Cloth Diaper Giveaway: GroVia and Bambino Mio! (Complete, winners drawn)

Good morning, sweet mamas.

This morning, we have for you…

The GroVia giveaway:

-1 all-in-one, one-size cloth diaper by GroVia (formerly GroBaby) in the color vanilla

-1 package of 12 GroVia reusable cloth wipes


-1 GroVia Magic Stick (all-natural diaper ointment)

The Bambino Mio Giveaway

One Newborn (up to 11 pounds) Bambino Mio Intro Kit, which includes:

-3 prefolds

-1 cover with a stars design

-50 liners

-miofresh laundry sanitizer
miointro kit

One Small (11-16 pounds) Bambino Mio Intro Kit, which includes:

-3 prefolds

-1 cover with a stars design

-50 liners

-miofresh laundry sanitizer

All you need to do to enter to win is leave a comment below with your preference (GroVia One-Size, Bambino Mio Newborn, or Bambino Mio Small). And if you feel like it, mention a memorable Mothering article–print or online. Besos!

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191 thoughts on “Cloth Diaper Giveaway: GroVia and Bambino Mio! (Complete, winners drawn)”

  1. GroVia OneSize. Can’t wait to see to see the new design. Love the article on cloth diapering in this past issue.

  2. I would love the GroVia one-size for my giganto-baby!

    And you expect us to choose ONE favorite??? There are so many fabulous articles, it would be impossible to just choose one!

  3. I’d love to try this new diaper in the one size please!

    I’ve not had enough money to renew my Mothering magazine so I cannot comment on my favorite article in recent months but one that I keep remembering over and over is about a woman who birthed her baby at home with family and friends around her and she sang and they sang and welcomed the new baby into happiness, singing and love!

  4. I’d love the GroVia!

    I’ve been reading mothering for 11 years now… I can’t think of a favorite article right off hand because there have been so many through the years- I love the encouragement I get from reading Mothering; that I’m not alone in my mothering journey.


  5. While we’re all good on the cloth front in our house, I’m trying my hardest to convince some friends to go cloth with their newest bundle of joy. The Gro Via diapers come in such cute prints (which I think new mama would be really excited about), so I would probably choose those if I won for some crazy reason.

    Keep giving ’em away though, and let’s spread the good word about re-usable diapers!!

  6. Bambino Mio small. I really liked the article I read the other day about potty training and how you should let your child decide when its time and just not discuss the issue : )

  7. Bambino small please!

    My 5 mth old is still only 12 lbs and swimming in my kushies 10-20lb diapies.

  8. Gro vita, yes. My favorite Mothering article is the cloth diaper comeback article. It helped me decipher the modern cloth diaper world.

  9. hello!

    Bambino Mio Small!

    I love seeing all the posts on facebook, they keep in in on things and also suprise me every once in a while!!

    Way to go!!

  10. Grovia one size. New to Mothering Magazine- but the cloth diapering article was PERFECT timing because we’re expecting #2, want to do something different in the cloth diaper department but didn’t know where to start!

  11. I’d love to win the GroVia one-size! I loved the articles about clothing diapering and ec-ing in the most recent issue, they were great!

  12. grovia.

    loved the cloth diapering article. it was very informative, wish i would’ve had a guide like that when i started. the options can be overwhelming when switching from disposables!

  13. Ooooh! I would be so happy to try the Bambino Mio Newborn! We knew we were CD parents from day one with our first but used sposies for a month to “adjust”. Pfffft! Never again! <3 Cloth! And we TOTALLY <3 <3 <3 Mothering!

  14. The bambino mio newborn for our little one on the way.

    I love reading through the Mothering forum. It’s great to see so many people’s perspectives on.. everything!

  15. GrowVia One Size! Never even heard of these! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try them!

    Fav article- hmmm well that’s a toss up between The Obento Boxes back last fall and whole first issue I ever saw way back in ’03 ;).

  16. The Grovia!!!

    I love the current cloth diaper article and also in my first issue of Mothering was the vaccine debate.

  17. I prefer the One Small (11-16 pounds) Bambino Mio Intro Kit but would be very happy with any of them!!!

  18. Hello! I would love the GroVia! I really enjoy the vaccine articles. I sometimes feel like I am the only person in world who is skeptical of vaccines and have to explain myself and my decisions for my daughter’s lack of vaccinations (though it truly is no one else’s business) to everyone. Mothering articles about vaccines always make me smile, give me a sense that I’m not the only one, and are nice to be able to show to others.

  19. GroVia One-Size – my little munchkin is too big for the others now!

    My most referenced and memorable article so far might sound silly, but it is the first article I ever read in Mothering. It wasn’t even a feature it was one of Peggy O’Mara’s “A Quiet Place” entries – The one titled “Does it hurt?” and was about natural labor/birth. I had JUST given birth to my first child, and at home at that. Finally I felt like there was “someone” (though it was a magazine) who could relate and at once reinforce my decision. I love Mothering Magazine with all of my heart.

  20. We would love the grovia set or the small bambino mio set! Getting back into CDing and would like to try different products to find out what we like! I found the recent CDing article to be really helpful!

  21. Gro-Via!! I would love to try these out. I’m thinking of coverting toc


    I loved the BabyWearing edition. I have 2 copies that I share with friends.

  22. I would love the Grovia one size and one of my favorite articles is the Vaccine debate, totally validated my point of view on vaccines

  23. I would love to have the newborn diaper. My favorite recent article was the one about the mom who had a party celebrating her daughters first period.

  24. I would love the GroVia! And there have been so many great articles, but I think my favorite was the article talking about developing the ability for babies to hold their breath and learn to swim as newborns. So cool!

  25. GroVia One-Size please! love all the articles, expecially the ones that make me feel like my parenting choices are normal in the larger context.

  26. Ooh ooh ooh! I can’t decide which would be better… I really want to try the Grovia but the bambino mio newborn would be more practical. I suppose practical wins!

  27. I would LOVE the newborn kit! I am just happy to receive mothering in the mail and devour it I LOVE all the articles 🙂

  28. I would love the Gro-Via giveaway! I LOVE that this past issue focused on cding. TOTALLY made my husband reconsider his resistance to me using them : )

  29. I would love to win the GroVia! The section on breastfeeding on your website was a lifesaver after my daughter was born!

  30. I would love the Bambino mio newborn kit.

    My favorite article ever is the home birth in the country with no doctors just mom, dad, and dog. Everything written in that article is exactly how my husband and I feel about birth. Its a natural process and our bodies were created to do it. Plus, we also feel that the two people who were there to create the baby should be the two there to bring it into the world. It was such a beautiful article. Thanks for publishing it.

  31. Grovia please. And my favorite article has been the vaccine debate. I still refer people to that article.

    Of course there are many fantastic ones… the last one about cloth diapers and EC was awesome, too.

  32. Yay for free diapers!! I’m always on the lookout for the ‘best’ cloth diaper.

    Love Mothering Magazine so much!! I read all stories and then pass it on to my cousin to read as well.

  33. I would love to try the Grovia onesize!!!! I can’t decide a favorite article, but I love reading the magazine!!!

  34. I LOVE the one-size cloth diaper by GroVia!!!

    Your article called “dad’s golden hour” (Jan-Feb 2010) is still one of my favorite articles….beautiful wording throughout but I loved this line, “I watched them jockey for position against my chest, listening to the whoosh of my heart, and how the cadence of the words and the conviction of my voice reverberated through a wall of ribs into their inner ears, down along their spinal columns, and deep into their sols.”

  35. I have many new and old favourites in Mothering mag.. a recent well loved one was the mother’s essay about listening to frogs.

    GroVia one size, if I’m lucky!

  36. I’d be super grateful for the Bambino Mio Newborn package!

    I really liked the Article about Homeschoolers that were never home 🙂 There have been SO many helpful articles though, and your advertisements are so carefully chosen and well crafted that i have as much fun looking through those as well 🙂

  37. Pick me! Pick me! I really can’t decide on a favorite article, either… Too many great ones to choose from and I LOVE reading the magazine 🙂

  38. LOVE the “Who Likes to Sleep Alone” article. Loved it! I prefer the GroVia! Do you know why they changed their name from GroBaby to GroVia?

  39. I would love either the small or one size kit! We’re going to have two babies in cloth diapers as of September! My daughter turns one in August & my new baby is due Sept 3rd. Not to mention our soon to be 3 yr old, but thankfull he uses the potty. 🙂

  40. I’d love to try the GroVia… I didn’t know they changed there name…

    I read the article about biomonitioring and breastfeeding online and found it really interesting 🙂

  41. One size plllllllllllllllllllllease! Article about son’s fascination with weapons really offered a new perspective. Also REALLY learned a lot from mom taking about her reconsidering how to approach and think about her daughter’s weight. Always GREAT!

  42. I could try the small or one-size. My baby’s coming anytime now and I have an 18-month-old still in diapers.

  43. I really love the Mothering community I just started receiving the digital edition of the magazine. This one has a whole section on cloth diapers which I think is great. We love the one Grobaby shell that we have, so I would love to try to Grovia all in one! What a great giveaway! 🙂

  44. I’m curious about Bambino Mio — I’ve been seeing the name but do not know anyone who has used them. I love my back issues and refer to them regularly, and especially one article especially called “Beat the Heat” about overcoming masitis naturally. Thank you!

  45. With baby number 3 coming in October, I would love the small Bambino Mio. I really enjoyed the article on Earth-Friendly Kids and sent it to many moms I know.

  46. Bambino mio newborn kit please, for our little one due in early Oct! As a mother and a holistic health practitioner, I ADORE Mothering magazine!!!

    Keep up the FANTASTIC articles! I am especially fond of topics like vaccine-awareness (exposing the dangers of vaccines), co-sleeping, breastfeeding…I could go on and on….

  47. I would love a chance at the GroVia….I’m just starting to cloth diaper my 10 month old! 🙂 (and LOVING it).

  48. I just had our second child and searching for new cloth diapers. I would love to try the GroVia diapers.

  49. GroVia – my little guy is starting to potty-train and will (hopefully) soon be out of dipes, but I am a sucker for a cute dipe!

    I love Mothering Mag and all the wonderful advice and support I feel I get from it. I just subscribed recently and feel like I found my “home.” 🙂 Thanks!

  50. I would love the GroVia one-size!

    My favorite article is archived online. I found the article with the Jewish woman who chose to not circumcise her son inspiring and a great place to start my research.

  51. Wow 🙂 I’d love any of them! We are expecting our second lil one in just a few weeks and planning on use cloth this time around. I don’t have much that will fit right away, so I guess it would be nice to try the newborn pack 🙂

  52. For me, I have never tried any AIO before so I would be

    Very grateful to try the Grovia one sized diaper.

    The article that I like the most is the one about extended breastfeeding

    I’m tired of people telling me to stop breastfeeding when my son turns

    A year old, this article has gave me so much motivation and

    Inspiration to keep on nursing until my son and I are ready to stop.

  53. I would LOVE the Bambino Mio Newborn kit! My husband and I are expecting our first born in August! I hope to set an example in South Florida where I don’t know any mommies that are cloth diapering (in our circle). Go green!!!

    Best wishes to all you Mama Bears out there!


  54. i would love the grovia one size diaper! i love all articles from mothering… my most recent favorite is the cloth diaper article from the last issue… it renewed my interest (and love) for cloth diapering! 🙂

  55. Gro-Via sounds nice! I’ve heard good things about these diapers but haven’t tried them.

    Mothering is my fav. Get the hard copy:)

  56. Mothering Magazine is my favorite publication, EVER! Everyone I’ve ever shared it with falls in love and ends up with a subscription 🙂 My favorite thing about Mothering is the innate maternal wisdom that seems to seep out of every article. This type of authenticity and fearlessness to write about subjects that are sometimes challenging to talk about is an inspiration to anyone who reads an article. Thank you Mothering for your commitment to us. Should I win the raffle prize, I’d love to try out the Bambino Intro Set for Baby #2 who is due to arrive in November!


  57. I love the GroVia brand…I would also love to try the bambino size small. Either one would be great. We just started cloth diapering and don’t have much yet.

  58. Grovia would be best please! My little chub of a son has passed the 17# mark and he’s only 6 months old!! I love it, breastfeeding him has been the best thing I have done for him 🙂 We started cloth diapers and we are doing the pre folds, has been fun! 🙂

  59. We would love to try the new GroVia! We just bought a subscription to Mothering, and so far we have been so appreciative of ALL the great info offered through Mothering!

  60. I will have two in cloth diapers coming October. We love cloth on our bum and wouldn’t have it any other way! Thanks for the chance to try something new!

  61. GroVia

    I’m new to Mothering Magazine as a first time Mom not due till Aug. But I’m excited to get an issue!

  62. grovia ,please

    there was an article a few years back on moms getting together to cook healthy meals while spending some good time together and then going their own ways to eat the prepared meal with their families. i loved the idea so much i started doing that with my mommy friends!

  63. Definately GroVia! I love the magazine, but found that the breastfeeding articles were really helpful when I was having difficulties. Thankfully we made it through the challenges and now have a healthy 8-month old breastfeeder!

  64. We would love the GroVia ONE SIZE PLEASE!!!! I read an article about public breastfeeding. Which brings to mind… Tonight on ABC “What would you do”. That is the topic what would you do if someone was talking down to someone publicly breastfeeding? Must see!

  65. The GroVia One Size would be prefect 🙂

    LOVE – love all the great discussion…what a bunch of wonderful Momma’s!

  66. GroVia One-size

    One of the articles that has stuck with me for a long time (since ’97, I think) was The $ value of the Stay at Home Mom. It showcased the importance of what Mom’s do.

  67. Grovia one-size

    I love the latest issue’s article on cloth diapering. I have slipped on cloth diapering and it motivated me to start back with my toddler and begin with my newborn.

  68. I’d use any of them, but the GroVia are actually on my registry for baby #3! Loved the articles on the dangers of too much soy – I share it with mommas and nonmommas alike!

  69. I would love to try the bambino size small. I’m a new subscriber to Mothering, and I really loved the cloth diapering article. It encouraged us to use cloth full time.

  70. We are planning to make the switch over to cloth diapers with our first baby this month! He is four months old so I think the GroVia would be the best for us! Thanks!
    .-= Jessica Beebout´s last blog ..great news! =-.

  71. GroVia!

    I loved the article on breastmilk and Mongolia. It gave me renewed passion and commitment to tandem nurse my 2yo and newborn.

  72. Wow I have always wanted to try the bambino diapers – size small would be perfect! We have a few different cloth diapers and I like different things about all of them. Really want to try something new though! I love Mothering!!!

  73. I would love the GroVia one size diaper! I especially liked the cloth diaper article in the May/June issue, and we always love Peggy’s recipes!!!

  74. I would love GroVia One-Size. Mothering magazine got me through my first pregnancy all natural and even inspired me and gave me the strength to home birth.

  75. I would love the Grovia.I thought this month extensive article on cloth diapering was awesome…and not just because my friend was quoted in it!!!

  76. I would love the one size GroVia.

    In this months mothering magazine there was an ad for “Soft Bums” with a picture of a mother and her son… There name was DeDe and Noah… I thought it was funny because thats my name and my youngest sons name and the baby was a little chunky monkey just like my Noah!!!!

  77. The new GroVia would be fun! Article: The Science of Sharing Sleep; and all the beautiful photo’s which accompanied the article. Jan/ Feb 2009! It was this issue, that made me fall in love with mothering magazine!

  78. I’d love the GroVia! I really enjoyed the article on cloth diapers. I share it with everyone I know!

  79. I’d be interested in the GroVia kit!

    And an article I recently enjoyed was back from 2003 about Treating Group B Strep.

  80. I’d be interested in the The Bambino Mio Giveaway to give to my cousin who is due in the Fall. I have been fortunate enough to use cloth with my son since he was born last April and now that two other cousins are adding to our family I want them to have the opportunity to go exclusively cloth and see the benefits, one in particular who has been trying for a LONG time to get pregnant.

    I loved the recent article on cloth diaper comparisons, it got me to buy a subscription as a gift for them.

  81. I would be interested in the GroVia package.

    My fave article that i have read recently is the one Dumping Disposable Diapers. (how fitting) We are a cloth only family with baby #3 but this article has become a link that I have been sharing with people that have questions.

  82. GroVia package please. Love everything in Mothering, but really enjoy the articles on co-sleeping, and love the nursing photos!

  83. GroVia One-Size

    My most recent fave article is the one on cloth diapering in the latest issue. It has convinced me to give it a try!

  84. I’d love to try GroVia’s all in one – I love AIOs!

    I’m touched each issue by all the pictures and comments from breastfeeding women in the letters to the editor section. I need to see positive breastfeeding families to keep me going on my own nursing journey.

  85. I would love the Grovia, especially for the magic stick!

    Baby #2 due today… We shall when baby wants to arrive.

    We did cloth for the first year for DD but would love to go longer this time.

    I love all your articles.

  86. I would love & enjoy the GroVia giveaway. As for a memorable article, I saw the cover of the Motheing Magazine with the articles Cloth Diapers, Grow your own gardening w/ your kids, and Go raw; thus, I just knew I ad to subscribe to this Magazine for I am certain there will be lots of memorable articles for me. Heck, the cover has already reeled me in and now Giveaway. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to all….

  87. My wife and I just started cloth diapering our two month old daughter. I would like to try to win the bambino Mio in small. We are trying different diapers to find which we like best.

  88. I would love the GroVia giveaway. Some of my recent favorites are The Vaccine Debate and How Infants Bond Through Smell. I love pretty much all Mothering articles on cloth-diapering and breastfeeding.

  89. I would love to try the Bambino Mio for my wee one on the way! The latest Cloth Diapering article in Mothering has inspired me to make the switch with my one year old. I’m so glad I got the little push I needed. Ciao!!

  90. Bambino Mio Small would be great for my wee Kora! Loved the ‘My house is not the kind of house for a homebirth’ article. My friend recently said this very thing to me and I found it so odd. This article explained it a little better than she did, and also showed how mama came to make it work. I sent my friend the link.

  91. I’d love the Grovia please. That should be perfect for my 6 month old, Jack who is growing like crazy. I love the article about Dumping Disposable Diapers. Its important that all of us get back to basics so we can live sustainably. After all, our mothers and grandmothers used them, right?

  92. I’d love to win the GroVia or the small Bambino Mio. My last baby was a 10 pounder so I better skip the newborn size 🙂

    I’m currently rereading the Bang Bang You’re Dead article about violence.

  93. I would love to try the GroVia! I am still telling everyone about Mayan Womb Massage- I know many women with trouble in that department and I’m really hoping it can help them out!

  94. I am a foster mom now caring for my 32nd baby in the past nine years. I usually have newborns, and I have recently begun cloth diapering as often as I can. I would love to try the GroVia diaper!

  95. I would love to share these diapers with my daughters the GroVia one size is perfect for my grandbaby.

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