Childbirth Education: Bring a Play to College Students!

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I love the power of communities. If there is one thing I’ve learned since becoming a mother it’s that when mothers take action just about anything can happen. That’s why I wrote the play “Birth” – a portrait of how low-risk mothers are giving birth in America today – and why I started the BOLD movement so “Birth” can be produced by moms all around the globe and raise awareness and money to promote mother-friendly birth. We’ve raised over $250,000 in less than five years for organizations offering mother-friendly care to pregnant moms.

While I think raising all this money rocks recently I’ve been thinking about what’s going to push the childbirth pendulum towards a culture that regards birth as normal, not an illness that needs lots of beeping machines. How is the next generation going to give birth?  I hope with a cesarean rate drastically lower than the United States’ over-30 percent rate; where mothers are spoken to in soft, respectful voices; where every mom has a doula and/or midwife who she can count on to be with her (in oh-so many ways) throughout her labor. But that’s just the beginning. What I hope for most is to change the mindset of birthing mothers and fathers towards a more empowered mindset where they put themselves at the center of their birth experience and each mom knows her body rocks when she is giving birth.

That’s why BOLD is making a push this year to educate college students. We want to raise money to create a film version of my play “Birth” to be viewed by College Students on campuses around the world. We’ll include a study guide so professors can guide their students through the meaty issues in the play. Our goal is to raise enough money to start production by Mothers Day this year.

What was that? You want to help us? Sure! We’d love it! Here are three ways you can help BOLD reach our goal:

  1. Donate directly to BOLD.  It’s a great gift for friends and family! If you give a donation of $100 or more we’ll send you a signed copy of Karen Brody’s “Birth” which includes photos and stories from the BOLD movement. To donate send a check made out to “Fractured Atlas” (our fiscal sponsor) and mail it to us at BOLD, PO Box 42292, Washington, DC 20015. Remember to put your name, address and phone number with the check. All donations are tax deductible.
  2. Purchase Yoga Parenting online. Fifty percent of the profits go to BOLD! Here’s the link to order:
  3. Purchase the Holding Hands Bracelet for moms! Fifty percent of the net profits go to BOLD (but you MUST tell them you want it to go to BOLD!). Here’s the link:

Childbirth can shift, but it’s going to take boldness. Let’s exercise our mom-power and help BOLD educate the next generation of moms and dads!


Photo: BOLD Fort Worth, Texas, 2010

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