Celebrate AP Month with Attachment Parenting International

Oct 1, 2009

Family is forever. The importance of attachment between parent and child does not end with infancy.

This year’s Attachment Parenting Month theme—Attached at the Heart Through the Years—highlights the fact that our parenting role continue throughout and beyond childhood. Moreover, it’s never too late to pursue a great relationship with your child.

Attachment Parenting is a joy-filled parenting style that prepares our children to have happy, healthy relationships the rest of their lives. It enriches the lives of parents and children of all ages. The nonprofit organization, Attachment Parenting International’s, mission is to educate and support all parents in raising secure, joyful, and empathic children, thereby strengthening families and creating a more compassionate world.

We invite you to set some goals today that will benefit you and your child throughout the years.

Check out the details and API’s partners AskDrSears.com, Mothering, Infant Massage USA, and Search Institute at AP Month Central.

-Samantha Gray, Executive Director, Attachment Parenting International

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