Scents of Childhood

By Laurie Chance SmithWeb Exclusive – June 27, 2008 My five-year-old son Joshua was crying inconsolably, his look-mom-no-hands bike ride interrupted by a jolting wasp sting. Slinging Joshua onto my hip, I headed to the medicine cabinet and grabbed a blended bottle of lavender


By Kathleen WiebeWeb Exclusive You know that moment when the baby is born—that relief, that release, that moment of indescribable bliss when time stands still and we experience the mystery of life? Intuitively, you know that moment is perfect. That moment is yoga. What

Natural Relief from the Flu

Your Child Has the Flu: What’s a Mother to Do?By Lauren FederIssue 128 – January/February 2005 Let the gentle healing of homeopathy ease your family’s suffering.By Lauren Feder, MD Every fall and winter, many children and adults suffer from the familiar symptoms of cold and

You can change: a sweeping affirmation

seemingly impossible; they can, but you can’t; not in this lifetime, light years away, inconceivable. the stuff of dreams. luck. ha. instead, take this into your cells: miracles, proof, evolution and revolutions, breakthroughs, dawnings, devotion, in time, in the realm of possibility, with the