Check Out The 4 Coolest ‘Green’ Playgrounds in the World

Check out the world's coolest eco-friendly playgrounds.Mr. Rogers said that play was the work of children, and we believe that to be true! Here are four of the world’s coolest and eco-friendly playgrounds, places to surely put on your bucket list!

1. Kilburn Grange Adventure Playground: London, England

kilburn-grange-adventure-play-parkThis playground takes you back to the core of childhood–social interaction between kids and lots of opportunities to run, climb and use one’s imagination. Built to be an  inclusive area where children had year-round space to be creative and play, the playground gives children the opportunity to develop important midline-crossing skills (when’s the last time you saw monkey bars?) as well as explore many of the recycled features of the park. There’s also a vegetable garden, and the theme of the park is essentially to explore and enjoy being a child. Magic!

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2. Rainwater Capturing Playgrounds: New York, U.S.A.

New York City decided to tackle its wastewater problem with an innovative and green solution good for all. If just an inch of rain should fall across the city, it could overwhelm the entire sewer system with significant risk to city contamination. The answer? Ten super cool playgrounds throughout the city that are not covered in traditional asphalt, but instead, rainwater capturing tools such as porous pavement, underground storage layers, raised gardens and rain barrels. Children will also have the opportunity to learn about being good stewards of Earth’s resources, as well as their communities, all the while engaging in creative play and exploration.

3. Recycled Wind Turbine Playground: Rotterdam, Netherlands


Wind turbines are fabulous powerhouses in many countries, and especially in the Netherlands where they are well known for their energy production. The problem with turbines, however, is that when they reach the end of their life cycle, they are waste. Enter the Wikado Playground, which uses five rotor blades no longer used to allow children the opportunity to walk through mazes, tunnels and towers. The turbines make incredible slides and foster the child inside of everyone, while reusing these large pieces.

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4. Energy Playground, Festivals Around The World

One of four coolest playgrounds in the world

Non-profit Global Inheritance is a company that campaigns to educate people of the world about issues that affect us all. One of their well-known causes is the Energy Playgrounds, found all over the world. Energy Playgrounds feature modern, sleek playground equipment that also creates clean and free energy. Especially popular at music festivals and other large global venues, kids of all ages can enjoy these fun bikes, swings, seesaws, and more.

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