But, can you SEW a cloth diaper?

Yes, YOU can. Sewing cloth diapers can be very intimidating at first. Patterns and fabric choices can be overwhelming but, with a little guidance and thought, it can be a breeze!

The key thing to remember in diaper sewing for yourself: It has to catch and hold whatever mess your little one is going to produce until you get the diaper changed.

I started on the cloth diaper journey when my oldest child was born 10 years ago. Seemed simple enough, I took a cloth diaper a friend gave me and took it apart, I looked at a disposable, and traced that. Then, I bought a pattern at the local fabric store and I was all set. I somehow merged those 3 things into a diaper that fit my cherub, and worked remarkably well.

Hemp Fitted Cloth Diaper

Now days, you can find hundreds of cloth diaper patterns on the internet. You can find many free patterns, or you can use tried and true patterns from the myriad of pattern designers. All work well and offer good instructions and advice.

Once you have your pattern, you need to decide what you are going to make the diapers out of. You can go really crunchy, and use all recycled materials you find around the house or at thrift stores. You can pop into your local fabric outlet, and pick up terry, flannel or cotton t-shirts. If you want to really splurge, you can buy all new top of the line diapering fabrics that might include bamboo velour or organic cotton fleece!

A diaper has 3 basic parts, an inner layer, a hidden layer and an outer layer. The inner layer can be something squishy and fantastic like bamboo velour, nothing is softer and more comfortable than that! The hidden layer or layers can be anything that will really absorb, terry, fleece or even a heavy fleece. The outer layer can either be PUL (poly urethane laminate for an AIO (all in one), or simply another layer of fleece, velour or terry.

You may want closures like snaps, but if you don’t have access to a snap press, you can sew on Aplix (special diaper Velcro) or simply use a snappi or pins.

With diaper sewing you can go as easy and inexpensively as possible, or you can go all out. The key is to NOT stress, you really cannot make any huge mistakes, it is after all, a diaper.



Jeanne Cain

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I am the SAHM behind Nature’s Fabrics and The Covered Caboose. Our business has grown from sewing a few diapers for our kids, to supplying Mom’s (and Dad’s) all over the world with fabric. We offer a complete line of knit fabrics as well as the DItto Daddy line of clothing and trainers.
We are drawn to nature, and all things natural. We live on a small farm in rural NW PA raising beef cattle and a few highland cattle.

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