Bear Claw Mama

By Tracy Abell Issue 91, November/December 1998 What would compel a woman to attempt yoga while in the same room with a toddler? I was motivated after treating myself to a total body massage and learning that in the massage therapist’s recent experience, the

Remedies for Earaches

By Peggy O’Mara and Jane McConnell Earaches are the number one cause of pediatric visits. Fluid can easily build up in a child’s tiny middle ear, creating pressure on the eardrum and causing intense pain. Most ear infections are painful but not serious. If

Grief His Way

Accepting the Gift: Grief and Loss His Way By Ginger CarlsonA Web Exclusive There doesn’t seem to be anything as clearing as Himalayan air. If you’re lucky enough, the clouds part and grant you a moment’s glance at Everest’s peak. True clarity, the stuff

Scents of Childhood

By Laurie Chance SmithWeb Exclusive – June 27, 2008 My five-year-old son Joshua was crying inconsolably, his look-mom-no-hands bike ride interrupted by a jolting wasp sting. Slinging Joshua onto my hip, I headed to the medicine cabinet and grabbed a blended bottle of lavender


By Kathleen WiebeWeb Exclusive You know that moment when the baby is born—that relief, that release, that moment of indescribable bliss when time stands still and we experience the mystery of life? Intuitively, you know that moment is perfect. That moment is yoga. What