Cloth Diaper Giveaway #1: GroBaby COMPLETED : )

Hey Y’all…

The winners have been determined for this contest. Please check out my current Kushies giveaway (the most recent A la Mama blog post). Thank you so much for your enthusiastic participation! : )

In celebration of our May/June 2010 issue, which focuses on cloth diapering, I am going to be giving away a series of fabulous cloth diapers over the next two months. GroBaby, Kushies, Booroi, SmartiPants, Soft Bums, and FuzziBuns, for starters. Please subscribe to A La Mama to get up-to-the minute updates on when these goodies drop!

So here’s how it works. Comment below about your favorite cloth diaper (brand, type), and why it’s your fave. If you’re new to cloth diapering and don’t yet have a fave, mention why you’re going in the non-disposable direction. Please let me know your preference re: flowers or stripes. I will pull names out of a hat and announce the winners in the next couple of days.

Today, I am giving away…

a) 1 one-size flower-print GroBaby cloth diaper shell, 2 soaker pads, and 1 booster

flower dipe

b) 1 one-size stripey GroBaby cloth diaper shell, 2 soaker pads, and 1 booster


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285 thoughts on “Cloth Diaper Giveaway #1: GroBaby COMPLETED : )”

  1. All I have left are bum genius, so by default, they are my favorite! Looking to try some new kinds though and would love to win this.

  2. I’ve been leaning towards trying cloth diapers for a little while now….trying to get my husband on board and convince him they aren’t so bad! Disposables worked for a while but I’m concerned about the amount of chemicals that are in them and they’re starting to leak too often!

    I think my little man would prefer stripes 🙂 But the flower one is really cute too.

  3. I have used Fuzzi Bunz on all 3 of my dd’s (ages 11, 9, & 6 months) along with a slew of other diapers but they are by far my faves. I have never used a GroBaby and would love the opportunity to try one!! They look awesome!

  4. We are new to cloth diapering, – well, we intend to go that route, – we are both busy moms, – my partner works long hours at a non-profit and I am working on my PhD and teaching, – we did not think we would be able to do cloth, but now, we are ready and willing to give it a go, – winning a few would be great , -one of the biggest issues, in addition to laundry!, – is the startup cost of these great diapers, – we have no preference in style or design!

  5. I like Fuzzi Bunz one size diapers. My favorite part is how soft the material is that rests next to my daughters tushie. To save money, almost all of my cloth diapers are “one size fits all” diapers so that they grow with her.

    flowers would be my choice.

  6. I love my goodmamas and my off brand prefolds with my prowrap covers. I love the GMs because the look and feel of the diaper, they’ve never leaked on my. I love the prefolds because they’re so cost effective! My prowraps are awesome! I love the leg gussets and we’ve not had a leak in those recently and they’re super cheap. Plus using these in combination saves so much money and I am able to cloth diaper my 1 and 2 year old.

  7. Please enter me for the stripey dipe!

    I have a few faves – bumGenius one size for overnight, prefolds with Thirsties Duo Wrap covers the rest of the time!

  8. I’m pretty new to cloth diapers, but I have a few Happy Heinys. I wanted to save money and the environment, and I realized cloth was the way to go! I like the flowered one!

  9. My favorite cloth diapers for my toddler boys are by far Happy Heiny’s and Fuzzi Bunz. I just had my first daughter 3 months ago and this is my first time CDing an infant. For her I love my Dry Bees and Thirsties AIO and Covers!

    **prefer the flowers! So adorable!

  10. My favorite cloth diaper is the Bum Genius. The high performance fabric keeps my baby’s bum dry even when the insert is really wet.

  11. I absolutely loved cloth diapering when I had my last child. It was my first experience and would recommend that every new mom at least try it. I do not remember what the brand name was-but they were adjustable in size as my baby grew. I think that cloth diapering is healthy for the environment and healthy for our children. I wish to have another positive experience someday with cloth diapers if we have another baby!

  12. I haven’t cloth diapered but I would love to try it both for the good of my baby and the environmental reasons. We haven’t the money to drop on the initial cost of cloth diapers for a child’s entire life.

  13. I love any insert, with Bummies Super wrap because they are super thin and never leak. I also love any all in ones…very easy to use(my husband likes AIO also)

  14. I love Mother-Ease. They are truly a leak-free cloth diapering system, but I am always looking for a new brand to supplement or add to my supply!

  15. We tried a lot of different dipes but eventually used almost exclusively Fuzzi Bunz. I like them for their ease of use, varying absorbancy, and snaps.

    I love the flower diaper!

  16. I cloth diapered both of my children and love it. My favorite diapers are cricketts fitteds and green mountain diapers prefolds and infant fitteds, I love 100% cotton diapers, so easy to care for and so so soft! If I’m lucky enough to win a diaper I’d pick stripes for my lil’ man

  17. I loved Kissaluvs for the first six months, but have fallen back in love with the ease of FuzziBuns since then. I am on my second kid with these and have passed along some of the smaller ones to friends, but would love to try some new kinds. Oh, and we love flowers around here.

  18. My favorite ones so far are the BumGenius AIO one size organic, since they’re so easy to use, there’s only organic cotton next to my baby’s bum, they have snaps and wash really well!

    (I’d prefer the stripes)

  19. We use mostly thirsties covers and prefolds. They are affordable, easy to wash and easy to sun to get stains out! The gussets work great for keeping the poo in!

    I haven’t tried the grobaby. Cute diaper! I like the stripes. 🙂

  20. i hit send too early. we currently use bum genius 3.0s. i’m looking to try some differnet types though, and would love to try these. i would love the flowery one as we are expecting our first girl in august!

  21. I would love to try cloth diapering, I use natural disposable diapers and have been considering starting cloth because the amount of waste disposables create is unbelievable. I have a little girl so would love the flowers!

  22. (like stripes) I dont have a favorite brand or type yet. I usually use aios with aplix on my 2 year old cause its easiest on Daddy! On my newborn I am using fitted with a cover for now. I have wanted to try the grobaby since I first saw it but havent been able to buy one yet!!

    chefsteph82@yahoo dot com

  23. I am new to cloth, but I have a few BG pockets that I like. I am very interested in trying out the GrowBaby & others with my little girl.

  24. My little nephew has sensitive skin and loves Fuzzi Bunz Organic. We’d love to give him that strips if we win 🙂

  25. I actually have two favorite cloth diapers for different stages. My favorite cloth diapers for the newborn stage were Vermont Diaper Company’s organic prefolds and wool covers with a Snappi fastener. When my babes got to be a little older the Bum Genius diapers were my absolute favorite. We are now expecting our third baby (any day now!!), and have purchased a few different brands to try. I would love to win some new cloth to try on this next little one!!

  26. I like the flip covers and I use prefolds with them. Unfourtunately though my son is a very heavy wetter and I have yet to find something that fits him. Maybe if I win this this will be it!

  27. Yeah!! I am starting to CD and would love to have one of these! I am starting to CD because I believe that it is better for the environment and better for my baby. Stripes, por favor!

  28. We use Bum Genius. I love the fact that they are one size fits all. They have been pretty easy to clean and very easy to use.

  29. Ooh, diaper giveaway! I’m a Thirsties fan myself for covers, and GMD for prefolds. I love the Thirsties colors and they fit my son really well, and I like the GMD prefolds because they’re sized and always fit well (and hold up well, my almost-2-year-old is just now growing out of his yellow edges and I haven’t had to toss a single one yet!).

  30. My current fave is the BumGenius 3.0 one-size diaper. They fit well, and we’ve not had trouble with leaking. Beyond that, I love that I can use the same stash of diapers for both my kiddos without having to rummage around for different sizes. My older child will be a late potty-trainer because of a condition he had at birth, so the idea of being able to use the same diapers from 8-35 lbs was a huge bonus for us! That said, I’m excited to be exploring other cloth diapering options because they’re positively addictive! (I’d be happy with either the stripes or the floral pattern).

  31. I am new to CDing…but am switching over because of the environmental issues and hopefully to assist DS in potty training when the time comes (I am told CD babies potty train quicker). I would love the stripes!

  32. I don’t have a favorite brand, yet. It is hard to pick just one reason to cloth diaper- its healthier for my little guy, it is environmentally responsible, and you save money over disposables in the long run! I like the stripy GroBaby, it would look cute on my little guys tush. 🙂

  33. I LOVE Sposo Easy AIO diapers. They are decently priced, pretty trim for cloth, and very absorbant. Also very durable. And my favorite thing about them is that the inside is 100% COTTON! This is very important to me – having natural fabric against my baby’s skin. Plus you don’t ever have to strip the diapers like you do with other synthetic AIO’s.

  34. Hey,

    Expecting our #3, but never used cloth diapers. Very excited to try them out this time around. The only problem is that there are so many choices, it’s so hard to choose! The main reason to CD is saving money, not use chemicals on the baby, and it’s so much better for the mother Earth!


  35. I haven’t had a ton of money to experiment, so I’d say my fave is a prefold. I will have to go with stripes, since I don’t make girls so far. 🙂

  36. I do not currently use cloth diapers but I would really love to! They are super stylish and so much easier to use then the days when I was a baby. I just LOVE those cute little bums!

  37. The only diaper brand that I have tried are the Bumkins diapers. I used them for my first son and am now using them for my second son. They have held up really well! I mostly use the two piece set up with a cover and ‘T’ shaped insert, but I have a few all-in-ones as well. I love them, and feel good about using them!



  38. We love Bum Genius one size diapers! My son is 14 months now and we have been using them for a solid year. Never have we experienced the blowouts, my friends with disposables and other cloth diapers have had and we’ve never had to buy new ones, as they adjust in size.
    .-= Harmony Roll´s last blog ..The Papadapolis =-.

  39. I’ve been mainly a user of BumGenius 3.0’s, but we added 4 Happy Heinys recently and I LOVE them. They are a higher rise and the closure is much stronger – so he can’t take them off. I’m interested in trying GoBabies too!

    The stripes are super cute and perfect for my blue-eyed son!


  40. I’ve been using the gerber organic prefolds that I fasten with snappis with the Bummis Super Brite covers. I was just introduced to the Imse Vimse organic cotton covers and I really like them, though I think I need to get the extra large for my 24lb 7 month old son. He is my 3rd and I decided to go cloth with him because I was tired of buying diapers and felt that it would be better for him, our family and reduce our trash. I’m so glad we switched to cloth this time around and wish I wouldn’t have let people discourage me when I wanted to use them with our first child.

  41. I use Popolini and Motherease one size diapers with wool covers during the day, and Bum Genius v. 3 at night and when we’re out and about. I love this combination! I feel really spoiled by the Bum Genius, though, so those are the current fave. So convenient, not at all bulky, and very comfy for my son! I like the stripey GroBaby above…I’ll have to check those out.

  42. Thanks Candace!

    Fuzzibunz are my favorite pocket diapers.

    Thirsties are my favorite covers (over flannel contoured diapers).

    And I have successfully made my own pocket diapers using Jalie Pattern 2907.

  43. I currently use disposables, but between the cost of them, the leaks that leave me covered in poop, and the fact that they are not re-usable I want to move to cloth. I’ve been looking at Gro Baby as a good way to start cloth and I think those flowers are adorable.

  44. I really like the green and blue stripey because i have a little boy and i think its adorable i have 3 kids and with my third i wanted to try the cloth because it would save on money and i think i would also be better on him.


  45. I am still fairly new to cloth diapering. So far my favorite is the Rumparooz G2. I only have one of these diapers but I love it. It has the best fit out of all of the others that I have tried so far and does exceptionally well overnight.

    We chose to go the cloth diapering route because of the cloth savings, the environmental impact, and not wanting the chemicals that were in disposables on my son. I had no idea how bad they were until someone let me in on the wonderful world of cloth and I started doing research on it.

  46. I am recently new to cloth diapering, and so happy I finally made the switch. Cloth diapering was something I had thought about when I was pregnant, but never did more research about it. Finally as I’ve joined a great Parent Support Group, I have had great feedback and support about cloth, and finally made the switch!! After being overwhelmed with the options out there, I have found, thus far, the pocket diapers from BumGenius are my favorite. They seem to wick away the moisture the most and the microfiber inserts seem to hold the most urine!! They are easiest to use as well, especially for my Hubby who didn’t understand why we just couldnt keep using Pampers!!! I love the fact with cloth diapers there are no harsh chemicals against my precious sons bum, as well as the fact that it’s environmentally helpful. No more dirty diapers from us in our landfills 🙂

    Our preference is the striped diapers!! GroBaby is on the list of one of the cloth diapers I would like to try. It’s been a very fun journey trying out and experimenting with different cloth brands!! Cloth diapers are just so darn adorable too and I love the cloth diaper booty!! Thanks for doing the give away, how awesome 🙂


    Jamie Evans

  47. I like fuzzi buns, they seem to work very well for us! I would love the flower print, since I have my 2nd girl due soon!

  48. We’ve only tried fuzziBuns but love them. We have the small size with our 8 month old and are about ready to have to move up to the next size 🙁 We tried a diaper service with our other 2 children (age 5 and 3) and they just didn’t work (leaking etc) The fuzziBuns have been excellent without a problem EVER! I’ve seen the Growbaby in the stores and would be so excited to try them! Flower print for our 8 month old that we can also use again with our new daughter-to-be that we’re adopting!

  49. I’ve never done cloth diapers, after I had my first daughter I learned about how much waste we produce and how long it takes to decompose. I started recycling and recycle as much as a I can. The only thing I haven’t been able to do is the switch to cloth due to the fact that my husband is unwilling to make the initial investment. I know, stupid, cloth is much cheaper in the long run, but now that I have another baby in diapers and expecting my third baby,I’m seriously looking into making the switch. It really bothers me to think of all the diapers I’m sending to the landfills. Maybe I won’t make much of a difference in the world, but at least I’ll be doing what is right. My preference would be flowers I guess, I have a girl and I still don’t know the sex of my little peanut. I guess all I have left to say is that I hope I win and prove to my husband and other relatives how cloth diapers are not disgusting and that this is the right thing to do. People can be so selfish, ughrrr, but that’s another story, Thanks!!!

  50. I like pocket diapers at the moment, especially the ones that grow with your baby. I have tried FuzziBuns and Bum Genius. For really newborns I do like the prefolds with a cover. I used to only do all-in-ones but don’t like those for newborns, they never seem to fit quite right.

    I am due in a few weeks and would love either diaper, but guess I would have to say I would prefer the more neutral one because I don’t know what I am having next.

  51. I love the BumGenius but would like another alternative….I’ve been hesitatant to invest in one without knowing if I like it or not.

  52. I love cloth diapering! My favorite diaper depends on my mood since I can go days using only pockets, days using only fitteds, and days using covers and prefolds. For around the house I’d say that prefolds & covers are my favorite. For going out my one-size FuzziBunz are the best.

    My husband loves anything with PUL but recently admitted that the snappiable fitteds have really grown on him and he’ll pick those over any other diaper (when at home)!!

    Who can resist a fluffy bum? My infant daughter would look ADORABLE in the flower print!

  53. I am thinking about switching to cloth full-time for my little boy, but I’m still in the research phase. I have made a few AIO’s to get started, but I’m eager to try the different brands. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  54. I am relatively new to cloth diapering, and I absolutely love it! My favorite so far are the Bum Genius and Thirsties Duo diapers, but I am up for trying anything. The flower print is beautiful, my daughter (who just turned 1 on Thursday! where did the time go?) would look too cute in it!

  55. We are BumGenius fans…although I haven’t tried any others so that could be why!

    I like the striped one 🙂

  56. We are currently using Swaddlebees All in Ones. Very easy to use and my son loves running around in them : )

  57. So far, I am a fan of the Bum Genius AIO. I use an XS for my little one. All of the “one size” diapers I have are GIANT on her! I switched to cloth for her because I freaked out every time I dumped the Diaper Genie for my son, but I never did anything about it. Time to make a change! We would love the flower print if we win. 🙂

  58. I unfortunately haven’t had much experience with cloth yet but the funny thing is I am already addicted to it! I wish I had done it with my first because I would have a stash for my 1 now one month old. There are no if and’s or but’s I WILL be cloth diapering my little one. It’s just a very slow process when money is tight. I know cloth diapering is so much better for my sweet baby and that’s my number one reason I want to. Second reason is because I do love the earth and I am always trying to do whats best for it! Third reason is because cloth diapers are so much nicer looking and feeling then nasty disposables. I use Seventh Generation disposables which are better then regular ones but just no comparison to cloth!

    I would prefer stripes as I have a boy but I would take either! 🙂

  59. hi candace! i have been using cloth for four years (on two children) and have ran the gamut on types and brands – when my four year old was in diapers i was a huge fan of all natural materials and used organic fitteds and wool exclusively. when my one year old was born i was too busy to wash wool so i started using disposables while we were out, and found prefold love when at home. now i’m committed to full-time cloth diapering again and feel that synthetics are a much better alternative to disposables so we’re using a combination of bumgenius and katydids while out of the house and still grab the prefolds and wool covers for around the house 🙂
    .-= valeri´s last blog ..the silver cross eclipse fizz = my new favorite umbrella stroller! =-.

  60. I use mostly bumGenius diapers although over the years I have used so many different types. I am a fan of the GroBaby diapers. I have two little girls and the floral one is my fave.

  61. Hi! I actually JUST got on the Grobaby bandwagon! They’re awesome diapers! I have found that they work amazingly with containing wetness while still being trim enough to fit under normal baby clothes! Before I got them, I always swore by Happy Heiny, which I still love, they are just a little too fluffy to fit in a normal pair of pants. These work great during the day or at night, and even if my kid has a supersoaker moment, his clothes stay dry! I LOVE these diapers and would LOVE to add a STRIPEY one to my new and tiny collection!!

  62. I like the bumgenius organic all in ones the best for during the day since it’s really simple, has snaps and doesnt ever really smell bad. i prefer the stripes since i have a little boy. my sister got me into cloth diapering

  63. My favorite is My fuzzibunz os (pocket) and grobaby(hybrid). I get the best fit with these

    I’s prefer the flowers if i won

  64. I would go with the flower pattern—I have never tried cloth diapers, but would love to try them! Twin girls use A LOT of diapers!!!

  65. I’m currently using BumGenius one sized diapers on my 9 month old and I love them! I tell everyone I know about them. They are so much better than the disposables I used on my first child. When we took a road trip recently I used disposables and couldn’t wait to get home to used the cloth diapers again. They are so easy. Especially when I use the liners with them. They hold up well, don’t leak, and come in great colors that match most of my daughter’s clothes.

    I like the flowers diapers (I have a girl)

  66. I’ve only ever used Bumgenius diapers and I love them, so I’ve never had to try others. I would love the stripes, but either would work!

  67. We’re expecting our third baby in June, and have decided to use cloth diapers for her. We are waiting to see which kind we get at our baby shower! 🙂 I particularly like the look of the flowered one here.

  68. We use Bum Genius pocket diapers and have been really happy with them..especially over nights! It feels great not to be throwing plastic diapers into the trash and landfills…hooray for cloth dipes! We would love to try GroBaby floral print diaper, they look like a great “on the go” option!

  69. I love MotherEase One Size diapers except for a few fuzzi bunz for her super slim pants my daughters full stash was MotherEase one size diapers they are great for day and night.

  70. We’ve been CDing since our daughter was a few weeks old. We really feel that it is the best choice for our daughter, the planet and our pocketbooks. We’ve tried AIOs that we found used, pockets that we found on craigslist and fitteds and wool covers that I made myself (really great for new born poopies) but we’ve gotten the most milage out of good old prefolds and covers. I’ve been dying to give grobaby a try. They are so cute and look so easy. I think my daughter would be the belle of the playgroup in the flowered one!

  71. I recently switched to cloth and love it. I mostly use Fuzzibunz and a couple others that a friend gave me. My only regret is that I didn’t start with cloth with my first child 5 years ago. I like the flower print. 🙂

  72. I am using Happy heniz, I like them ok. I am new to cloth diapering. It is time for me to try to make my little difference and use cloth. thanks

  73. Awsome giveaway!! I’m new to the CD’ing world, but so far I’d have to say that the AppleCheeks are my favourite pocket diaper tehy fit my little one right from the start without extra bulk! And NO leaks!!!

    If I am chosen as a winner, I’d LOVE the seaside stripes, please!!

  74. I love how cute the floral diaper is! We are very new to cloth diapering. I keep having the urge to try it, but am weary of the initial start up expense (although I know it’ll save so much money and waste in the long run!) I love how cute they are, and how much nicer they’d be on my daughter’s sensitive skin.

  75. I used & loved cloth with my kids 30+ years ago. Now my grandkids are in cloth – with a new one due in Oct. Daughter-in-law uses Bum Genius for the most part. Would love the blue stripe one as a boy or girl could use it and we don’t yet know what grandbaby #4 is! I think the cloth diaper options today are awesome!!!

  76. I love my prefolds and covers–thirsties duos. I love the floral pattern you have here. After two kids in disposables, baby three has been cloth all the way. Why didn’t I do this sooner?! She’s almost one now and it’s been a piece of cake. You on-the-fencers dive in!

  77. I heart Thirsty Duo Covers and the ole’ school cloth diaper inserts. Luck for my family, they’re the most affordable option too! The covers have never leaked and the inserts have held up really well.

    Having said that, I love to try new brands and types of cloth diapers and share the info with my friends. I have a mommy group in my town and we recently had a meeting focused on Earth Day. I displayed my cloth diapers and many moms who didn’t know that cloth diapering has come so far were very interested in giving it a try. If I had more time, I’d start my own business but for now I just like to promote this way of diapering.


  78. I used BumGenius organic all in ones until my daughter was 11 months. Then, they started rubbing her little thighs at the top! She is no more than 25 lbs and they are supposed to go up to 35 lbs but this wasn’t the case for us. I switched back to disposables since I had spent so much money already on all my cloth diapers. If I find another brand that works better, I would love to switch. I like the girly flowered one best.

  79. Disposables are gross! We love the bummis super whisper wrap with a prefold for the day time. The bummis covers are indestructible and we haven’t had any leaks ever. We use the bumgenius 3.0 for nights with two inserts (he is a supersoaker at night), because then he doesn’t feel wet. When we are traveling we use gdiapers, but I’ve been wanting to try grobaby. Oh and of course the bummis swimmi for when we go to the pool. Stripes.

  80. I have been looking at cloth diapers for a while and would love to switch not just for cost saving reasons but also because of the health benefits. I love the stipe one!

  81. I love my Bummis covers with Clothese prefolds as well as BumGenius Bamboo fitted and pockets. I’m a cloth diaper junky. I’ve tried alot and love cloth!

  82. I use a combination of Kushies and bumgenius, and I like them both for different reasons. Kushies are super easy to use, wash and check (to see if they are wet) and we use them mostly around the house (GREAT to use for EC babies!). Bumgenius fits great, grows with baby and wicks away moisture for when she is going to be wet longer periods of time, like when we are out and about.

  83. I am new to cloth diapering but my favorite to try after A LOT of research is GroBaby because their disposable (but biodegradable) insert option will make the transition easier for me and I’ve read a lot of great reviews about them. We’re opting to go the non-disposable route a little late (my son will be one next month) because we are tired of the cost and waste of disposables! We would prefer the stripes. Thanks 🙂

  84. I’ve done some cloth in the past (that I made myself) and am ready to go to cloth full time with my little girl. Love the flower prints and would like to try some different diapers to see what works best for her. These look like a great option.

  85. We’ve been using bumgenius because that was what was given to us. I also use the rectangle diapers with Gerber plastic pants and pins. I just use whatever we have! Today they all dried out on the line, I love days like this! I’d prefer stripes, my baby is a boy 🙂 Thanks!

  86. Drybees Gone Natural fitteds and a wool cover, still deciding between the loveybums interlock snap and the aristocrats

  87. We’re a prefolds and whisper wraps family, with a few bamboozles thrown in for good measure. For us they seem to be the most leak proof, and get the cleanest. I’d love to add a few AIO’s to the stash though…hubby is still afraid of dressing the wee one in cloth because he can never seem to get the prefolds on right.
    .-= Jenn of the Roof´s last blog ..Ah, Bedtime. =-.

  88. I love using fuzzi bunz, but have been interesting in trying some of the others, so it would be awesome to try some for free!!! I love the colors of gro diapers and have been wanting to try one, and the blue strips are cute!!! Cloth diapers are amazing, but it takes a while to figure out what your favorites are and to get enough collected for everyday use!

  89. We just started cloth diapering our daughter about a week ago (She was born on 4/7 and we waited for her cord to fall off since our CDs and covers seemed to irritate the cord.) We are using prefolds and various covers and we absolutely love it so far! Her bottom is less red since we’ve switched from disposables and so far it has been super easy. We feel like our choices are much better for the environment and better for our daughter too. I just read the Mothering article on cloth diapering and I am completely shocked by all of the chemicals added to disposables… not only are we cutting down on trash, we are also keeping unnecessary chemicals out of our landfills and away from our daughter’s skin!

  90. We use mostly Kawaii Baby diapers, but at the moment we’ve only been cloth diapering half time because of our washer situation. It’s coin-op and shared. 🙁 We’ll be moving soon and will have our own washer/dryer, and I’m dying to get back into cloth! I think this will be the perfect start. 🙂 I love the striped GroBaby! Too cute!

  91. i have 2 favorites, i use bumkins for when were at home and little g (with cloth insert) when were out. we would love to branch out and try new brands to see if any others suit us better, thanks for the giveaways!!!

    we like the flowers. 🙂

  92. Fuzzi bunz are my personal fave since they are soft fleece inside and I like snaps. We have a few Gro baby which I also like. I would love to have my sister in-law try the striped one on her little boy.

  93. I am going in the non-disposable direction.. my mom donated a bag of old school trifold cloth diaper and pins, but I have never tried the kind you are giving away, and I would love to! Strips for us if we win! thanks for the giveaway and have a blessed day!

  94. Hmm… I don’t know that I have a favorite brand of diaper. I started out using prefolds, which I liked but then moved over to one size pocket diapers and I like those more than prefolds. I also have a couple of G Diapers but I am not in love with them but they all work. 🙂 I have a friend who loves GroBaby diapers, so I would love to try them out for myself. I would like the flower one if I win.

  95. Fuzzibunz, for softness and simplicity. Snaps all the way, baby! We also have prefolds and whisper wraps, but those are not as easy to put on a mobile baby/toddler.

    I like the stripes.

  96. Oh. I have lots of favorites! I love disana for wool, goodmamas for fitteds, and fuzzi bunz for pockets! My favorite aio is bumgenius organics. I would love the flower fro baby….so pretty!

  97. We love cloth diapering! We’re currently using the Flip system but would love to try out GroBaby! I have no preference as I have boy/girl twins 🙂

  98. I have tried many and like most. I am interested in AIO right now. We are using them as they are easy to get on and off for the EC method. I also use kissaluvs with a variety of covers.

  99. I’m interested in cloth diapers because it is better for the environment and cheaper over the long run too. I’d be interested in the flower ones. 🙂

  100. I am using happy Heiniz, they work fine, I am new to cloth diapering and am looking forward to trying a different brand. I want to do my part for the environment.

  101. Hi there,

    Prior to having my 9 week old, I was very mainstream and didn’t question societal norms very much. Maybe a bit in college. Then I became pregnant and wanted to be the best mom I could. I learned about home birth and decided it was right for me. That decision has changed everything for me. It’s opened me up to a whole world of alternative lifestyle choices. One by one non-main-stream choices are the ones I’m drawn to (e.g., breastfeeding completely, attachment parenting, non-vaccinating, choosing organic foods and products)…and now I’m starting to wonder whether I might be into cloth diapering as well? I might just really dig it. I can’t say for sure, but I’m totally open to trying. 🙂

    Thanks for considering us. 🙂

    Jeannie & Ed Davis – proud parents of Katelyn May born 2/19/10

    PS – I like the flowered one. 🙂

  102. The only kind we have tried is bum genius brand. We have a few all-in-one diapers and the others are pocket. My fave is the pocket, but I do like the combination. We like cloth because it saves money and we get to have cool patterns! I prefer the flower pattern.


  103. I am really wanting to start with cloth and reusable diapers so I can #1 cut the plastic waste coming from my house, #2 save a few dollars by having diapers that I can wash and reuse, and #3 reduce the numbers of chemicals that I am putting on my baby’s skin. I’ve been too nervous to do it before, and I have felt that getting started with cloth is expensive at the very beginning, but I’d love to get a free one to start my journey with.

  104. We’re expecting our first baby in the next few weeks and we’ve been committed to cloth diapering way before we even conceived. It’s so much better for the environment, for the baby, and economically. I don’t see how we couldn’t go cloth! We will be using a cloth diaper service for the first two months, but then will be using the Best Bottom system via Nicki’s Diapers.

  105. My favorite is Motherease, but I saw these GroBaby diapers in Mothering and have to say I am soooo tempted to try them. I love the stripes, such a cute diaper! We like the Wonderoos also and alternate between those and our Motherease. I love that with both of those brands we are still using the same diapers that we received at my baby shower at the beginning and our son is almost 2 1/2. The only thing we had to buy was the next size covers as he grew. I second the Whisper Wraps covers, we use those and the Motherease covers.

  106. We have Fuzzi Bunz and love them! It was the first brand we tried and we loved them right away. We chose them because of the snaps, which my husband liked better than the velcro. I am so glad we chose the cloth diaper route and would love to try another brand. We have a baby boy, so our preference is stripes.

  107. We use mostly fuzzibunz and I love them because they are so soft against my baby’s skin! They are super absorbent and we hardly deal with leaks. The elastic is wearing out, so I’m a little giddy to shop for some other brands to try!

  108. My fav and most used diaper is Grobaby! It’s the AIO that fit my newborn son the earliest and I’ve been using them for over 4 months now. My husband also loves them, they are the diapers he grabs first when changing him.

  109. My fave is the Sposoeasy by Blue Penguin and the Grobaby. And I have tried LOTS! I love natural fabrics next to the sking.

    If I win, stripes it is for me, 3 boys and counting.

  110. I love cloth diapers 🙂 when pressed I would say the motherease diapers one size fits most with bumgenius whisperwrap covers OR nikki wraps. I really like the new flower pattern whisper wrap and the bamboo motherease. I use it all though, prefolds, AIO (bumgenius and fuzzibunz) an assortment of WHAM diapers. I like that with cloth you never have to send your husband to the store for “more diapers!” We use charlies soap to wash 🙂

  111. I didn’t start CDing until my daughter was about 6 months old. In two days she will be 17 months, and I am SO glad we made the switch when we did! I use Coolababy, BumGenius, and Kawaii Baby mostly. I’d say it’s a tie between the three. BG are better for car rides for some reason though. Cost has been a significant issue, and Coolababy dipes are incredibly affordable (we got them new for about $6/diaper) and they are our go-to diaper. The BG were a gift, and we definitely love them as well! If we win we’d like stripes.

  112. I am new to cloth diapers and open for suggestions for what works best for a 15 mo.old very active little girl. I would love to reduce my dependence on disposables for my baby and planet’s sake 🙂

  113. Right now I’m using prefolds with Thirsties covers on my 3 month old. I absolutely love this combo. It’s the most inexpensive when you are going through several diapers a day. Thirsties covers are my fav covers because of the leg gussets. I have never had a leak with them.

    I would prefer the flower one.

  114. For my first daughter we used prefolds and whisper wraps. I am expecting another and we are going to try some wool covers this time. A boy, so I like the stripes.

  115. I am using cloth this time (due in August) and am really excited about it. I’m trying out several kinds to see what I like, but I did briefly try them with my daughter, and really liked Under the Nile fitteds. I want to use them because I don’t like the plastics and chemicals in diapers (we currently use Seventh Generation which is a little better) and want to be able to choose what goes on my child and create less waste for the planet.

  116. I started with, and love, prefolds and Bummis covers. We ended up picking up a number of Bum Genius and I have adored those as well. The combination of the two gave us such flexibility.

  117. We are prefolds/proraps for the simplicity of use, and of course because it’s pretty frugal. 🙂 But we have a couple of bumgenius we use for nighttimes. We would love to try Grobaby as we heard good things about it!

  118. Our favorite cloth diaper are the bumGenius OS pocket diapers! I love them because they are extremely easy to use and they are great quality so they last through multiple children. I would LOVE to win the striped grobaby diaper…my son would look ADORABLE in it!

  119. We have been using pre-folds (from a cloth diaper service- which we looooove!) with the gdiaper covers. They hardly ever leak and they keep everything contained which means less laundry for mom and pop. Our only complaint is that our LO pees A LOT at night and when we double the pre-folds in the gdiaper cover, it’s just so bulky that it can’t possibly be comfortable. We have a few AIO’s that we use at night and they tend to keep him dryer. We’ve been experimenting with different brands and would love to try these ones. Our boy would probably appreciate the stripes when he’s in high school and we’re showing off his cloth-diapered bum to his new girlfriend…

  120. I’m very pleased with my gdiapers with homemade cloth ‘flapper’ inserts which come clean very easily in my front loader HE washer. I bought new appliances before I made the switch to cloth and was glad to find something that worked for me (on the first try) as AIOs were a battle to wash. I would love to try GroBabys as well. (Stripey please.)

  121. MotherEase has been working well for us until now. I have a 4 and a 2 yr. old. I am ready to mix it up for our next baby though-not totally crazy with the covers and would like to try something new.(especially for long days spent in the car) There are just so many to choose from!! (I like the flowers that you are offering thanks) =)

  122. My favorite cloth diapers are Green Mountain’s unbleached cotton prefolds with a Snappi fastener & either a Thirsties or Bummis diaper cover. (Thirsties stay dryer/can be reused more quickly, but Bummis work well and are CUTE!) We’ve tried a variety of styles and brands of cloth diapers, but nothing we have tried so far has matched the reliability and value of prefolds. However, we haven’t tried Gro Baby yet, which is why I would love to score that blue stripey number for my son!

    We had planned to use cloth right from birth for environmental reasons. But I must admit that we ended up using disposables for about 2 weeks after my son was born because we just couldn’t get the hang of using the old fashioned pins that we had. We finally switched over to cloth for good when my son developed a horrible diaper rash – despite the fact that we were changing him at least a dozen times a day. His rash cleared up within a few days of being in cotton! I mistakenly thought that cloth diapers might CAUSE diaper rash because of the increased wetness against the skin vs. disposables. Turns out that couldn’t be further from the truth! My son is almost 1 year old now, and he hasn’t had ANY diaper rash or irritation since the intial break out when he was in Pampers. Oh – and the pins issue was resolved when we discovered the almighty Snappi!

  123. We’ve been using gdiapers with the flushable refills, but just recently switched to cloth inserts for most of the time. I made my own bamboo inserts. I just recently came across the idea of elimination communication and decided to give it a try.

    And today the new mothering issue showed up with and article on EC in it… fabulous! Looking forward to the journey!

  124. We use mostly prefolds and Thirsties covers–love the leg gussets! But we also have a handful of home-made (by a friend, NOT me) pocket diapers that we love. I also recently bought a couple of these Gro Baby diapers and I wish I had a whole set…the are AWESOME! They don’t leak, they look cute and the are so versitile!

  125. I am trying to talk my husband into going the cloth route, so I have no fave yet. I am thinking I may just have to order some and face the consequences with him. 🙂

  126. My favorites are BumGenius One size pocket diapers… but I’ve been wanting to try GroDiapers FOREVER!!

    I’d love the flower pattern!

  127. I have 2 Favorites!!


    The website is

    SOO cute and function fabulaously!! Very resonable pricing!!

    I also LOVE

    These diapers are SO trim. The fit is also wonderful!

    My stash is almost completely these 2 brands now..

    I would LOVE to try GROBABY!! I would Prefer the flower diaper

    THANKS soo MUCH!!

    Melissa C – Clean B Detergents

  128. We currently use mostly gDiapers with cloth for day (or biodegradable inserts when traveling) and FuzziBunz at night. I have a few new GroBabies that we’re trying and love so far.


  129. Going to order some cloth diapers at the end of next month so I can save the planet, save money, and have a healthier little boy!

  130. I love Bum Genius Diapers. They are one size. They are great. The quality is excellent. The have velcro closures and three snap levels so your baby can grow with the diapers. The are super easy to wash and dry. They come in a variety of colors. They seem super comfortable and do not squeeze my sons belly. I LOve Love LOve them!

    For my older son I am currently using Fuzzi Bunz the largest size they go up to 45 lbs. He is 2 years old weighing 34 lbs and he has grown out of most brands period so I tried Fuzzi Bunz because they were similar to bum genius and I love them as well.

    AIO’s all the way! One size so you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

  131. Right now I’m using prefolds and Bummis Whisper Wraps. I’ve also used Kissaluvs, especially for littler ones. I’m pregnant with #4, and am thinking of adventuring into the world of flats. I’d also love to try my hand at knitting some longies. We’ll see how it goes with three little boys to keep track of.

    I’d say I like the flower diapers, but to be safe… I’d go with the stripes, since they are more gender neutral, and we din’t find out our babies gender. 🙂

  132. I use motherease one-size with aristocrats & bummis whisper wrap. I love the snaps, they have made it though 2 kids easily!!

  133. Our favorite is Bum Genius 3.0. We also use pre-folds and Bummis super whisper wraps. We like the flower print. 🙂

  134. omg – i love those stripes!!!! i recently started cg’ing my newborn son – i am using rumparooz b/c its a local company & i love the one size so i dont have to keep purchasing new dipes as my son grows.

  135. I love prefolds with motherease airflow covers – bulletproof!! But I’m currently waiting to try some new Gen-Y covers on baby girl when she arrives. I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to be my new fave.


  136. I love love love the flowers.

    We use cloth diapers whenever we can. But sometimes it’s hard to find ones that fit under baby’s clothes. We like bumgenius for the sizing and convenience. but we also love prefolds.


  137. love the cloth diapers!!! Im a stripes gal myself. We are a homemade cover family, with one or two fuzzibunz in the mix!!! Who needs chemicals rubbing all over our precious babies!!!

  138. We use a combo of baby kanga’s stuffed with prefolds at night (work great! keep baby dry!) and bummis covers with prefolds during the day…I love both the whisper wrap and super brite!

  139. I am just getting into cloth diapers. we have used disposables but this whole issue with a certain brands newest line has caused a LOT of concern for me! what are they putting into diapers that is causing chemical burns! this is a little bit much for me and would rather go through the effort to cloth diaper:)

  140. We use the bamboozles for our son and really like them. They are soft and super absorbant. The only problem we had was that some of them shrank & now no longer fit my son. Not sure why. It would be nice to try out another brand. We like the stripes.

  141. My favorite brand so far has been Bum Genius, though I have only tried a few. Fit is great and no leaks! I love the stripes!

  142. We use gdiapers with prefolds, but now that I’ve learned to knit, I plan to make a few wool soakers (and then I’ll have to convert my prefolds to fitteds!). For us, g pants contain things well and are cute…and, well, Chinese prefolds are just grand.

  143. I have been doing disposables. Found cloth diapers (like Bum Genius) bulky and Baby G’s leak. I would love to find a cloth brand that works well!

  144. We’ve been using BumGenius 2.0 one size for about 2 years but are frustrated with some issues we’re having. Hoping to try some new ones out with our upcoming new babe!

  145. We are expecting our 2nd lil one in about six weeks and are planning on going cloth this time around. I wanted to use cloth with our son, but got so overwhelmed with all the choices and being a new Mom that I gave into disposables. It just makes me sick every time I think (and see!) how many diapers head out in our trash, so I’m committed to figuring out cloth this time! So Far we have mainly Green Mountain diaper company fitted diapers, but would love try a variety and find out what works best for the wee one.

  146. We are cloth diapering our first and using BG 3.0 Organics. They are super easy to use, which works well for us.

    Love the flower print!

  147. I wanted to try cloth diapering and a friend suggested the G_diapers. I did not llike them, so a friend let me borrow her gro baby shell and inserts, and we have a winner! I am slowly converting to cloth diapers out of concern for the environment.

  148. I’m am preggo with my first child and due in September….. My husband and I are going to cloth diaper because not on is it good for the earth and our pocket books but it’s also good for our baby. Since we are not finding out the gender I prefer stripes.

  149. I am new to cloth diapers. The main reasons I am interested in switching is the environmental impact, cost of disposables, and I have heard they are better for babies with sensitive skin.

    Thank you!

  150. I haven’t tried but I have FuzziBunz and gDiapers both on hand. I’m a huge advocate for fighting all that is bad in the enviornment and want to remove as much of my family’s carbon footprint as possible. Baby girl is due in July and will have her rump embraced by cloth! 🙂

  151. I absolutely love Grobaby! Been using them for 8 months. Never a leak and soooo easy to use!

    Preference: Flowers

  152. I have used gdiapers when my little one was really little. They worked, but the poo made a mess and I always felt like the insert must be uncomfortable. I have also tried bummies and I really like those. These keep everything in and seem to be comfy for the bb. I wish it had a nicer cover though. Maybe cotton on the outside. I would love to try another kind, I think it would help push my hubby that tiny little bit that he needs to be pushed to start using them regularly. I really like the striped diaper that you have posted. Super cute.

  153. We use prefolds and Swaddlebees covers during the day, homemade pocket diapers stuffed with two prefolds at night. We’re doing EC, so the prefolds are good for letting DS know he’s wet. The Swaddlebees covers are nice because they resist leaks well but don’t feel plasticky against the skin like plain PUL does. The overstuffed pocket diapers are a must for sleeping through the night, because they wick and prevent him from feeling wet.

  154. BumGenius 3.0s are my favorite pocket diaper and I love Thirsties Duo Wraps when I’m using flat fold diapers. I love the flowered one, but would probably pick the stripey one since it’s more gender neutral 🙂
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..5 Generations =-.

  155. Using Happy Heinys, Gro babies and prefolds…. my preference is the gro babies for the ease of use. My hubby likes the AIO snap Heinys as they are not difficult to put on. We use cloth for economics and for happy rash free butt! 🙂 Flowers preferred for my baby girl.

  156. I love GroBaby for our daytime diapers–not too bulky in the middle (so movement looks more comfortable to me), easy to get onto my wiggly baby, and very cute. For night-time, I stick with prefolds and doublers and Bummis covers because my son doesn’t not like middle of the night diaper changes (nor do I) 🙂

  157. I am in love w/ Motherease diapers! I’ve been using them for about 4 years now (between my older daughter & my 18mo/old twins). I love them because they NEVER leak, they have durable snaps and they grow w/ baby. We also use prefolds when the Motherease are all dirty 🙂


  158. We have been very happy with Bum Genius 3.0s! They are easy to wash and dry, easy to customize the inserts, never had a leak, and fit really well. We’re having a surprise baby next, but I like the floral diaper 🙂

  159. I would love to try cloth diapers!! They seem like such a better idea then disposables!! The stripey one would be our first choice!!

  160. We are currently using size Large Fuzzi Bunz that I bought at a thrift store for 50 cents!! We stuff with a cotton babies insert and sometimes add a Hemp Babies if needed.

    I am loving this striped dipe!

  161. Grobaby’s are one of my favorites now because they are so easy to use and good for traveling. My other favorite, especially for nighttime, is Bagshot Row Bamboo (BSRB) organic fitted diapers because they are super cute and really absorbent.

  162. We’ve been using prefolds and super whisper wraps, but I’m looking for something that works better for our heavy wetter. This is our second babe in cloth diapers.

  163. My favorite is bumgenius. This diaper never leak, and it is so easy for daddy to change diapers. I would love to have flower print.

  164. hummm where to start. For overall function I like my Green Mountain Diapers prefolds. They’re awesome to use with a Thirsties or wool cover or to use as stuffers for pockets. I’ve never had a leak with BumGenius and they’re easy for hubby and grammy to use but my favorite pocket diaper right now is RumpaRooz. They fit so nice and trim and keep my little guy dry at night. I do like my GroBaby for quick changes on the go though! I would love a stripey!

  165. I use Fuzzibunz and swaddlebees pocket diapers and my youngest seems to like them. I sometimes have problems with leaks if I forget to change him in time, but double inserts help. Used swaddlebees newborn fitted diapers and sherpa fitted diapers. both were great fits. I like the flowers, but guess the stripes would suit a boy more 🙂

  166. I use a diaper service for both of my girls. I have always wanted to branch out and try new brands. The flowers are super cute!

  167. Growing greens organic, i use both cotton and hemp and love them b/c i never have to buy another size. i got cheapo seconds on ebay and they look and work great!

    loves the stripes!

  168. I love cloth diapers because of the convenience and the sustainability. I made my own diapers with my first one, but I am hoping for a little outside help (i.e. some purchased ones) with the next one. I am still researching. Flowers! Thanks for putting together such a nice giveaway!

  169. I LOVE the fuzzibunz pockets…and BG AIOS….amazing, and great style:)

    I love the striped dipe up for grabs!

  170. I have used fuzzy buns in the past, but am using bum genius 3.0 this time. i don’t care for the bg organic all in ones — the minute they are wet, she howls, but using a fleece liner helps. i’m a little worried because they are one size and she’s only 16# and 7 months but they are all the way unsnapped already — don’t know how long they will go before i have to find something larger. i would love to try the grobaby!

  171. I’d like to say that the environment was our motivation but, alas, it was mostly the money that brought us to cloth diapers. It’s sooo much cheaper, especially with multiple children. We’re using BumGenius one size diapers right now but are going to start exploring others. I love the ease and convenience of pocket diapers but, now that I’m feeling more confident, we are considering branching out. Our little guy is into stripes these days. 🙂

  172. We use unbleached prefolds and super whisper wraps at home and an assortment of pocket diapers for daycare days.

  173. I used Happy Heiny’s one-size on my daughter, but had trouble with smell despite stripping them. Sorry to say that I quit. I am now thinking about trying again with my son, both to reduce our waste and his contact with chemicals and potential toxins. I would prefer to stripes.

  174. I was generously given old trifolds and a few covers. I went out to purchase a couple new ones to supplement what I had and got the Thursties covers. I really like them because they are adjustable so you don’t have to buy as many and there is less overall waste. That’s the whole point!

  175. I’m so excited to start using cloth diapers — saving money, being kinder to my little one’s behind and being kinder to the environment. I just got some bumgenius from my sister (who loves them) and can’t wait to try them!

  176. We love bumgenius diapers because they are easy to use for caregivers and daycares. Our parents can use them and launder them while watching the kids. We decided to use cloth diapers to save money and to cut down on waste.

    (Prefer flowers)

  177. I use prefolds and homemade fleece covers. The system really is simple and of course so affordable. I would love to have that flower print GroBaby!

  178. Hi, I’m expecting our second baby and I’m thinking in using cloth diapers this time. I’d prefer stripes, Thanks!

  179. We are a Gro Baby family. My DH is WAHD and loves the Gro Baby system because of how easy it is for him to use. We have never used another diaper system because we have had such success with Gro Baby.

  180. Too many to pick just one! LOL

    I’m a big fan of grobaby for their trim fit on my kids and ease of use. I also really like BumGenius all-in-ones as well for the same reasons.

  181. Well right now we really like our BGs and FBz but I love the WAHM diapers that ive bought! I feel good about buying WAHM cloth diapers because Im supporting a fellow mommy and getting a great product at the same time! Plus I just really love cloth diapers! Im addicted! LOL

  182. My faveorite diapers are es baby OS fitteds because they have great absorbency, are super cute, have awesome coverage, and are super soft. I like to use them with a nifty nappy woolie wrap because then they’re pretty much raash proof!

    I really love the stripes best.

  183. We mainly use Gro-Baby and love them, but we use pockets at night because he’s a heavy wetter (BG 3.0, Fuzzibunz, and a few other brands).

  184. We use a combination of several: SoftBums with snap-in liners, prefolds with Bummis Super Whisper Wraps, GroBaby, and Bum Genius. I love that I can even use prefolds with a GroBaby cover. Never had one single leak!

    Love the stripes for my little guy!!

  185. My favorite cloth diapers are just plain old prefolds with cute covers. They are so easy to wash and dry and keep up with. 🙂 I am interested in trying out some of the new “hybrid” systems for when we are travelling or out all day. My preference would be the stripes as we are expecting another boy in June. 🙂

  186. my favorite to use on my son are bg 3.0 pockets. our favorite would be gro baby, but they are a little bit snug on him. hopefully grovia will fit him better because i love the concept of it!

  187. I love trying all kinds of different diapers! I recently purchased some grobabys and LOVE them! I like that I can use cloth or disposable inserts when needed! Our preferance is the flower grobaby!


  188. We just started cloth diapering last Monday and I am using Gro Baby. So far I LOVE them. I’ve only used the biosoakers because I am waiting for the cloth and boosters to arrive any day now. I can’t wait to actually use cloth.

    I like the stripes!

  189. I’m new to CD’g. I’m planning to cloth diaper my little girl due in July. We’re planning on using GroBaby. I like the idea of being able to use the bio soakers if we will be out for a while, and the soaker pads at home. I think it’s a wonderful way to save money and help the environment at the same time 🙂 If I win, I would love the wildflowers print!! Those flowers are so pretty 🙂

  190. I am using BG 3.0 one size diapers…I love them because they come in bright colors and are one size. They are super easy to use as well! I love not having to use a diaper and a cover. My favorite is the floral diaper that i up for grabs…super girly!!! Great for summer with just a shirt on top!

  191. My favorite diaper right is Mother-ease Sandys because they finally gave us dry nights. My boy has a very fluffy bottom all around at night but he wakes up after 11 hours dry, dry, dry. My fav daytime diaper is probably smartipant – easy clean up and not too bulky.

  192. We use Gro Baby all day, with Bumgenius pockets for night. We love Gro Baby!!

    We’d love to have the blue stripe.

  193. I love my GroBaby Diapers!! They even fit my 47 pound 4.5 year old (had to have a model when I got them, right?) so I know they will last the diapering life of my baby.

  194. I haven’t actually adventured into the world of cloth diapering yet. But I am due to have our second little boy at the end of this month and have decided to cloth diaper him. I just feel that it’s the environmentally responsible thing to do, as I was disgusted to learn how long a disposable diaper remains in a landfill. I plan on using one size dipes, such as BG 3.0’s or the GroBaby’s so that I can get the most wear possible out of them. Oh, I would prefer the stripes for my little dude! Thanks so much!

  195. I love Grobabies. I have been using them on my baby since he was five months old. They are my favorite. I would LOVE the stripey one!

  196. I am currently using BumGenuis Bamboo fitted diapers along with indian bleached prefolds within a FLIP cover. I enjoy both methods but the bamboo’s would be my favorite.

    I am currently looking to invest in the Gro Baby system since my little guy is growing out of his bamboo’s.

  197. I love the GroBaby cloth diapers and I recently started using the Fuzzibunz, which are great too!

    I really like the flowered GroBaby!

  198. I am just in the process of researching cloth diapering. Haven’t tried any yet but I think the ones I have decided on are the gro baby one size fits all ones. Hoping to order some to try very soon! My son is 7 1/2 months so I’m a little late starting.

  199. Right now my favorite are the organic bumGenius. My son is allergic to polyester so the 100% organic cotton is wonderful for his skin.

  200. I love Gro Baby diapers. They are so soft, there are so many cute colors to choose from for their shells, and when needed, their bio soakers are easy to use when cloth diapering is a little challenging to do while traveling. And I prefer the stripes.

  201. I’m pretty new to cloth diapers, but so far we love Rocky Mountain Diapers. I like the adustable leg gussets and look of the chocolate version. I also like the abosorbancy and convenience of the Grobaby shells with snap in soakers. I would love to try a few more brands, preferrably Applecheeks, Katydids and Rumparoos.


  202. I love their stripey patterns. I haven’t tried the grobaby yet, but I’ve been seriously tempted to lately! I love my Flips, so I’d probably love these. Other than those my favorites are the BumGenius one size. They fit BOTH my boys, even though they are two years apart. Fabulous!

  203. It’s a tie for us between the GroBaby and one size BumGenius. I love that they are both convinient and comfy. The BumGenius work so great at night – they never leak! The GroBaby work great when we’re out and about because you just snap in a new pad and go.

    Stripes, please. 🙂

  204. Gro Baby and Rumparooz are my favorites! i love the simple use of the gro baby system and i love the gaskets and the ease for sleeping and naps of the Rumparooz.

  205. Our twin girls are due this summer, but after all my research I’m trying out grobaby to use on them! I’m really excited about our decision to CD and I think that the grobaby system is going to be a great option for us! Flowers for the girls! =)

  206. I am currently 6 months pregnant with my second child, but new to cloth diapering. I am switching to cloth for both environmental and health reasons for this baby. I have been researching extensively and have decided to go with a combination of Gdiapers and Grobaby diapers. I love the convenience idea of the hybrid diapers. We will be using washable soakers while at home and biodegradable inserts while on the go.

  207. I love my grobaby’s, OS and absorb the best out of any diaper i have tried. Love the stripeys 🙂

  208. I love grobaby. I like how they are made. The materials, the design and the flexibility. They can be used over time as well as have a ecologicial disposable option. They are a complete package. I haven’t tried anything else to have the comparision except prefolds. I also like the fun color/fabric options.

  209. I am 37 weeks along in my 3rd pregnancy! I used disposable diapers for my 2 other children. Recently we have been trying to live “greener” at our house. I did a little research on disposable diapers and feel guilty that I used them for 2 children already! I am planning to give cloth diapering a go this time in an attempt to help the earth and save money! Not to mention I think it will be healthier for the baby and help speed up potty training! I have done some research and talked to other moms and have purchased some Gro Baby diapers and BumGenius diapers to get started! I would love to have some more Gro Baby diapers-they seem like the easiest way to go! And since I have 2 boys already and this baby is a GIRL – I love the flower print!!!

  210. GroBaby is my absolute favorite cloth diapers and are my favorite to recommend to moms that are wanting to start cloth diapers because the hybrid system is soo grandparent/daycare friendly and the biodegradable inserts offer wonderful coverage! I personally LOVE the cloth inserts, they are easily washed and fit well into wahm diapers too.. they are very comfortable for that 8 month old chubby love of my life!

  211. We’re going to use cloth diapers because not only are they economical, but they are WAY cuter than disposables! Not to mention, there are no chemicals in them and they don’t cause diaper rashes! I love the flower shell!

  212. Right now my favorite is goodmama fitted with a thirsties cover. I have been wanting to try grobaby for a while now.

  213. I must confess: I am changing my whole stash of G diapers for Grobaby ones. OMG, they are the best!!

    I would looove the striped one! It’s so cute!

  214. I have recently fallen in love with Rainshine Designs. I have several of the one-size pocket diapers, and I love them because they are custom – I pick out print, insides, even snaps. They are trim, well made, sturdy, and super cute. Plus the pricing is the same or better than the regular pockets I buy retail.

  215. We are currently diapering our adorable 7 month old with the Gro Baby system and absolutely loving it! We love how the system is so versatile. We use the cotton soakers at home, compostable biosoakers on the go, and use a booster at night. We recently switched to cloth, and I wish we would have started sooner. We would love to win the flower shell set!

  216. I love Bottombumpers! USA made and organic cloth. They are super trim and side snapping. They work perfectly on our skinny 23 month old twins. My husband however loves GroBaby and since I like him on board with cloth, we have now purchased enough GroBaby diapers to diaper the twins and our 9 month old daughter. We have only been cloth diapering for about 2 months. I so wish we would have started with our 1st child, instead of 5, 6, 7. I can’t even begin to imagine how much money we would have saved. Oh well better late than never!

  217. We are loving Nicki’s Best Bottom Diapers right now. Loving the AI2 Option you can reuse the shells. We also use flats and Motherease One size when our teething Rashes pop up! We have a girl so the flowers are a Must have!

  218. We are brand new to cloth diapers, in fact I am still waiting for my shipment of Gro-Baby’s in the mail! Have been wanting to try out cloth for months and finally decided to go for it. I hear great things about them so can’t wait to get started and quit filling the landfills! Stripes over here for sure 🙂

  219. I have tried a lot of cloth diapers over the course of a year and my favorite by far is Gro baby. They fit my little girl so well and I have had no leaks. I would love to add another Gro baby to my stash. Thank you!

  220. I’ve tried many different kind… including my own. The one I like the most is, GroBaby. Yes, it does have its weakness (velcro going bad and soakers don’t get dried easily) but even if that, I love the fact that it’s well made, good all around. I love the fact that you can change just the soaker and reuse the shell a few times. I love the fact that it grows with your baby. My daughter’s been in it since birth (she’s almost 1!!) and it’s still in tact. As I mentioned earlier that velcro gone bad, it is fixed with the use of diaper pins, so no biggie. I LOVE those new one with prints, too. They are so adorable. I would love to have those flower one for my princess. Thanks! <3

  221. We’re dipping our toes into the cloth diapering world with our 7 month old. We’re trying to live greener and do better for her health, the environment and our budget. (those lovely flowers would look smashing on the little one’s tush)

    we’ve planted our veggie garden, recycle, compost next is cloth.

  222. I am looking forward to using cloth diapers with my new arrival coming in July. I believe the Gro baby diapers look to be the easiest to use with ther snaps and options for the bio-pads. I always said i would use reusaeable diapers when i had children, and am pleased with the selection out there.

  223. My favorite so far is all in ine Bum genius diapers. I have a three week old and the size xtra small fit great! I would love to have the flowers if I win. Thanks

  224. I have been cloth diapering for 14 mths now and believe it or not this is my 5th child!!! I wish I would have cloth diapered soooo much sooner. Anyways I currently use Grobaby and love it but want to try smartipants. I also have a couple Kushies ultra trims and they are great!! I’m not sure but I think I like alll cloth they are so cute and such a great savings on the environment!!!!

  225. I LOOOOOVE Gro Baby. Our go to diaper has always been Gro Baby. Its easy for daddy to change and its a lightweight solution for on the go. Gro Baby was our introduction to cloth diapering and what a great impression it made. Unlike AIO’s I love that Gro Baby has reusable shells and that the soakers can be dried seperately. This will definitely extend the life of the shells and with each wash and dry the soakers get more and more absorbant. I can’t say enough about Gro Baby…I heart Gro Baby! Now all they need is MORE PRINTS and MORE SOLIDS!!

  226. We use a combo of FB one-size, grobaby, and I just bought two thirsties fab fitted and I like that.

    My favorites for out and about are the grobaby shells with the ‘sposie inserts. THOSE INSERTS ROCK.

    Confession: we put FB and grobaby cloth inserts into the thirsties shells. We did that with the bummi’s shells also until he outgrew them. But we also EC so we don’t need a TON of absorption during the day.
    .-= Emily´s last blog ..Photoshop Thursday! =-.

  227. I love fuzzi bunz, smartipants and bum genius!

    I prefer to win the striped diaper for my little Aiden to wear on our

    Tahoe vacation this year!

  228. We started out with WAHM fitted and covers but the hubs doesn’t like that they get damp and snaps. We have just changed over to Grobaby and he is all on board with the cloth now. Damian would LOVE the stripe one to help add to his newly started grobaby collection. =)

  229. Since 2002 I have used so many types of cloth diapers.But I have finally figured out what I like the best.A cover with either a prefold or a contour or just boosters.With baby #7 ?I actually need to stuff hers a bit more than her sisters.We have also started using one size diapers.What I like about hem is she can wear them until she pt’s.What I don’t like for right now is the added padding in the front because I have to use the smallest settings.But it’ll pass so im ok with it.I like either design,i’m not picky.

  230. I LOVE Grobaby diapers. They are the only type of diaper I put on my daughter.

    Super easy to use and clean. Never had a leak.

    I’m looking forward to hearing what their rebranding to GroVia will mean, because I don’t want them to change.

  231. I love my bum genius diapers because they have a great fit and the fleece keeps my little man from complaining. I also like the dream ease for the trim fit and I have never had a leak! But it is missing the fleece and my baby complains as soon as he’s wet.

    I love the seaside stripe it is soooooo nice.

  232. LOVE gro baby diapers!!! they are the reason I use cloth!! I started with the bio soakers, b/c they decompose. Then I started using the cloth at home out of curiosity. It is soooo easy! Never thought I would be brave enough to be a cd mommy, but here I am. would LOVE the stripes

  233. My favorite diaper has to be a tie between the BumGenius Flip and Smartipants Pocket diapers. I love the Flip coz I have the option of choosing whether or not I want to use a cloth insert or a disposable insert and they fit my DD wonderfully. Smartipants will always hold a special place in my heart coz they were the first diaper I ever bought, they’re super easy to wash/dry/stuff, and they’re trim!

  234. I LOVE my GroBaby diapers! I also love my Dream-Eze fitteds, also by the Natural Baby Company…. I love that with GroBaby I get a high-quality one size diaper without all the extra laundry (therefore extra water and energy) that I had when I used pocket style diapers! We still have a few of those, but Gro Baby is 85% of our stash and what we always reach for first! We don’t have a blue stripes set yet though, so I would LOVE one of those- it would look great with my daughter’s big blue eyes…. I love how the stripes are pretty gender neutral! (the only downside to Gro Baby is now that we have what we need, I don’t get to shop for CDers anymore ;-(!!

  235. I am new to the whole cloth diapering thing. I have used disposable diapers with my first two kids, and as convienient as they are… when it comes down to a week with no money… you have to scrounge around to find money to buy more. With cloth diapers… you made the initial investment, that will defifnitley pay itself off in no time! =-) Also, i want to do my part to make this planet a cleaner, safer place. I know that one person cant save the world, but every little bit that everyone does counts. So in trying to make my ecologic footprint as small as possible, for this LO I felt that cloth was they way to go! =-) I would be happy with either color, but would prefer the stripe gro baby! =-) (Which just so happens to be the system that I have chosen to use!)

  236. I am currently using Grobaby, BG, Little G and ecobum. My favorite is the grobaby because it is way easier than the other and tab does not wear out.

  237. Gro baby are my favorite because they are SO easy to use!! Flowers would look super cute on baby Jovie!!

  238. Awesome! I converted to Grobabies 3 months ago and am still going strong with them! I love how trim they are compared to prefolds, and love that the shell can be reused a few times a day as well. Not to mention the fact that these will grow with my little guy is a major plus. Very economical, easy to care for, breathable, and the colors/prints they come in just seals the deal for me!
    .-= Katy Reiser´s last blog ..Personalize this Mug Cozy =-.

  239. We just started using GroBaby and I love them! This is my third child and my first cloth diapered baby. Im so glad we started and the GroBaby system makes it so easy. And the striped shell is so cute!!

  240. We LOVE our Gro Baby diapers! We have been using them for about 8 months. I am so glad we made the investment! 🙂

  241. I am a hard core bum genius fan, however over the last few months we’ve discovered Gro Baby and those are growing on me as well. 🙂 I love cloth first and foremost because it saves us a lot of money. After doing cloth for the last 2 years I can honestly say that it’s pulled me in and I’m hooked. I love that there is less waste. I love how cute the diapers look. I love doing diaper laundry. I love it all.

    And if I had to pick, I would say the flowers are super cute. I LOVE the stripes, but there is just something adorable about those flowers. 🙂 🙂

  242. I have haven’t cloth diapered enough to really know what I like and don’t like. But I’m starting to think I really like the pockets, and the 2-in-1 diapers. I LOVE a cute stripe pattern, but would love to see some more retro prints on some of the designs.

  243. I decided that I will do cloth no matter what it takes when I found out I was preggo . I was already doing the three R’s Recycle, reduce and reuse with a lot of other thing but this was the ultimate challenge because it might mean I have to wash diapers by hand.When I started researching cloth diapers it was confusing so much info I did not know where to start .Then I found G diapers which is just like using disposable but with a cover so I made up my mine .I was going to go with G diapers.After my daughter was born I found that because she was growing so quickly that this is not the option for us (because you have buy the next size ) and found Gro baby 🙂 Love them ! they grow with your child and they are organic wow can not beat that.When changing a diaper you just change the insert , so you have to buy as many cover as some other cloth diapers and they have the best prints .My washer gave out a few weeks back and I was able to wash them by hand .Very easy and here I thought this was going to be hard 🙂

  244. I think my favorite is my tiny tush elite pocket, it is so soft and absorbent and has an extra set of rise snaps to make it even more adjustable. I would love to try gro baby because I have no velcro dipes, if I won I would chose the stripy one for my little guy(-;

  245. I like Gro-Babies diapers. They are the only cloth diaper that I have used, as my baby is only 6 weeks old. I decided to use cloth instead of disposables because I just didn’t feel good about throwing all of those diapers away. It creates so much trash. But, I don’t know anyone who cloth diapers their child. So, I wanted to find something that I could use, get the environmental benefits, but wouldn’t scare off child care providers and my husband. They are so easy to use. I love them. I would love to win the flower pattern diaper. I need a few more covers to keep up with my baby. 🙂

  246. I am new to CD but I am sooo excited to start 🙂 I wanted to start with my lil man right away but listened to everyone else and decided against it. Now, I am listening to only me!!! He may be 7 months now, but it’s never too late to start right?! CD is a great way to help the environment and save money…what do I have to lose??? Well, I may be doing more laundry, but it will be worth it! I just got some Grobaby shells and cotton inserts in the mail (love the stripes!!!) and I am waiting for more. I can’t wait until they all arrive so I can wash them and use them already! So excited! 🙂

  247. I love the GroBaby diaper system! I love being able to snap in/out a new cloth insert or compostable liner, and so does my babysitter. I also have some FuzziBunz, SwaddleBees, BumGenius, and Bummi’s thanks to hand me downs from great friends and shower gifts. Some work better than others because my boy has skinny legs, but I think as he gets bigger they will work better. I also have a ton of the snap AOI diapers that work great. I recommend GroBaby quite a bit – I like the stripes.

  248. i love the prefolds from Bummies, as well the easy fit from them as well, they are super absorbent and soft, the covers for the prefolds are super cute.


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