Building a Baby’s Library

For some reason, I have been blessed with lots of reading time this summer. I suppose it’s easier to find time for books when you’re trying to get preggers, rather than when you actually have a live baby to feed and diaper and cuddle. Still, I envision plenty of family reading time with my own kids (if our lives go in that direction) . . . and with my new nephew. Meet Noah:

Noah 5 weeks

He is a precious gift! He’s a little over a month old, and I cannot wait to hold him when I visit him in October. I plan to arrive with a big ol’ stack of books. As his writer aunt, it’s my duty to fill up his baby bookcase.

Speaking of books, Mothering has a Lending Library in its Santa Fe offices. Anyone is welcome to browse and borrow. Because I happen to be living close by this summer, I visited last Friday to help organize the books. Heaven. If the writing life doesn’t pan out, I think I’ve found an alternative career in book sorting. 

Mothering (Lending Library) 001

The Lending Library has a large children’s book corner, so I was scouring titles to keep in mind for Noah. As a child, I loved My Book About Me by Dr. Seuss (and go figure – I ended up a personal essay/memoir writer). I have already added that one to Noah’s bookcase. I want to buy Hooray for Fish! by Lucy Cousins. I heard a librarian raving about it on NPR earlier this summer.

Horray for Fish!

What are your favorite books to read to your children? What books did you enjoy reading when you were a little kid? What books should I definitely get for my sweet nephew Noah? 

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