Bad Hair Month

By Deborah Lytton Web Exclusive, July 24, 2006 During my pregnancy with my first child, I wasn’t one of those women with issues about her changing body. I embraced my new self, I gloried in it. I marveled at my growing roundness, my hands

I Watch My Daughter

By Amy Costales Issue 133, November/December 2005 I watch my daughter. Siempre la he mirado. (I have always watched her.) Since the morning the nurse held a mirror between my splayed legs so I could get teasing, myopic glimpses of her fuzzy black hair,

Celebrating Our Bodies

Celebrating Our Glorious Goddess Bodies By Janet Lucy “Mommy, do you ever think about being thinner?” my ten-year-old daughter, Sarah, asked from the back seat of the car one morning on our way to school. Once I got past my initial thought that perhaps

Beat The Blues

If you’re feeling depressed, take a look at your life and don’t be afraid to make changes to routines. Your diet can be a big factor, make sure you’re getting enough B vitamins, calcium and magnesium. Vitamin C, D, and zinc are also important.

Life as a Deaf Mother

By Dawn Colclasure Issue 123, March/April 2004 When I learned I was pregnant, I was filled with joy: Finally, I was going to be a mother. Yet it wasn’t long before the joy was replaced by a pervading fear as I was forced to

Bear Claw Mama

By Tracy Abell Issue 91, November/December 1998 What would compel a woman to attempt yoga while in the same room with a toddler? I was motivated after treating myself to a total body massage and learning that in the massage therapist’s recent experience, the

Remedies for Earaches

By Peggy O’Mara and Jane McConnell Earaches are the number one cause of pediatric visits. Fluid can easily build up in a child’s tiny middle ear, creating pressure on the eardrum and causing intense pain. Most ear infections are painful but not serious. If