Child Refuses ‘Healthy’ Food

Hello Naomi. My child (four years old) is living on raw yogurt, honey, raw milk, breaded chicken breasts, fish-fingers, ketchup, scrambled eggs, butter, non-white bread, juice, pickles, normal cheese, sometimes raw carrots and mango, pasta, rice, nuts and water. When we go out he is allowed a treat, such as ice-cream. He has several cavities in his molars. He used to eat plenty of other raw vegetables and fruit or whole-grain meals but stopped when he was three. I am a raw foodist, my husband is not. I am concerned about his cavities and health, but obviously can’t make him eat anything else but what he likes. What am I doing wrong? Many thanks!

Dear Mother,

Dental health is not my profession. However, years of seeing many children and having a high interest in diet and health I have by now come to some conclusions, one of which is that vegans and babies of vegan mothers tend to have more cavities. What you eat while pregnant and lactating is a major factors in the health of your baby’s teeth. I suggest that you read Ramiel Negal’s book “Cure Tooth Decay” in order to learn about better diet and natural ways to care for your son’s teeth. 

Meanwhile, minimize pasta, bread, bread crumbs, fruit juice and fruit and skip the ice-cream. There are many wonderful and creamy desserts that are totally healthy. I highly recommend the book “Recipes for Living Without Disease,” for food preparation. All the recipes are raw but not vegan. You may not like it for yourself, but you will find wonderful smoothies and even all healthy ice-cream for your son. The way to change a child’s diet is to bring into it new things he likes and gradually eliminate the unwanted ones.

In health and joy,

Warmly,  Naomi Aldort,


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