65. I found Mothering on a rack at my local co-op, I think I had it read cover to cover by the time I left the parking lot! It is where I have turned to many times to reassure myself that the choices I make (unschooling, AP, co-sleeping, CD, etc) are good and healthy for us and there ARE others out there who feel the same. As an apprenticing midwife I often suggest Mothering magazine to other moms and expecting moms. It’s a favorite during nursing times! If I win I’d love blackbird in size 2, please! -Noel

  66. I’d love Alice Brights, Warm Stripes or Blackbird. Size two please!

    I discovered Mothering through a friend an now my sister-in-law loves it too.

  67. These are great! I have a 3 week old and could really use more dipes for my stash. 🙂 I discovered Mothering 10 years ago when my cousin had a homebirth. I was nowhere close to having a baby myself, but I was fascinated and joined the Mothering community myself. Now 2 homebirths, 7 slings, and countless cloth diapers later I’m so glad I joined MDC!

  68. Hi! I was turned on to Mothering magazine by the wonderful midwives of Alaska Family Health and Birth Center. They gave out Mothering magazine to all their clients, even after baby was born! It was great to be able to read POSITIVE stuff about birth (and natural parenting in general) as a young, first time (soon to be) mom. It helped me gain the confidence to have a natural out of hospital birth.

    I love the blackbird diaper in a size one. 🙂 They are all really cute!

  69. I would love to win, I’ve been debating getting a Duo so this would be great! I love them all! My favorite is Alice Brights in Size 2! I love Mothering magazine! I have been a huge fan since my oldest daughter was born almost 3 years ago! I share with my other mommy friends by posting articles on Facebook! Maybe when I get some free time I will start a blog!

  70. Size two — Blackbird or Cool Stripes.

    I received a copy of Mothering with a baby shower gift from a good friend. It featured birth stories which I loved.

  71. I’d love warm stripes in size 2! My friend Sarah turned me onto Mothering when we were discussing vaccines. She and I have similar views on vax that are not shared by many around us.

  72. I would love the blackbird print in size 2! So cute! I love Mothering magazine. I can’t remember exactly when I started paying attention to Mothering Magazine, but it was sometime after my first child was born.

  73. Oh I love the blackbird one! They are all cute, but that’s my favorite! My chiropractor signed me up for a MOTHERING subscription. I love it and am so grateful to Dr. Jayne for giving me that gift. So thoughtful! It is a gift so worthwhile and definitely one I will pass along to other new moms!

  74. I would take any pattern but blackbird would be my preference, size 2. I picked Mothering magazine up in barnes and noble when I was pregnant with my first child 6 years ago.

  75. Ooh, I lust! Cool stripes size 2!! That way the toddler can use them now and the new baby can use them later 😉

  76. I would love to receive the blackbird in size one. SO cute! My friend gave me an issue of Mothering magazine when I had my baby and I have loved it ever since.

  77. I discovered Mothering when I was on bedrest with my first little guy during the summer of 2005. It opened my eyes to so many things about being a parent and offered such a wonderful support community:)

    I love thirsties!!! I would love to try the cool stripes in size 2! Thanks you for all you do:)

  78. Blackbird

    Size One

    I discovered Mothering while googling something or other, and I’ve gotten my sister into Mothering 🙂

  79. These are so adorable! We’re expecting our first daughter in September and I’m so excited to use cloth diapers! I’d love any of them in the size 1. I found Mothering through a few fellow Navy wives and it’s been so helpful and informational during my pregnancy experience. 🙂

  80. Been reading Mothering magazine for many years and have always received insightful information that is not found elsewhere. Would love to have Blackbird in size 2. Thanks!

  81. I came across Mothering from my Breastfeeding support group. The lactation consultant brought some old Mothering issues she had and gave them away. I have learned so many great things from Mothering, as well as bought items from some of your advertisers. Keep up the great work!

    I would like the Blackbird size 2.

  82. I’d love the blackbird and cool stripes. 2 of each size! I am due for baby # 2 in September (a boy this time!). I am planing a home birth and am so excited. I love Mothering Magazine!!!!

  83. I would LOVE Blackbird size one!

    I found out about Mothering from friends on an online forum 🙂

    I am turned on a new pregnant natural friend of mine…she loves it already!

  84. Wow, I love Blackbird print!! Very cute! I would like a size 2 🙂 (The warm stripes are cute too!)

    I found out about Mothering Magazine after being sent the URL to the Mothering discussion forums…I have been reading the magazine since!

  85. Warm stripes in size 1, or size 2!! I found Mothering during the Cottonbabies free AIO promotion and I’m so glad that I did!! It’s a wonderful magazine!!
    .-= Kari´s last blog ..Land of Lamaze… =-.

  86. I would absolutely love to win these. I have used cloth on my 2 year old daughter, and am expecting a new baby in sept and could really use these. Due to a high risk of preterm labour I have had to go on besdrest, and I had not choice but to quit my job as I am not eligible for maternity or medical leave ( was told I wasn’t there long enough,and they won’thold my position open for me ) so now we are struggling financially, with only one income. We desperately need to aquire more diapers for the newborn coming, so these would be a real blessing for us. I would appreiate the cool colours pattern or the blackbirds pattern both in size 1 please. Thanks so much and good luck to all the other entrants!

  87. I would love the size ones of the Blackbird (trees). I discovered Mothering when I joined a birth circle right after my first home birth, second child. A woman in the group kept referring to an article published in your magazine. So it all started from her comments. My parenting style always felt out of the norm until I was able to join the community here and find that I am not alone! My birth circle friends are also a big support, so thank you!!

  88. I heard of Mothering Magazine from my family doctor when we discovered we were pregnant with our 3rd baby in 2 years (the first two were twins).

    I have loved Mothering Mag ever since!

    I would LOVE the blackbird in size 1! Adorable!

  89. I would love either cool stripes or blackbird size 2.

    I found Mothering when I was about 4 weeks pregnant with my daughter, in a health food store in Wilmington Vermont. I have subscribed since.

  90. I discovered Mothering at my birth center. It was a nice contrast to other parenting magazines that I had come across.

    As a Christmas present for my sister in law I got her a subscription. She was due in May so I figured she would get a couple of issues before she had the baby. She is very mainstream and I hoped reading your magazine would help open her eyes to different parenting styles. It has helped, she just had he daughter and she is breastfeeding and using cloth diapers!

  91. Blackbird looks wonderful! We are preparing for our little one and since my last daughter was born 8 years ago I’m starting all over with supplies!!!

  92. I found Mothering while trying to find an online support system & information for breastfeeding (its considered a no-no in within my family). I found a world of advice not only on the forums but within the magazine itself. i have been hooked ever since! Mothering also gave me the courage to try cloth diapering!

    Alice Brights size 1

  93. I would LOVE to have the size one cool stripes diaper! I have been trying to win cloth diapers forever:) I have never used them before and am getting ready to make the switch! My sister in law turned me on to MOTHERING magazine and I am so grateful!!

  94. It would be simply amazing to win an Alice Bright size 2. It is really hard to choose, specially having a new baby girl. I think though a new diaper for my 2.5 year old would really make her smile and make her feel special with all the things new baby has been getting.

    I found mothering years ago when searching online for vaccination information when pregnant with my son. I found the forums and the due date groups and found an online place I could call home. A place where I can parent with my heart and mind and can question the mainstream without others looking at me like I am crazy. Thank you Mothering!
    .-= Kimberly´s last blog ..Breast Feeding is Best and it can come down to life or death! =-.

  95. I would love either the cool stripes or blackbird pattern in size 2.

    My mother brought me a copy of Mothering 8 years ago when I was on bedrest with my first child. I was hooked and have been a subscriber ever since! Through the years, I have turned several friends onto the magazine.

  96. It would be fantastic to have size 1 in cool stripes or blackbird. It would be great to try this brand. It looks fantastic and versatile.

    I found mothering through an online community forum I belong to and I have loved it. It fits perfectly with my parenting style and the info is so relevant. Thanks!!!!

  97. I actually discovered Mothering Magazine after coming across the Mothering forum when newly pregnant with my 3rd child, and searching for “natural parenting sites”.

    I would like a size 1 in either cool stripes or blackbird.

  98. I would love the size 2 in blackbaird or cool stripes

    I found mothering when we did our birth class and our instructor let me borrow her copy of natural childbirth.

  99. Size 2 in either Blackbird or Cool Stripes would be fabulous!

    Mothering was recommended to me by a friend/veteran CD’ing mom. Love it!

  100. I would love to enter your contest! Those thirsties are super cute!

    I heard of mothering magazine by shopping at whole foods but now I follow them on FB.

    My preference if I win would be blackbird in size 1


  101. I love the blackbird, size two. I just got a subscription for my sister in law who is pg. Mothering has made such a difference in my parenting, letting me trust my instincts instead of feeling guilty all the time for not just listening to my elders! Every time I get it, I feel more grounded and confident!

  102. I first found Mothering while searching for info on vaccinations; I found a link to the vaccination debate issue. I picked up my first issue at barnes and noble, and immediately subscribed. My husband recently started to read it too! By far this is the best magazine for our family. Love it and look forward to every issue (I actually borrow older issues from friends and read those too).

    I would love to try out these dipes! Blackbird size 2. 🙂

  103. I would love either the cool stripes or blackbird in size Two. I’ve known about Mothering since I was a kid-I’m a product of attachment parenting, co-sleeping and cloth diapering!!

  104. I love these! My daughter is a size 2 and would love Blackbird and Alice! I’ve known about Mothering since my oldest daughter was born, almost 5 years ago now..

  105. I would love to have a size 2 in either the Alice Brights or Warm Stripes!!! I have heard lots about this brand and would love to giv them a try!!!

  106. I would love to try size 1 in cool stripes or blackbird! I love the Thirsties covers we have, it would be cool to try a pocket.

  107. Would love a size 1 blackbird for my little boy due in early August! I discovered Mothering through my journey to cloth diapering, and lent the most recent issue to my mom in the hopes she’ll ditch the Pampers and try something new on her grandsons!

  108. We would LOVE size 2 in any of the patterns! Thank you for doing all of these wonderful giveaways and encouraging more mamas to try CD!

  109. I would be so excited to win the Alice Brights in size one! I got the Parenting magazine with my first child and was so disgusted by the mainstream, MD-heavy advice that I cancelled my free subscription!! Then as I entered the alternative medicine and cloth diapering worlds I discovered Mothering and thought, “Now this is mindful parenting, not just being told to follow the MD and “expert” advice.” What a breath of fresh air!!

  110. Size 1 cool stripes. I first found Mothering in line at a grocery store! And, I have been an avid reader since!

  111. I would love the Alice Brights in size two! My little girl is just about big enough tp fit into them! It would look soo cute on her sweet little tushie! We’ve never used pocket diapers before so it would be a great way to get introduced to them!

    We got our first copy of Mothering at our first prenatal visit with our wonderful homebirth midwives. Then a friend of mine gave me every back issue she had (about 20 of them) at my baby shower. I read them through about three times each before my little one was born. I still read those back issues often as the stories and advice becomes more pertinant as she grows.
    .-= Valerie L´s last blog ..Quick Tip Tuesday: Easier bread slicing =-.

  112. Oh, I would LOVE the warm stripes or the blackbird (size two)! My sister gave me a subscription to Mothering – she said, “You’re kinda crunchy, and it’s the only magazine I’ve seen to have ads for cloth diapers” – I decided that was a compliment, whether it was meant that way or not!

  113. All of the colors are great. Size 18-40 please (my 5 month old is really big!). Love the giveaways! Thank YOU!!!!

  114. I am brand new to CDing and would love to win a set of the Cool Stripes in size 2 for my son. I discovered Mothering through a friend and through searching online.

  115. Size 2 in cool stripes or blackbird would be great!

    I can’t remember how I came across Mothering… I think I was googling something while I was pregnant and it came back with Mothering – and I was instantly hooked 🙂

  116. I would love size two in blackbird. I discovered Mothering Magazine at my midwife’s office a little over 6 years ago.

  117. I would love Blackbird size one.

    I was introduced to Mothering by my sister. She receives it and also bought a subscription for me when I was pregnant. Thanks Sis!

  118. i am not sure where i first found mothering…maybe powells in portland? either way i am in LOVE! i buy a subscription for all of my pregnant friends! and I LOVE thirsties!!!!!

  119. I’d love the size two in blackbird or warm stripes!

    I discovered Mothering in my HypnoBirthing class and have since recommended it to every pregnant friend of mine, successfully getting two hooked on it as well!

  120. I discovered Mothering through my cousin almost 15 yrs ago, and knew it was the kind of “Mothering” I wanted to do. 8 years ago when I was expecting my first child I went looking for it again. I have been hooked ever since.

    I would be interested in any pattern in a size 2.

  121. I would love to win the size 1 blackbird print.

    I discovered Mothering Magazine at a local Whole Foods Market while I was pregnant. I fell in love with it and subscribed to it right away! It gives me a lot of reassurence about my lifestyle and parenting style that most people give me a hard time about!

  122. I would love a size 2 in cool stripes!

    I found mothering at a organic food store in Dover Delaware! I have learned so much from mothering about raising a healthy baby and attachment parenting.

  123. Size 2 Blackbird would be terrific! I have been a Mothering reader for years, had my first baby at home 15 years ago, and diapered him and his sister with cloth. Now their little 5 mo brother is in cloth, too!!!! Mothering was very important to me when I was a 22 year old mother, a great resource for holistic parenting information and support for not vaccinating, breastfeeding and natural health! Now Mothering is an old friend I recommend to all mothers to be!

  124. I love the cool stripes and my DS is a size two. I would love to start using cloth…it is the one thing I have not invested in yet and feel guilty about. I love Mothering for the fellowship. Sometimes where I live I feel like I am all alone in my quest of natural living.

  125. I refer all my friends to this site who ask about natural living, birthing, cloth diapers, etc! They are always so overwhelmed with the amount of information on the Net so I tell them “Just go here, it’s everything all rolled in to one site and magazine!” 🙂

    Oh, I’d love a size 2 blackbird or cool stripes!! 🙂

  126. Those are some of the cutest designs! I am not a CDer but I would love to start! If I win, I would want the Blackbird Design in Size 2!

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  127. I could really use Blackbird in Size 1!

    I found over three years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was a member over at BabyCenter, but I really wasn’t finding the support that I was looking for in seeking a natural birth. One of my homebirthing friends recommended Mothering and I haven’t looked back!

  128. i would love to try these…..i used cloth on my own kids, and am using them on my granbabies……have never seen these….have a girl so can take anything you have in a size 2……thanks …taking care of these three babies 5 4 2, is really time consuming for me sometimes, and i dont have time to get on here the internet much….thanks…

  129. I would love ANY of them!! I have 2 in diapers right now so I could use any of them. I first found Mothering on BBC…

  130. I’m just a tiny bit pregnant (faint + line this morning!!!) so I’d like a size one in whatever is neutral, probably Blackbird? But, I already have my boys in a pink and a purple HHs because they were cheap, so I’ll go nutty and ask for a Warm Stripes in case it’s a girl 😉

    I found Mothering through my granola mama friends. Everyone raved about the magazine and I liked the website, so I asked for a subscription for Christmas. LOVE IT!!

  131. I would LOVE the Alice Brights print in size 1.

    A friend turned me on to Mothering when I was pregnant and I think it’s a great magazine and resource!

  132. i like size 2 in blackbird and alice brights. very cute.

    i discovered mothering while pregnant with my first daughter. they had it in the library and i spent lots of time there between appts and stuff. from there i found the forum. i am an avid reader of the magazine and always give my copies (when i am done lol) to any expecting or new mom to broaden their horizons.

  133. Size One Blackbird would be amazing!!!

    I found Mothering Magazine from a local LLL leader and immediately cancelled my Parenting mag subscription so I could get Mothering! It has been the biggest confidence booster for me since I live in an area that doesn’t really respect peaceful, responsible parenting!

  134. The Alice Brights in size 2. I found Mothering magazine because of the cottonbabies AIO coupon/promotion.

  135. Alice Brights in size 2…

    I found Mothering at my midwives clinic and Loved reading it while waiting to be seen. Decided after my 2nd visit I better subscribe and have loved it ever since. We have been cloth diapering for the last 5 months. We started on our daughter when she was 5weeks old. Would LOVE to try Thirsties.. looking to replace some and this would be a great way to try them out!

  136. I would love cool stripes in size 2. I heard about the magazine from the online cloth diapering community.

  137. I would love a chance to win a size 2 warm stripes 🙂

    Mothering magazine is wonderful and I need to subscribe ASAP!

  138. Wow, are those Blackbird diapers CUTE! I’d love to try them in size 1….or 2!

    A family I babysat for, before I had kids or was married, introduced me to Mothering Magazine. I’ve been a subscriber since I was pregnant with my daughter, more than six years ago. Since then I recommend it to all my new-parent friends!

  139. OH, I’ve been wanting to try these!!!

    If I won I’d want either the cool stripes or the blackbird in size two. So cute for boys! It’s not often that the prints aren’t girly.

  140. I would love a blackbird in size 2. I came across the same diap a few weeks ago and I just adore the pattern!

    A fellow CDing mamafriend of mine sent me your way. ; )

  141. I love the blackbird print in size 2.

    I love Mothering Magazine and love to give subscriptions as gifts to new moms to be!

  142. I love all of them!!! 🙂 They are B-E-A-UTIFUL! 🙂 Hmmm I know I would like size 2… design…. Black bird, I mean warm stripes, I mean alice brights, Oh dear.

    Ok… Alice brights. Final answer… or surprise me. 🙂

    I discovered it while waiting in line at my favourite wholefoods market… newly pregnant. So I picked it up… I knew it would be a more natural take on things… but never expected that it would absolutely rock my world and become a major support system when my ‘need to be different'(as some view my parenting, as if I do it just to be different, not for the good of my child) is not viewed in a positive light.

    Thank you.

  143. would love warm stripes or alice brights or even blackbird… would love size 1 for my new baby girl due in a few weeks 🙂 Found Mothering magazine while searching for articles about cloth diapering and im so glad i did!

  144. Just converted to CD (thanks to latest mothering article!) and Thirsties are the best! Would be grateful for any color in size 1 but the blackbird is really cute!

  145. I would LOVE to win the size 2 blackbird design. I found Mothering Mag from a friend posting articles on Facebook. I loves all the articles, and discovered what a great magazine Mothering is. I’ve since turned my sister onto Mothering!
    .-= Floris Real´s last blog ..Scheduled activities…. =-.

  146. I’m lusting after those Blackbird trees in size 2!!!

    My mother-in-law gave us a subscription to Mothering as a gift when baby #1 was on her way. Been reading ever since!

  147. I discovered Mothering through a doula friend of mine. I was venting about how “un-natural” parenting magazines were and that I wished there was something out there in line with my beliefs. She tossed me a copy and I was hooked! 🙂

    The Blackbird in a size 2 would be perfect for our house of two cloth diapered babies! Good luck to all of the mamas entering!

  148. These are really cute! I would need the biggest size for my 16 month old. I would love to get back into cloth diapering! I think the Alice Brights are the cutest. Thanks!

  149. i would love the alice bright diapers! my youngest daughter is nine months and could use some new cloth diapers! she’s wearing her sisters old ones so some new ones would be awesome!

  150. We are woefully lacking in the cover department. When my son grew into the larger size (in covers), we mostly just started using our pockets more. We have lots of prefolds, but only a few covers. Those prefolds certainly do line dry more quickly!

    These are SO cute though!! If I were to win, I would want the cool stripes snap closure cover in size 2. We’ve never used a snap diaper, so it would be fun to try out 🙂

  151. Hello! My wonderful sister-in-law got me a subscription to Mothering to celebrate and support when my son (our first child) was born this January. It has already been a great help, getting me through the extra-cold Iowa winter. I love the recent article on cloth diapering, just wish I would have had it a few months ago, when I was wading through the ocean of wonderful cd choices. However, although we’ve now hit our stride with pocked diapers and gone full time, the article still helps me because I can show it to friends and family that are a little mystified but interested in learning about this experience. Thanks for helping me spread the word about modern cloth diapers!

    Our family would love to win size 2’s in Cool Stripes and/or Blackbird. Thanks for the chance, and I hope you all are having a beautiful day!

  152. I love the blackbird in size one or the alice brights in size two.

    I found mothering soon after becoming pregnant this time around (Due in October) I love that it has so many resources for “natural” living which I’m more into now than I was with my first daughter.

  153. I would like the blackbird in size 2.

    I found mothering at Babies R Us and I have shared the info I have learned from the magazine with many.

  154. I love love love thristies and I have been wanting to get one of their new prints. I love the Blackbird, size one! Thanks for the chance to win some awesome fluff!

  155. So pretty! Love the Warm Stripes and Blackbird colors (but also dig the others), would need a Size Two. Pick me, please! Today’s my birthday and winning would be a great gift!!!

    I found Mothering a few years ago when browsing the parenting/pregnancy mags at the bookstore. I’m so glad I did! It’s really helped me feel so supported in my less than mainstream choices in parenting, choosing to HBAC and, of course, cloth diapering!

  156. I’ve heard great things about Thirsties in general but have only used bummis and motherease diaper covers. I would love to try these out. I’d want size two in blackbird and cool stripes.

    I can’t remember when I read my first mothering but I remember borrowing bundles of backissues from the local library – it made for great reading material during the early days of breastfeeding and gave me lots to think about. Now a days I often pick up mothering at a wonderful local store but have been intending to get a subscription.

  157. I’d love any of the Size 2 diapers (my baby is a girl, but she has 2 big brothers so her diaper collection is “unisex”).

    I think I first saw Mothering while babysitting as a teenager. I loved it right away!

  158. I would *love* any of them! 🙂 Size 2. I probably heard about Mothering shortly after I had my 2nd child. Wish I had known about it sooner & now I suggest it to anyone I know! 🙂

  159. I would love the Blackbird design! Size one would work!

    I found mothering 3 years ago when my sister was pregnant. She sent me to the discussion forums to see what I thought about something and I’ve been frequenting the boards ever since and recently purchased my subscription to the mag. Love it!

  160. I would LOVE any of them in size 1 for my little girl who is arriving next week!

    I discovered Mothering at Whole Foods and have been hooked ever since!

  161. Oh, what a wonderful giveaway! I was just out visiting our local cloth diaper shop and she recommended these for newborns. I would love Blackbird in Size 1. I discovered Mothering through a friend and have recommended the website and magazine to everyone I know! Thanks 🙂
    .-= Pamela´s last blog ..updates =-.

  162. I would love a size 2 set. My preference is Alice Brights, but warm stripes or blackbird is cool too. They are very cute. I started cloth diapering because I came across an issue of Mothering magazine with a cloth diaper special. I work at a supermarket, and for one month only we got a shipment of Mothering magazines to sell, and the next month they were gone! But I thumbed through one, liked what I saw, bought the magazine, found the website, and got a subscription! I’m using prefolds and covers, but wish I could afford to try other systems! This would just make my year if I could get these!
    .-= Channelle´s last blog ..New girl names on my list =-.

  163. Please do subscribe–you’re our bread and butter. Right now we have this awesome promotion going on where you get a free children’s play Beco doll carrier with a subscription.

  164. Theseare wonderful! I like the cool blue in size 1. I found Mothering a year ago after finding out I was pregnant with our first. I recommend it to everyone now. My son is 2 months old. When a friend from high school told me she was pregnant with her first in January I immediately bought her a subscription! She loves it too!

  165. LOVE LOVE the alice and blackbird!! (size 2:) ) I found your magazine while pregnant with my little Leah. There is a 7 year gap between my girls and I felt like I needed to refresh in everything!! Definetly ‘smarter’ this time around:) I would love to be picked from your drawing!:)

  166. I haven’t tried this brand of cloth diaper, but I love the patterns. I could use a size two, in “cool stripes”. I was turned on to Mothering by a long-time subscriber-friend of mine who gifted me with an e-subscription while I was pregnant last year. The magazine has been a great resource, thank you!

  167. I would love Size 1 Blackbirds! They are beautiful!

    My sister turned me on to Mothering and I can’t get enough of it! I think I give a copy to everyone I know!

  168. I would love the Alice Brights in size one. I have been eyeing these on for a month now. Love the prints! I think my bitty five pounder will be able to fit into them soon. 🙂

  169. I LOVE my Thirsties Duo Wraps and have been drooling over these fabulous prints!

    Coincidentally, I came to Mothering from another online forum, where the mamas were recommending MDC as *the* place for info on cloth diapering. I made the switch – both from disposables to cloth AND from a mainstream board to MDC – and have never looked back!
    .-= Heather B.´s last blog ..Why use a Midwife? =-.

  170. I would love to try these! Any print would do in size one. I have 8-week-old boy/girl twins, and we are always looking to add to our stash and try something new.

  171. These are so beautiful! I would love any pattern, but especially the blackbird, in size 2. I have some covers that I’m sure my little one on the way is going to grow out of quickly if she is anything like her chubby brother.

  172. Size 2 in cool stripes or blackbird would be awesome. I first heard of “Mothering” from my child birth educator and was excited to see a friend of mine became a fan of the magazine on Facebook so I became one as well. I love the emphasis on natural parenting- especially the emphasis on the importance of breastfeeding! I’m also motivated to go all cloth diapers now so winning this giveaway will be a big help. Kudos to Mothering!

  173. I love all the prints! I have a boy and girl in diapers, fortunately they are both size 2. I have cd’ed all 4 of my kids. Love it!

    I found Mothering when kid #1 was just a year old. He was still sleeping with us and nursing a ton. Everyone thought we were weird. I picked up Mothering at the library. The article I read was about co-sleeping. And there were ads for cloth diapers. I jumped up and down with glee right there! I have since shared Mothering with everyone I know. I even bought a subscription for our library here in our new home town.

  174. I love the Blackbird in Size Two 🙂

    I found when I was planning my homebirth, but my mom was a long-time magazine subscriber in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

  175. I love these cloth diaper give aways. I have slowly collected diapers since my first daughter was born five years ago. They are expensive but we now have about 20 cloth diapers. Our third daughter is wearing them now and will until she turns 2 in September and her little brother will be wearing them also when he comes along in August. I would love to win some more diapers so I don’t have to wash them as often especially since I will have two in diapers come August.

  176. I’ve never tried pocket diapers, so would love to see how they work. My babies don’t stay little long, so I’d need a size 2. I love the cool stripes pattern!

    I learned about Mothering through a local library. I borrowed all the past issues, then my MIL ordered the magazine as a Christmas gift for me. I’ve lent all my issues out to friends to read.

  177. Would love to add these to my cloth diaper collection. Since I have 3 girls, I would love to win the size 2 in the Alice Brights or size 2 warm stripes.

  178. I’ll take any size in the boyish colors. I’d prefer blackbird in size 2 though! I found Mothering through LLL friends. Not sure what I’d do with out it or MDC! Thanks!

  179. It’s only taken me till the 5th child to want to give cloth a try :o)

    Would like size 1 (or 2) in Alice Brights or warm stripes.

    I found out about mothering through my sister in-law and am so thankful! It helped me realize my dream of having a natural birth. It’s nice to see there are others raising their families like mine :o)

  180. Size 1 in any of the colors 🙂

    This is the 3rd of my 4 children that I am cd’ing. I found Mothering when I was in the local bookstore looking for reading material when I was pregnant with my 2nd baby. I’ve been hooked ever since 🙂

  181. I am looking to use cloth for #2, due this fall. These are ADORABLE!!

    I stumbled upon Mothering at Whole Foods when I was pregnant with my son two years ago – and I was immediately hooked!! I have since started the process to become an ICEA certified childbirth educator and I’m planning a homebirth for my second child. I am so grateful to Mothering for the resources and reassurance it has provided on my parenting journey!!

  182. Alice Bright in size 2 for baby Ellie… #8 in my house. Learned about mothering magazine with baby #3 through my oldest friend from kindergarten. #3 is now 15 years old! Mothering played a key role in our early parenting and health care of our children, especially vaccines, breastfeeding support,homeopathic and herbal medicines.

  183. I like the cool stripes in size one. Baby #2 (a boy) is due June 26th. We use the Thirsties Duos for the “cloth hesitant” family and sitters. They are so easy since they don’t need anything else for daytime but we can stuff them for nights. These do make it much easier to get family/friends to use cloth on our baby – they work very much like disposables as far as putting them on.

    I was sent the link to Mothering through a cloth diaper group.

  184. i would take any pattern and preferably the larger size…

    i found mothering about 4 years ago, while pregnant with my first.

    i give mothering subscriptions to all of my new mom pregnant friends- i feel that the information in the magazine is way more important to a new mother trying to find her path as a parent than another onesie etc.

  185. I would LOVE to win size 2 in anything boy-like. I am looking to start my newborn on cloth diapers and was reading about them on Mothering. Thanks!

  186. I’d love any of the colors in a size 2. I found Mothering at the local natural foods store when I was pregnant. I LOVE the magazine and so does my husband.

  187. I would love any color in size 2 🙂

    I found Mothering when I was pregnant and went to library looking for resources. I didn’t know what “attachment parenting” meant or how to even look for pregnancy/parenting resources that fit in w/my beliefs…until I saw Mothering magazine – I checked out all the back issues that were available and now love my digital subscription 🙂 I should also say that my homebirthed DD is now 19 months, still breasfed and ergo-carried (when she’ll let me!), vegan, minimally vaxed, and super-happy!

  188. I’m not a CD-ing mom just yet. My son is 26 months and on his way out of diapers, but I’m strongly considering CD-ing if and when #2 comes along! I’d love any, but the cool strips or blackbird would be good for my boy. Size 2 OR Size 1 to try on the next one (hopefully sooner than later!)

    Thanks again and I found Mothering from my dear SIL who is an incredibly dedicated natural mother! 🙂

  189. Oh my goodness — I am in love with the Blackbird print, size 1.

    I was itro’d to Mothering Magazine by my good friend when she and I were both having our first babies. She also set me up with my first prefold stash.

  190. I’d love cool stripes (or blackbird) in size 2! I stumbled upon mothering when I was searching the internet for cloth diaper info before I had my first child.

  191. We’d love the blackbird or cool stripes size 2 for my 16 mo old boy. Love, love, love Mothering Mag. My dear friend gifted me a subscription when I was pregnant & renews it every year for a birthday gift- one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten!

  192. Blackbird and Cool Stripes in size 2! 🙂 So cute!!

    I discovered Mothering at Whole Foods while I was pregnant. I always look for it when I’m there and get excited when its a new issue – its my treat for the day! I turned my friend on recently with your Cloth Diapering article. She CD’d before me so she sort of showed me the ropes … she’d never heard of Mothering until I told her about it!

  193. Oooh, yay!! I love the Blackbird and Alice Brights colors!! We’ve got one on the way, so any size would do, but I suppose I’d get the most mileage out of size two!

    I discovered while TTC. The queer parenting forum was a WEALTH of information to me. I knew I had to become a subscriber once we were (finally) expecting. 🙂
    .-= Lindsay´s last blog ..Belly Progress =-.

  194. I love Blackbird w/ snaps in sz 2!!! I love them all though! I have B/G twins so I could always use more:)

    I’m Mothering fan on FaceBook!!

  195. Love Mothering! Discovered the mag and community early in my pregnancy when looking for natural birth and parenting resources. Would like either Warm Stripes or Alice in size 2, please.

  196. I would love the Blackbird diapers in size 2 for my baby girl who is growing faster than I can fathom! I found mothering from my library magazine rack. I’m always interested in vaccine debates so I saw that one of your covers had that featured and an hour later after reading Mothering cover-to-cover I was absolutely, 100% hooked!!!!

  197. I will be the only mother in (this very small) town using cloth diapers, and I’m psyched to get the word out about Thirsties (and about having a baby –period!) Not sure about gender yet, but we love the Blackbird for either boy or girl. Probably should do a size 2.


  198. I love those! I would be happy with a blckbird,warm stripes or the allice brites in a size 2. they are so cute i can’t pick just one!

  199. Cool Stripes or Blackbird size 2 please!

    I found Mothering thru a friend who brought in the Magazine to work where I then proceded to read over her shoulder and question her about everything. Soon after I got my subscription!

  200. These are all too cute! I’ll go for the cool stripes in a size 2 for my little man 🙂

    My sister got me hooked on Mothering about a month ago. I’m completely addicted.

  201. I love the Blackbirds in size two (love the cool stripes also) for my son. My midwife introduced me to Mothering and I subscribed right away as I read through all her back issues. Now, I love giving pregnant friends the Pregnancy edition to get them going and show them there are great resources out there for natural family living.

  202. I would take any color in a size 1. I just discovered mothering because I was looking for a BG coupon. I loved it so much I now subscribe and was so happy that my first issue had a great piece on Cloth diapers

  203. Cool Stripes! Size 2!

    A friend of my husband sent us a subscription to Mothering as a gift when our son was born… I’m sure I’d heard of it before then, though, just can’t remember how!

  204. Cool Stripes are awesome sz 2!! Got Mothering website from my subscription to as nature intended it on facebook!

  205. So pretty! Would love cool stripes in a size 2.

    My husband told me about (he has two kids from a previous marriage), and I love it! I now get updates from Mothering on Facebook, which is awesome.

    Just started cloth diapering recently with my 2 and 1/2 month old daughter.

    I plan to tell my friends about once they start having kids (I’m the first!). 🙂

  206. LOVE the prints! Blackbird size 2 please. LOVE my mothering mag., only wished I had found it sooner. What a blessing it is =)

    I breastfeed (ofcourse!!) and found mothering through LLLI.

  207. I would love any of them in a size 2 (I prefer the blackbird). I have a baby girl due June 12 and already have the Warm Stripes and Alice Brights in a size 1. (Adorable prints!!!) I think I discovered Mothering in Whole Foods many years ago. I babysit and one of my moms was having trouble getting her son (8 months) to sleep in his crib. I left her the co-sleeping issue of Mothering and the next week when I went over she told me she bought an online subscription. I was so proud!

  208. I picked up Mothering at the health food store during my pregnancy. I decided to have a homebirth and found support and information regarding my decision from Mothering mag. I really appreciated the like minded views and support as I was having a difficult time receiving support and true understanding from friends. Thanks Mothering, My beautiful, healthy and happy baby girl was born in the water at home:)

    She is 6 mo. now and we starting to use the potty, these diapers would be a great transition during our EC adventure. I love the blackbird in size 2 or the alice brights.

  209. I would love any boy colored one in a size 2 for my 5 month old baby boy =o)

    I found mothering Magazine through my best friend a few years ago. I am ADDICTED to this Mag!!!!!! I tell everyone about it , and try to always a have a copy in my baby bag. Mothers need REAL information!!!!!! The truth is out there , as mom’s we need to help other mom’s to find it . Thanks mothering for Helping to do that!!!!=o)

  210. I would love either the Blackbird or Cool Strips in Size 2 🙂 These look beautiful! Thanks so much for offering some for a giveaway. Mothering is one of my favorite magazines!!!! I love the extended breastfeeding support, info on cloth diapering, education and support for natural birth and articles on vaccine awareness (to name just a few of my favorite topics). Thanks again!

  211. I love the alice brights and the blackbird. Size one would be great. I have lots of bigger pocket diapers from my first but not so many small ones and they are so handy when you are out and about. I found about mothering long before I had kids reading it in the houses of people I babysat for. I am lucky to have been introduced before my children were born.

  212. I would like Blackbird and Alice Brights in size 2. I learned of Mothering through my older sister whose daughter is about 6 years older than mine.

  213. I’d need a Size 2 for my little gal. They’re all so cute, but I really like the Blackbird print!

    I found Mothering magazine at the checkout line at Whole Foods over 11 years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby.

  214. We’re a thirsties family! I love all the colors, but love Blackbird (size 1) the most. Thanks so much for offering so many goodies!

  215. I love the black bird print! I found through a random google search when i was pregnant, i was looking for a communities of moms and guidance from mamas that were a little more crunchy then mainstream.

  216. blackbird size 2.

    I found mothering after doing lots of google searches for baby questions. i always liked the answers i found on MDC. also, the birthing book that i found at the store that suited me best was edited by peggy o’mara.

  217. Anything boyish…although I love the blackbird, size 1 please. I love Mothering…my favorite magazine by far! Thank you!

  218. I found mothering through livejournal communities on various aspects of natural parenting and birth.

    I’d take a size 2 in cool stripes.

  219. I would love the size 2 cool strips or blackbird!!! I’m new at cloth diapering. My 2nd son is 8 months and we have been cloth diapering for 2 weeks and I love it. I only have 6 bumgenius diapers so I’m washing them everyday.

  220. Alice brights, size one please!

    I found my first issue of Mothering when I was at my now-favourite store looking into starting my own cloth diaper stash.

  221. Lets see, I was at Thrifty Bargain looking for a school book. Which means I was browsing the magazine department. I saw a copy of Mothering and recognized the name because we read an article from Mothering in my prenatal class. I picked it up. What I saw inside were pictures of mommies co-sleeping! AWESOME! I purchased it, loved Mothering ever since. I would like cool stripes size two or blackbird size two.

  222. I love the Alice Brights!! Size 2!! I’ve never tried a thirsties and I need a few more cloth diapers to be disposable free 🙂

  223. The BLACKBIRD 2 PLEASE:) I turned my entire natural mother group on to this site! They all love what it stands for:)

  224. The Black Bird or Alice Brights in Two! Super Cute Wow!

    I discovered Mothering Mag through La Leche League moms! I tell every mom I know about it especially the breastfeeding moms. Most already know but not all. It’s been a great reference and support.

  225. The girl prints are adorable, and I would love a size 1.

    How did I find Mothering? I haven’t a clue, it has just been a part of my birthing/mothering experience for the past 5 years…I now give a gift subscription as a shower gift to all of my “moms-to-be” friends. In this day and age it is nice to have something that speaks to a more natural and friendly way to birth/parent/live.

  226. Size 2, Blackbird or any print, really. All are adorable!

    I found Mothering through a friend, who got me a subscription when my daughter was born. I don’t know what I would do without it!

  227. I would love any of the girl print diapers in either size. I picked up MOthering magazine at Whole Foods one day and have been a fan since!

  228. I’d love size 2 in the warm stripes and/or alice brights. I’ve been reading mothering for so long I can’t remember how I discovered it!

  229. Even though I have a little girl I would love the Blackbird in a size 2 🙂 I asked for a subscription to mothering for mother’s day after I saw it mentioned on an AP group. Can’t wait to get my first magazine!

  230. I found Mothering while in line at my local natural foods co-op, and I’d never have started using cloth if it weren’t for that magazine. I send a copy to all new mamas that I know!
    .-= Kerry´s last blog ..Happy Mother

  231. I found Mothering by chance when I was searching sleep issues on the internet. This information I found was far more helpful than anything else I found. I would love a size 2 in blackbird or alice brights. All my cloth diapers are uniform color and would love to have one with a fun print.

  232. I am brand new to the cloth diaper world… we tried disposables, but we aren’t happy–neither is my baby’s bottom. Please send diapers!! Boy size 2 please!! 🙂

  233. We love Thirsties Duos! I love them all but would probably pick Blackbird, (size one).

    I discovered Mothering Magazine in the checkout line at a natural grocery store…before I was even pregnant. The first issue I saw had a cover story about co-sleeping. My husband and I were interested in co-sleeping but knew it was taboo in conventional parenting circles. I bought the magazine because I was so shocked that there was a national publication endorsing the family bed! I bought every new issue for about a year, and then subscribed when I became pregnant.

  234. Hello! So cute! We love the Thirsties diaper covers, so I’m excited about these! My little one is a peanut, so even at almost 8 months, either size and any print would be great! (I love the comments about my beautiful son whenever I dress my daughter in anything gender-neutral…). I found the community during my many breastfeeding challenges, subscribed to the magazine, and have been growing through and loving it ever since!

  235. I was given a pregnancy edition of Mothering and a subscription during my 1st pregnancy. 3 years later I am still hooked and have made Mothering a standard mom-to-be gift for any baby shower. We could really use a size 2 for our son who has outgrown his covers. Thank you for being an amazing support for our growing family!

  236. alice brights in size 1. i do have to say that these become increasingly harder to pick from.

    mothering is one of very few parenting magazines that i can relate to. i discovered it by word of mouth from other cloth diapering/co-sleeping/attachment parenting friends.

  237. They are all adorable and I’d love to try out this line. My favorite is “Blackbird” in a size One.

    “Mothering” has always been around for me! I don’t remember where I first heard of it, but I do remember longing to buy an issue before I ever had children. It called to me, and I was so excited when I got to buy my first copy during my first pregnancy!

    Thanks for your giveaway!

  238. Size 2 blackbird would be ideal. A size one would be ok – I can lend them out until I have my second baby.

  239. I love them all, but cool stripes in a size 1 would be great! I found out about mothering from a local cloth diapering store! So glad to have found you!

  240. I love the blackbird print! My husband (believe it or not) would read Mothering at our birth center while in the waiting room. He showed it to me and I loved it!

  241. I would totally dig the Blackbird or Cool Stripes in size 2!

    I heard about Mothering from my midwife. They always had a nice stash in the waiting room!

  242. I would LOVE a size one in Blackbird! These diapers look amazing!

    I discovered MOTHERING from my midwive. She gave me my first complimentary issue on my first visit to her at 6 weeks pregnant and I have been IN LOVE ever since. MOTHERING is my lifeline to myself sometimes. I live in an area where I often feel I am the only one who cloth diapers, who eats organic, who does not vaccinate, who relies on homeopathics for wellness, and so much more. MOTHERING is my reminder that I am NOT alone and that following my instincts as a mother is always the right way to go. THANK YOU MOTHERING for allowing me to be the best mother I can be without hesitation and without regrets!

  243. I would like the warm stripes for my two month old daughter. My wife loves mothering and we love the articles…

  244. they are all cute. I would like the alice brights for my daughter. I have a couple of these and they are sooo cute.

  245. I would really like the blackbird size 1.

    I found you via my friend Amy… who also got me into cloth diapering to begin with.

  246. I love them all – but especially the Alice Brights in a size 2.

    I found Mothering through my local La Leche League Meeting, and have been a huge fan ever since… it has definitely shaped how my husband and I are raising our little one!

  247. Blackbird, size 2! 🙂

    I found MDC while researching circumcision, while pregnant with my son – and I am so thankful that I did!

  248. The warm stripes and alice brights are so cute. I would love the smaller size. I am due in a few weeks with daughter #3, daughter number #2 has Down syndrome and will still be in diapers for some time yet, so we’re going to be navigating the world of having 2 in diapers at the same time. We’ve flirted with cloth from time to time, but are planning on switching to cloth full-time to save $ and the earth. Thanks for the chance!!

  249. I haven’t had the privilege of using any style of cloth diapers beyond the prefold/pen/woolsoaker, so being able to try something new would be awesome. These are so cute!

    I prefer:


    Size 1


  251. Blackbird size 2 please!

    I got turned on to Mothering when I started buying cloth diapers at a local mom owned shop. I was half way through my pregnancy and tired of all the lame articles in Fit Pregnancy and Parenting. I bought one issue of Mothering and was hooked. I’ve had a subscription ever since.

  252. I ? the blackbird (size 2). I discovered Mothering after the birth of my first son and was so relieved/happy/validated that there was a magazine out there that reassured my choices as a mother in terms of what I thought were natural…ap/cloth diapering/cosleeping/extended breastfeeding…but that my immediate community looked at as “strange”…whenever I felt in doubt, I would pick up an issue of Mother (I’ve saved them all!) or go online and immediately know I was making the best choices for me and my children.

  253. These are so CUTE! I have been wanting to try them but DH would kill me if I bought any more dipes! So I will just have to hope I win some!! The cool strips in a size 2 would be perfect for my little guy!

  254. I just started CDing and I don’t think 6 diapers will do me. I’d love the cool stripes or blackbird in size 2.

    My sister sent me to Mothering when I got pregnant with my son Porter, and I got involved with the forums after a failed induction got me a C-section. Thanks for all the supportive mommies in the Mothering world.

  255. Adore the Blackbird print and would need a size one for our little boy. Didn’t CD #1, but super excited about all the possibilities with #2 who is now 3 weeks. We’re trying different kinds to see what we like the best and don’t have any of the Thirsties Duos.

    A friend bought me my first subscription to Mothering when my oldest was a baby. I’ve been hooked since, anticipating sitting down and absorbing each issues! Thanks!!!

  256. i like the blackbird size one. i have a six week old daughter who seems to be allergic to disposable diapers, so i am just beginning to research cloth diapering and all its benefits.

  257. I would love the alice brights in a size two, but all of the prints are just lovely and bright!! Mothering is my favorite gift to give to new moms. I know reading the magazine has given me confidence in so many of the ways we choose to raise our girls. Thank you!

  258. My mother used to get Mothering and I remember reading it around the time that my youngest sister was born, so I was about 12. I had no idea at the time that it was any different, that it filled a different niche, than any other parenting magazine. It described my life, so I pretty much thought that’s how it was done *smile*.

    Blackbird is swell. Size 1 please.

  259. I’d like “Blackbird” please =D I heard about Mothering via Google many years ago. I’d like size 2 please. Thanks for this give-a-way!

  260. I would love blackbird or cool stripes size 1. I honestly can’t remember when or how I first discovered Mothering, but I am so glad that I did!

  261. I love these:) the flowers and stripes are gorgeous!!!! I would need a size two:) any of these prints are cute!! i discovered Mothering through our chiropractor:)

  262. Size 2 alice brights or colored stripes!

    Love love mothering. I’ve had it in my home for 6 years now when my first daughter was born. Still enjoying it as my third was just born.

  263. I love the cool stripes (size 2)

    Mothering seemed to be the only parenting magazine with articles that interested me.
    .-= Vera´s last blog ..Banana!! =-.

  264. So pretty! I love the Blackbird and Cool stripes, in a size 2. I’ve been on Mothering since before I was a mother– it has truly shaped my life and my parenting. I don’t know what I would have done without it!

  265. I lurve them all–but I don’t know which one I want to win since my baby won’t be born until September. I guess I’d choose the blue trees in a two for my older son. I was first introduced to Mothering when my oldest was a newborn and my friend/chiropractor loaned me a bunch of back issues. I have seen Mothering on and off in my health food store since then and bought an issue occasionally, but wasn’t really ready to embrace it. Now, I am! Thanks for this generous giveaway.
    .-= Farm Fresh Jessica´s last blog ..Stuff =-.

  266. Beautiful diapers would be nice for my new baby to be. so size 1 blackbird or stripes. and my aunt referred me to Mothering. She always passes on her old magazines to me!

  267. How cute, black bird size 2. I got into mothering right before we became foster/adoptive parents to our first son because of the eco friendly side of things. But when we decided to become parents again but biologically, it helped me decide that a midwife (in the hospital) was best for us. What a GREAT choice. Thank you Mothering!!!

  268. Size 2: Warm Stripes, Alice Brights or Blackbird

    I learned about mothering from a message board I used to belong to. I have been reader and subscriber for 4 years now. I found my midwife through the great boards at MDC!

  269. I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer and learned of Mothering from a fellow former Volunteer! It has been such an encouraging resource for my family. I would love the warm stripes or Alice brights in a size two for my 11-month-old…we are just beginning our foray into cloth diapering after reading the most recent issue 🙂

  270. Size 2 in Warm Stripes or Alice Brights!

    I discovered mothering when I had been feeling that no one esle in the world breastfeed past a few weeks when I was nursing my first of three.

  271. Blackbird size 2!

    I found out about Mothering through As Nature Intended on Facebook

    Haven’t had much of a chance to browse the website with 2 little ones but ordered a subscription and can’t wait to get my first issue!

  272. I don’t know that can i enter the give away again, but I will try.

    Size 1 any pattern is fine.

    I found Mothering at my midwife office. I found it is so different than typical parenting magazines, my hubby and I prefer raising our baby in natural way, like home birth, breastfeeding, CD etc, we are so glad to find Mothering.
    .-= Wai Yi Choi´s last blog ..First Diaper Cover =-.

  273. Size 1- I love the trees and the cool stripes!

    I discovered Mothering from a friend at work. She gave me a year’s subscription for a Secret Santa gift! It was the BEST gift ever!!!! I cannot tell her how much she gave me. At the time my son was 6 months old. I was struggling with being a 50-60 hour a week working mother but wanting to be home more. I had been doing attachment parenting without even knowing that is what it is called. I found that Mothering was a perfect fit for me. It has been a wonderful support and encouragement for me as I quit my full time job to work part time instead, breastfed into my child into toddlerhood (and he’s still going!) and used cloth diapers. Thanks Mothering!!!

  274. I found MDC searching for information on vaccines. The posters were incredibly knowledgeable and fair-minded, so I stuck around and explored other forums as well.

    I would love a size 1 in blackbird!

  275. I would love a size 2 in any color. I currently use Thirsties v. 2 but am a little low on the medium size. Thirsties are great!

  276. Cool stripes looks awesome! Size 2 would be preferred.

    I was introduced to Mothering when a coworker of my husband’s got me a subscription after the birth of my daughter (a year and a half ago).

  277. I would love any of them in a size 1 🙂

    I think I stumbled across mothering in the aisles of a natural foods store.

  278. Blackbird size one, I found Mothering mag in bookstores years ago, which naturally lead me to MDC.

    Found out about this drawing through facebook.

  279. I discovered Mothering through the vaccine debate featured on television. I am soooo happy I did!!

    If I win, I would like Blackbird in size 2 please!

  280. I would love any of them in a size 1, but really love the Alice Brights!

    I found Mothering Magazine when I was researching cloth diapers online and many of the cloth diapering sites were mentioning Mothering. I am now a subscriber and love to read it while breastfeeding/pumping.

  281. Size 2 in Blackbird would be nice for my growing boy (almost 2!). I first discovered Mothering magazine in a coop in Olympia, Washington when I was pregnant with my first baby. That was 14 years ago!

  282. My niece would love the cool stripes or Blackbird. I found Mothering because my sister is a doula, and I facebook stalk all of her links…

  283. I really like the Blackbird – size one. I have some Thirsties covers, but I haven’t tried the diapers yet.

    I found Mothering when I was searching for information about EC 3 years ago.

  284. I love the pattern of the blackbird size 2! I found Mothering when my bestfriend was pregnant with her 2nd child, I loved reading the articles and thought it helped me to be a better “Auntie”. Then about 18 months later I found out I was pregnant and immediately subscribed! Mothering now helps me be a stronger and more informed “Mommy”!

  285. These are soo cute! We have several Thirsties wraps already and they are wonderful. I haven’t tried their new Duo ones yet.

    I started buying the magazine at Whole Foods while I was pregnant with my son.

  286. Wow, there sure are slot of comments on here already! I’m leaving mine because I REALLY could use some diapers that my Mom, who lives right next door and is our baby’s best Nana in the world, can easily fasten. We use (and love) prefolds with snappies and beautiful wool covers that our other gramma knits for us. My mom has a hard time with the snappi because of her arthritic hands. My friend let me try her Thirsties and we loved the Velcro fastener. Our little boy would love the stylish Blackbird pattern… Good luck everybody!!!

  287. My favorite is the blackbird pattern. My baby is due in Sept, so a size 1 would be great, but I don’t mind a size 2 either!

    My sister has been a subscriber to Mothering for over 15 years and she helped me find the Due Date Clubs section when I found out I was pregnant. Now I’m hooked, too!

  288. I would love the Alice Brights in the larger size for my older daughter. She’s rapidly outgrowing my (borrowed) stash, but isn’t interested in pottying yet, so I’m kinda scrambling to keep her tush covered!

    Oh, and I found Mothering through a Facebook ad!

  289. Cool stripes, Size 2, please!! I found out about Mothering Magazine through La Leche League. It was my second or third meeting after my daughter was born, and the leader had several issues that had been given to her for the group. As soon as I read the cover, I knew I had found the parenting magazine that truly represented the kind of person I was, and how I wanted to raise my family.

  290. Blackbird size 2 would be wondeful!

    I first discovered Mothering 12 years ago looking for gentle, AP supportive media while raising my now 11 yr old daughter. Love it just as much now with my 14 month old twin sons!

  291. My fave is the Black bird Size 2. I found Mothering because everytime I googled some “crazy” natural mothering thing, Mothering came up! LOL So I thought since I fit in so well I’d better join. 🙂

  292. I’d love the alice brights in a size 2!

    found mothering through a friend who had an old copy at work

  293. cool strips size 2 would be my pick! I found Mothering magazine thanks to some mommy friends I had. They got me hooked while I was pregnant!

  294. Size 2 in blackbird or cool stripes would be wonderful!

    I found Mothering when I was looking for information on homebirth.

  295. Cool Stripes in Size 2 would be great! i have wanted to start using cloth and this would be a great opportunity to get me started!

  296. i do love these cloth diapers for my grand daughter! I live in Montana and bye them here and send them to my daughter in Chicago!!!!They are NOTHING like the ones they had when Annette[daughter] was a baby!!!!

  297. I love blackbird and warm stripes. Size 2 would be awesome, I have some thirsties covers already in size small which appears to be equivalent to size 1. I’d really just love to win any diaper in any size actually 😀

    Someone told me online about mothering, the finding your tribe section was really helpful when we moved to a new area!

  298. Cool stripes, size 2….looks lovely!

    I discovered mothering through facebook, I was searching for motherhood fanpages so I can get help and tips with my first born…I hope to win!

  299. i like the warm stripes, and could use size 1 (now, for my teeny 10 month old) or size 2 later (because i am assuming that one day he will grow into it 🙂

    i love mothering, and i can’t even remember when i first saw and started reading the magazine, but i use it (and the website) as a resource all the time. and i am hoping my friends, who recently adopted an infant, will love it as much as i do- i’m sharing my stash with them!

  300. I really like the Blackbird in size 2!! I shared my first copy of Mothering with a friend who delivered 4 weeks before me and now she is a subscriber, too!

  301. I would love the cool stripes and/or blackbird in size 1, please!

    I was turned onto Mothering while pregnant by a lady (one of the only in our town) that believes in natural parenting, as well as, natural childbirth. I was actually on a search for natural childbirth classes when I met her and she was such a great help! She gave me the Mothering Magazine and pointed me in the right direction for classes…which happen to be 45 minutes out of town but we took them anyway! I have introduced several of my friends to Mothering since then!
    .-= Jessica Beebout´s last blog ..great news! =-.

  302. I would like any of the diapers, size 2. I found Mothering while looking for articles on cloth diapers when I was pregnant with my daughter 3 years ago. I didn’t subscribe to the magazine until just after she was born. I was frustrated with friends around me who were commenting on how unnatural my natural birth was and so I turned to you guys. It’s been wonderful! I just gave birth to my son 2 months ago, and was prepared for an unplanned home birth (my husband delivered him on our bed) because of articles in Mothering. My sister is now pregnant and I gave her a gift subscription and ordered a couple of back issues for her. Thank you for all you have done with articles and inspiration!

  303. Duo wraps fit my tall skinny boy very well–would love to add cool stripes to my sized 2 stash! Love mothering and heard of it LONG before I had the honor of becoming a mother (womb massage had no impact).

  304. i need a large blackbird! i was brought to Mothering through several google searches on different searches i did while prego for my first son. i guess all the answers are at Mothering!

  305. I recieved Mothering as a gift from my Naturopath….Thanks Dr. Lori! I LOVE the blackbird, size 2! Keep the great articles coming.

  306. I’d love to try these! Any color in a size 2.

    I found Mothering magazine when my midwife gave me a copy in the packet of information she gave to me about birth, breastfeeding, etc. I am so grateful and have become an avid fan.

  307. When my Mothering magazine comes in the mail, I practically skip back to the house. First chance I get I make myself a hot cup of tea & sit & devour every story! I love everything about it!! I feel like I am wrapped in the arms of love & acceptance as I flip though every article! I don’t know many Mothers who practice attachment parenting so I get some negative feedback when people learn I cosleep or that I am still nursing my two year old, but with Mothering, I know I am never alone.~ I am in such good company!

    I would be thrilled to win a black bird in a size two 🙂 Blessings!!

  308. I would love either of the blue toned covers in the size 2. I found Mothering when I worked at Whole Foods Market in college. I read it even before I started my family!

  309. Love the blackbird size 2.

    I have been a subscriber to Mothering since 1999, before my first was born. Having #4 this summer. could use some new covers!

  310. Alice Brights size 2. I started reading mothering when we used to get a big box of free issues at my midwifery practice. No more freebies now, so I subscribe 🙂

  311. Blackbird Size 2

    I first heard of Mothering at Le Leche League. It’s a great resource! Thanks for the give-away opportunity!

  312. This is my favorite diaper!!! Prints please! Cool Stripes Duo 2. Discovered Mothering while browsing one day 🙂

  313. I love the blackbird! I’d like to try them out in a size 1 for our new bean. I came across Mothering in Borders and fell in love because it was in tune with my parenting/life style. Thanks!

  314. I discovered Mothering when my friend gave me a subscription for my baby shower. It’s now my favorite magazine. I’d love a size 2 in Blackbird or Cool Stripes!

  315. warm stripes.

    Our Bradley instructor told us about Mothering- i just wish i had known about it earlier in my pregnancy to start reading when i had TIME!

  316. Our Bradley instructor told us about Mothering and our doula mentioned it too. Either cool stripes or blackbird size 2 would be awesome.

  317. I really like the blackbird in size 1. I first heard of Mothering magazine from my friends at a LLL meeting. I have been hooked ever since.

  318. The Blackbird print is very cute! My man would surly need size 2.

    My own Mama, a former midwife and massage therapist, read Mothering magazine during her child rearing years, she even gave me a stack of of back issues after my son was born. I have always thought highly of Mothering’s ideals:)

  319. Blackbird size one! My cousin has used to read Mothering and she gave me a gift subscription at my baby shower. I loved it as soon as I got the first issue!

  320. Blackbird size 2 would be amazing!! I discovered Mothering about 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. The wife of a doctor I worked with handed me down a couple magazines. The doc told me, “Don’t believe everything you read in there – they are kinda crazy.” 🙂 And here I am, still reading the magazine and loving every minute of being an AP Mother.

  321. cool stripes, size 2 por-favor! 🙂

    I discovered mothering magazine while shopping at my local Whole Foods store. my son is 6mo old and i am just now coming onto my own and discovering who i REALLY am as a mother and a person in general. I find that i LOVE cloth diapers, breastfeeding, local organic food (for me), and sewing my sons clothes!!!

  322. Blackbird or cool stripes size 1

    I have read Mothering since I was preggo w/my first, my neighbor at the time turned me onto it. I have told EVERYONE I know about your mag, most people think I am crazy though:( All my clients (I am a doula) have subscribed though, YAY!! Anyways love your magazine. Oh, and diapers will be used on baby #3, who will be born @ home in Nov!!!

  323. OOH they are all so cute!

    Alice brights or Blackbird, size 1.

    Expecting #3 in about 4 weeks or so. Thankful to have found Mothering in my birth center during my first pregnancy. Been a reader ever since!

  324. I’d love the Cool Stripes in size 1 for our baby due in September (to be a HBAC baby)!

    I heart Mothering Magazine! My sister gave me a subscription about 6 years ago and since then I have given it as a gift subscription to every new mom I know.

  325. We’re having a boy, so my main preference is Cool Stripes or Blackbird. Size really doesn’t matter to me!

    I discovered Mothering from my birth instructor!

  326. I love the blackbird and cool stripes. My little guy is going to be on the smaller side we’re told. He’s expected to be 6-7 lbs.

    I discovered mothering from my prenatal yoga instructor. My husband loves the magazine also. I wonder if they realize that men also read it?

    I have been having a great deal of difficulty choosing a system. Winning a few and trying them in action would certainly give me the confidence to make the large initial investment.

  327. How cute! Decisions…decisions… I’d like the Blackbird in Size 2. I started with Mothering with my two boys back in the 1970s. I was a radical mom and loved the radical Mothering Magazine. Still love it now as my sons have given me three grandbabies (one more in the oven)!!

  328. I’d love a cool stripes or blackbird in medium!

    I don’t remember how I discovered Mothering, but it was about 7 years ago when my oldest was one. Mothering changed the way I parent! I introduce Mothering to every new mom I know, either with a gifted subscription or a link to MDC.

  329. We would LOVE the blackbird in a two, but also love the stripes! Turned 2 cousins on to Mothering that are due this year!

  330. I love the blackbird ones & the Alice! So cute!

    I got into because everytime I googled a question during pregnancy the answer came up on the forums here!

  331. Alice Brights, size 2! I grew up with Mothering magazine, as my mother was a subscriber. It was only natural for me to get my own subscription when I became a mother myself.

  332. Cute diapers! I’d love the blackbird in a size 1 or 2, but I’d take any of them.=)

    I discovered Mothering thanks to a woman I met at the library who said I absolutely HAD to read it.

  333. I would love to win the Alice Brights in Size 1 I have heard that these are great covers and I can’t wait to give them a try! I found Mothering through a cloth diaper retailer on facebook when I decided I would try cloth diapering with my second child that will be here in 7 weeks exactly! I think this is an awesome site and have referred a few of my friends that are currently expecting their second child as well, and we are all having babies this summer!

  334. I can’t even remember how I came across Mothering but what a difference this magazine has made in my life! I give a Mothering subscription as shower gifts to all my friends who are expecting and they love it as much as I do! I love the Alice print in size 2!

  335. Black bird size 2. I learned about you guys threw a friend(margaret) and I have also turned a few friends on to you guys!! Most are fans on FB!!! I also love thirsties!!! THEY ARE GREAT!!!

  336. I love Mothering!! I especially love that Mothering came out with the great article on cloth diapering…just when I was shopping for a new cloth diaper system for my first baby due in 2 weeks. I learned about Mothering years ago in Midwifery school and suggest it to all my clients and have given many gift subscriptions to family and friends over the years. I like the size one or two warm stripes!

  337. I would love any pattern, but prefer the blackbird. Size 1. A friend gave me a subscription of Mothering for Christmas…best gift ever!

  338. I would love to win a size 1, any print for my sister, who is expecting her first baby in a few months. I learned about Mothering from my doula.

  339. Cool Stripes, Size 2

    I found Mothering in a bookstore when my 14 year old daughter was one. I have given subscriptions as baby shower gifts, and now that I have 2 little ones again I have another subscription for myself.

  340. Fun diapers! Warm Stripes in Size 1 would work for us! I teach Bradley and give all of my students back issues of Mothering as part of my freebie packet.

  341. I’m in love with the two sizes! The size two fits my daughter better than her mediums and larges (she’s kind of “in between” right now). I would love to try one on my newborn due in a couple months so size one – not sure what gender so probably the blackbird 😉

  342. Alice brights size 2!

    I started reading Mothering a year ago after a woman at my old job told me about it when I told her I planned to cloth diaper and her daughter is totally into natural parenting too!

  343. I would love Cool Stripes in a size 2! My best friend bought me a Mothering subscription after I had my baby.

  344. Mothering Magazine has confirmed all my parents values and makes me feel like I have so much support even when all my friends do things differently. Cloth is the best and I would love any color in size 2 as she grow so quickly!

  345. Cool stripes, size 2.

    Love them!

    Mothering has been a wonderful support since son was born nearly five years ago. Especially when living overseas in the UK…worth the extra $ to ship (this was pre-digital subscription)!

  346. Alice brights in size 2 would be perfect for my lovely girl. Oh, and I learned about Mothering from The Hip Mama Survival Guide!

  347. I found Mothering magazine by searching for information about natural birth and child rearing online.

    I think the Blackbird print is the cutest and will look great on my son who is due next month!

  348. Love love love– Alice brights or blackbird in size 2

    I received Mothering subscription as a shower gift from a friend along with all of her back issues, so I had some reading to do before my first issue came! I always give Mothering Magazine as a shower gift now!

  349. I’m not picky and I’m not opposed to pink on boys, so pass along whatever you have left!

    I discoverd Mothering through my older son’s preschool teacher.

  350. Cool Stripes or Blackbird size 2

    my mom bought me my mothering magazine subscription when my oldest was born 6 years ago- I haven’t let it slip one issue since!!!

  351. I’m not picky either. I LOVE them all!

    I learned about Mothering from my midwife…and I’m so glad I listened!

  352. Love love love Thirsties! Especially the duo diaper. I also love love love Mothering Magazine! Yeah for the most recent issue focusing on cloth diapering. It has supported me in helping convert a few of my mama friends to try cloth diapers. Good for baby, good for the earth. I personally would love a couple of the boy prints for my son.

  353. I would love the Alica Brights in size two but I would be happy with any of these in size two. They all look great. I started cloth diapering again few weeks ago after I stoped for several month. My daughter is almost one year now and I just couldn’t figure out how to cloth diaper in the beginning. I love to show the diaper covers when they look so cool. I started reading mothering last month. A friend gave me your magazine and I love it!

  354. Cool Stripes size 2

    I grew up with my Mother reading Mothering; I was also given a gift subscription at my baby shower. Love the magazine & the website!!

  355. I would love any pattern in size 2. I had a friend who started subscribing to Mothering 10 years ago and loved the magazine pre-babies. Was so excited when my time was here. Thanks!

  356. I would LOVE size two in the black bird print ! It’s so cute! I found Mothering magazine at my 1st la leche league meeting shortly after my daughter was born & fell in love w/ it 😀 I adore that I can follow it on FB now too 😀
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Dio…R.I.P =-.

  357. Alice Brights size 2. I found mothering at chapters-indigo when i was pregnant 6 months ago and i loved it so much that i got my subscription!

  358. Like the cool stripes-size 2.

    Found the magazine at my midwife’s office when pregnant with my second boy-wish I knew about it before my first son was born!

  359. I would love Alice brights size 2!! Such cute diapers!! I found Mothering while shopping at Borders when I was pregnant with my first and have been hooked ever since!

  360. I would like any of them in a size two for my baby daughter. Her mom would prefer a girlier pattern, but we don’t care ultimately. She started reading mothering magazine a couple years ago, and always shows me different articles!

  361. I would like a size two for my grandaughter. I like the Alice Brights the best or the blackbird or pink stripes. I would love to give this to my daughter as a gift.

  362. I’d love either size in warm stripes or alice brights. I recently started cloth diapering and LOVE it. I discovered Mothering Mag at the library and can’t imagine not getting it now. I always look forward to getting mine in the mail!

  363. I love the black bird and the cool stripes. I would take a size one or two since I have two beautiful boys.

  364. I knew of Mothering, but only got into it when I grabbed a stack from the library when I was visiting my parents.

  365. I found mothering on facebook and as soon as i get a permanent address, i wanna subscribe to the actual mag 😛 I sent my buddy a link to this site and shes lovin it as much as me.

    The size2 in cool stripes are super cute. I have a 15lb 2mo so I’ve gotta plan ahead!

  366. Alice Brights in size 1 – I discovered mothering after thinking about the concept of EC’ing and then randomly googling and discovering that lots of people EC and it’s not that weird after all! 🙂

  367. Warm stripes in size 2!! I already have a diaper cover in Alice Brights to go with my prefolds 🙂

  368. I would choose the Blackbird one

    I found out about Mothering from facebook, a couple friends I have get it.

  369. Blackbird in size 2.

    Found the Mothering mag at a local bookstore and when I saw “cloth diapers” on the front I had to buy it! It’s the kind of mag I had been looking for but had no idea existed! Posted the link the very next day on my facebook newsfeed and ordered a subscription the very same night. LOVE LOVE LOVE this mag!!!

  370. Is the giveaway still open?? I would LOVE to win one of these, any print! They are absolutely adorable. Found out about Mothering magazine through facebook. Thanks!

  371. I found out about Mothering from a friends link on facebook. I would choose cool stripes in size 2

  372. WOW! I’ve never tried Thirsties before. I have heard positive reviews about them though. We really love the ALICE helps that our little girl’s middle name is Alice. (after great granny) size 1.

    I stumbled upon Mothering one day when I was googling a parenting article. I have told quite a few moms from playgroup about the site.

  373. I love the Alice Brights in size 2!! I just started with cloth and have been wanting to try this brand! I heard about you through Rumparooz on FB!

  374. I was just having a conversation over this I am glad I came across this it cleared some of the questions I had.

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