Cloth Diaper Matchmaker for Mamas in Need?

Dear Mamas,

Please tell me what you think of this idea. In the course of reading comments I have been very touched by hearing from women who want to cloth diaper but are really low on funds and can’t afford to get that stash together.

If you have some cloth diapers that your baby has grown out of, would you be interested in being matched up with a cloth diapering-wannabe mama who is in need of receiving some? I’d be willing to put you in touch with each other. Let me know.

UPDATE: What a great response! So far I’ve matched up 27 mamas in need with awesomely generous cloth diaper donors! I still need cloth diapers, though, if you have any to donate.

I am still trying to help moms find the following:

-a mama with an 8-month old who has only six diapers

-cloth diapers for a petite 17-month girl baby

-pocket diapers for a 10 month old who is 20 lbs. (I was able to connect her with a donation of 2 diapers but would like to send her more)

-medium or 1-size for a 20-lb girl

-cloth diapers for a 2-year-old girl

– diapers for an 11 month old, could also use a wet bag : )

-18 month old who is 23 months

-6 month-old boy who is 13-15 lbs.

-8-month-old boy

-and several expecting mamas

There are some more mamas that I have to put on my “needing” list but I’ve connected all of the new donor mamas with mamas in need. So please donate if you have cloth diapers to give. Email me at [email protected] or leave a comment with a description of the cloth diapers you have available.

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