CCFC Urges Parents to Consider FCC report on BusRadio

Sept 14, 2009

The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) is urging parents to consider a FCC report addressing serious concerns with compulsory radio on school buses. School districts across the nation are currently considering contracts with radio station BusRadio, a company who openly associates itself with commercial interests. Since its inception in 2006, CCFC and other advocacy groups have voiced rising concerns about BusRadio’s marketing practices. Now the FCC has released a report addressing the issue and the CCFC is asking parents, school districts, and legislators to take a look. Please read through the FCC’s concerns listed below and follow the link for the full report. You can address the issue within your own school district by reaching out to your local school board, teachers, and fellow parents.

Core Concerns:

  • BusRadio understates the amount of its commercial content (p. 18).
  • BusRadio exploits the relationship between its on-air personalities and young listeners by having its DJs pitch products directly to students (p.20).
  • BusRadio’s programming and website for students fail to maintain a clear between editorial and commercial content, as required by the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (p.20 & 21).
  • BusRadio’s website for parents “fails to enable parents to avoid exposure of their children to undesirable content” (p.13).

Read the full FCC report, “Commercial Proposals for Distributing Radio or Television Programs for Reception On Board School Buses”.

The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood website can be found here.

Take Action with the CCFC: Send the FCC report to your school board.

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