Caring For Your Baby (at Pharmaca)

Hi Linda, My name is Darlene. I am a retired pediatrician who became severely ill for years and then healed herself energetically (spiritually, mentally, emotionally)and the body then let go of dis-ease. I saw your name and topic on Pharmaca’s January Wellness Events, and wanted to attend. I am sorry that I missed seeing you on Saturday. I am interested in meeting you/talking with you. Will you be speaking at Pharmaca again anytime in the near future? Will you be speaking anywhere else in the near future? Would you like to meet/talk with me? I am not mainstream anymore (actually never was). I am very interested these days in the underlying energetic causes of symptoms and dis-ease, prenatal and birth trauma, and Aware Parenting, which includes Attachment-style Parenting. I would love to hear back from you, and I understand if that doesn’t fit in your life right now. All the best to you, Darlene Hall

Thank you for writing, Darlene. Your history sounds very interesting. E-mail me at

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