Cloth Diaper Guide: Top 10 Picks from the Mothering Community

Mothering recently ran a fun reviews contest in our Diapering category and the response from the community was HUGE. It is clear that our mamas love cloth diapers!


So which diapers received the best reviews? We’ve pulled out 10 of the most highly rated cloth diapers to share with you here.


Check them out and then head over to our Diapering reviews section to find a ton of additional feedback on a wide range of diapers and supplies!



Charlie Banana 2 in 1 Size Diaper


Review from member “mummamal”


Pros: Easily adjustable, wash beautifully, moisture-wicking.


Cons: Some leaking on the sides


We used these with both our babies. They wash up wonderfully and don’t hold a smell — I toss them in a bucket of water and vinegar then into the wash with a regular load–everything comes out great and clean. They don’t stain very easily either. We use the small until about a year then switch to the mediums. The snaps make for easy adjustments as Baby grows, and unlike other diapers we’ve used, the kid has a much harder time getting the diaper off than Velcro closures. (LOVE the snaps.)


As far as the leaking, my daughter didn’t have this problem quite so much — every now and then I’d let her go a little too long, but nothing else. My son on the other hand pees more than any baby I’ve ever met in my life. I think if the inserts were just a tad wider (and you have to be careful here because you want them to fit easily) the problem would be easily fixed. As it is, I just triple him up at night rather than double and if I know we’re going a long time between a change — which is rare — I double him up. That pretty much takes care of it.




Econobum Diaper


Review from member “miswesterer04”


Pros: Great value, durable, soft elastic, one size fits all


Cons: Only available in white, though variety of trim colors is nice; thin fabric


I purchased this cover to use as a back-up during a buy-one get-one sale and ended up liking it much more than expected — it is not a second choice but a go-to. The rise and waist snaps come in enough settings that the cover is very adjustable and my baby has been able to get a very good fit as she has grown over the last 11 months. I love that the rise snaps fasten easily and don’t come undone!


The Econobum cover does not include any internal/double gussets but the adjustability allows it to contain EBF blow-outs pretty well. I love that it is possible to get a snug fit without leaving any marks on baby’s skin. The fabric is thin, which makes it less opaque than other covers, but that makes the


Econobum is softer, more flexible, and more breathable than some others. I have a small stash and launder frequently, but my Econobums look almost like new. When I made a laundry mistake that weakened my other waterproof covers, the Econobums were the only ones to remain unchanged. I really didn’t expect them to be this durable.


While this cover is probably meant as a frugal workhorse rather than a fashion statement, I think the Zinnia and Midnight trims are actually very cute!





Kawaii Baby One Size Diaper


Review by member “jody2010”


Pros: Good fit, good for big babies, durable, cost-effective


Cons: Can’t think of any that are specific to this brand


I bought a dozen Kawaii baby one-size pockets in snaps after doing a lot of research, and I must say that all those positive reviews for this diaper are right! I bought these diapers for their larger dimensions that fit bigger babies, as well as their cost. The microfiber inserts are easy to clean and dry quickly even when line-dried. They contain blowouts much better than disposable diapers!


We used them everyday for at least an year and they held up very well. I did not put them in the dryer, but I don’t think that would make much difference to their durability because they are built well. Yes, there were a few split seams and some pilling when we were done with these but that is normal wear and tear. There was no problem with the snaps though, and they lasted well. Overall, I think these were an excellent buy and I would recommend these diapers in a flash to anyone!





Bumkins Cotton Premium Prefold Diaper


Review by member “katy8ug”


Pros: easier than you think! multi-use


Cons: not the cutest


If you are new to CDing and want to give it a try start with these!! They are much easier to use than you think – YOUTUBE a couple of instructional videos to calm nerves. I love how versatile they are. They can be used as CDs, burp cloths, wipes, and dusting towels for around the house (LOL)!


They are very affordable and therefore I’m not apprehensive to use bleach when slight stains happen (makes me feel comfortable switching from CD to burp cloth also). My only con is they really aren’t very cute. You can spend more money and look into covers but i’m not a fan of spending on covers just for looks.








Thirsties Diaper Cover


Review from member “katroshka” 


Pros: Last a long time, few leaks, breathe well, seem comfy


Cons: velcro doesn’t last long


I love these! I got a couple each of a lot of different covers, including some newborn sized, not knowing which I would like. These were by far my favorite, even over the newborn size ones, and my baby wasn’t big, 7 lbs 5 oz. She is now 6 months and about 15 lbs, and still has lots of room. I have a couple of the velcro, but much prefer the ones with snaps. They seem like they will last a long time, and I think they are more comfortable for baby.


They only leak pee when the diaper is completely saturated, I’ve never had a leak otherwise. Runny newborn poop leaked sometimes, but had fewer leaks with these than any of the others I tried. Since her poop has gotten stickier we very rarely have a blowout, the gussets work amazingly well. They seem to breathe pretty well, much better than the 7th generation disposables we’ve used on camping trips. Since they last for so long, I think the value is great, much better than any others I tried.





Bummis Super Whisper Wrap


Review by member “fayebond”


Pros: durable, inexpensive, CUTE


Cons: high learning curve, velcro wear, size issues


Bummis wraps were my absolute favorite of the wrap-prefold-snappi system.  Durable- they last like nothing else.  Easy to use as far as prefolds go, and lots of room in there for extra stuffing at night.  We had a few issues with the velcro, and sizing it right was hard because the size is written in small font on the tag on the back.  But the deal breaker was the whole prefold system is a bit much to ask of my DH.


The prefold system is essentially, every few days, lay down the wrap, fold a cloth diaper insert, layer another microfiber insert, and wrap around the baby. Most of the time you can just change out the inserts (insert singular if you prefer) and wipe the wrap itself with a wipe.  You have to make sure that you have the right size wrap, that its tight but not too tight around the baby, that it stays clean/poopless,and that there is no cloth diaper part sticking out of the wrap. I did this for others while babysitting in college and never had a problem.  DH (Dear Husband), on the other hand, well this was way too complicated for him, so he always used paper when he did the changing at this stage of our cloth diaper use.


Would recommend for anyone looking at a prefold system.  It worked great while it lasted. I used these during the day and when DH was away on business trips and really loved how well they held up.




bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diaper 4.0


Review by member “asteph”


Pros: great fit, no leaks


Cons: on the expensive side


I love my bum genius 4.0’s! They are a trim fit and we have never had a leak.  We use have used them for the past two months on my 4.5 mo old.  She is super long and thin so some diapers just don’t work well for us.


I just wish they offered more pattern choices.  I thought I would get tired of stuffing pockets but they are so much quicker to dry than all in ones.  I like the BG inserts and have not yet had to double up whereas I have with others.





Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper


Review by member “mamabrooklyn”


Pros: Easy to use, holds up great, warranty


Cons: cost per diaper, child can quickly grow out of size



We’re huge fans of the perfect size Fuzzi Bunz because they fit our child very well. Lucky for us, she has only needed size small, and now size mediums [and fits both!] at 15 months of age now.


The company will cover elastic & snaps under warranty- but you must have a receipt or way to prove when the diaper was purchased if anything goes wrong. We have never had issues with leaks, and when our daughter has gotten rashes [very few!] we just used a fleece barrier on the diaper to avoid cream on the diaper. Easy to clean & use!







Flip Diaper


Review from member “theetieri”


Pros: NEVER leak, can be used with cloth or disposable inserts, reusable without washing


Cons: it doesn’t come in more colors, change more frequently


This diaper is my favorite for being out and about or traveling. I hate lugging bulky cloth diapers around doing errands, but this system works  more like sposies. We use the cloth inserts at home, which have to be changed more frequently than reg. cloth unless you double the inserts (for older babies/toddlers).


When we go out, we use g disposable inserts in a flip cover. It made life so much easier!! We lived at Walter Reed Army Medical Center while my daughter was 8-12 bc my husband was hurt in Iraq. We lived in a hotel room and had to share laundry facilities with the other families on our hall, which made washing cloth diapers difficult. I was so relieved when we got these!





Mother-Ease One-Size Cloth Diaper 


Review by member “charityj”


Pros: Incredible absorbency, lasts through multiple children and multiple stages


Cons: sometimes messy to clean, a tad big for newborns


This was the longest-lasting diaper for both of my children. I used the same 24 diapers from infancy all the way through toddler nighttime use for both of my children. And I bought them used, so by the time I passed them along to my friend for her baby, they’d diapered five children from birth to underpants … and were still going strong!


My daughter was a heavy nighttime wetter as a toddler, and a Mother-Ease with snap-in insert (covered with a ProRap Classic) never failed us. They worked better for us than the super-absorbent nighttime disposables. They hold in poo incredibly well, and they don’t take long to dry, especially considering how absorbent they are. We did EC with my second, and we used these without the insert and without a cover at home during the day. The snaps made them easy to put on and easy to take off for potty stops. I also love how compact they folded for taking along in the diaper bag.




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  1. Same old same old. There are just so many “smaller” brands selling often superior products, but this list is a compilation of the well known brands.
    I am not necessarily talking about Etsy either, but independent, small businesses rarely make these lists which is a real pity. Particularly because they are usually run by women.

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