Cloth Diaper Matchmaker for Mamas in Need?

Dear Mamas,

Please tell me what you think of this idea. In the course of reading comments I have been very touched by hearing from women who want to cloth diaper but are really low on funds and can’t afford to get that stash together.

If you have some cloth diapers that your baby has grown out of, would you be interested in being matched up with a cloth diapering-wannabe mama who is in need of receiving some? I’d be willing to put you in touch with each other. Let me know.

UPDATE: What a great response! So far I’ve matched up 27 mamas in need with awesomely generous cloth diaper donors! I still need cloth diapers, though, if you have any to donate.

I am still trying to help moms find the following:

-a mama with an 8-month old who has only six diapers

-cloth diapers for a petite 17-month girl baby

-pocket diapers for a 10 month old who is 20 lbs. (I was able to connect her with a donation of 2 diapers but would like to send her more)

-medium or 1-size for a 20-lb girl

-cloth diapers for a 2-year-old girl

– diapers for an 11 month old, could also use a wet bag : )

-18 month old who is 23 months

-6 month-old boy who is 13-15 lbs.

-8-month-old boy

-and several expecting mamas

There are some more mamas that I have to put on my “needing” list but I’ve connected all of the new donor mamas with mamas in need. So please donate if you have cloth diapers to give. Email me at or leave a comment with a description of the cloth diapers you have available.

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118 thoughts on “Cloth Diaper Matchmaker for Mamas in Need?”

  1. I have a stash that needs good home. I want them to go to someone that is serious about cloth diapering though, not someone that will turn around and sell them.

  2. I would LOVE to do this! I have a stash that I’m getting ready to sell but the velcro is full of lint and they still close just fine but not well enough to sell. BUT they are great diapers (one size, pockets, girl colors) and could be used for another two years or so. So, yeah- I’d be happy to match up with an in-need mommy

  3. Yes, it would be a sucky, bad-karma-inducing thing to do–sell donated cloth diapers! I guess sometimes we have to let go and trust the universe, since there’s no real way for me to monitor that. –Candace

  4. That would be an awesome idea cause I am one of the mommas who wants to do cloth diaperong but just don’t have the funds Right now.

  5. I would love to be matched up with someone who could help me out, and I would of course love to pay it forward as my little man grows out of the diapers he’s in… I’m also working on getting together some material to make cloth diapers and wrap slings.

  6. This is a wonderful idea! I would have started cloth diapering a long time ago if not for the initial cost. I only have a couple as it is. I would love to be on the list of mamas in need. Not only that, but I would be willing to take extra good care of any diapers given and pass them along to the next mama once my daughter is potty trained.

  7. I would LOVE to be cloth diapering, but haven’t been able to as of yet. I would be very appreciative if anyone would like to share to help get me started! I have a 9 month old boy who is about 17 lbs. Thank you, thank you!

  8. I would love this! Husband is active duty military and money is really tight. Expecting baby #2 and we are really wanting to cloth diaper 100% but I am only able to buy one here or one there for our stash and our baby girl is due in 5 weeks… eek

  9. I would love to be on the receiving end of this! WHat a great idea! My little girl has such sensitive skin and gets such bad diaper rash all the time, but yes, the initial investment is a lot!

  10. I would LOVE to be on the receiving end of a list like this!

    I was just doing a google search on the different types and have no idea where to start! Trying out some before we purchase would help out so much!

  11. I would love to be matched with someone willing to pass down their stash and I would of course pass them on when we no longer need them. This could be amazing for so many moms, the givers & recievers. I am always so thrilled to find a good home for my daughter’s gently used baby items!

  12. I have a few that could be passed along. Some are in great shape, others are downright terrible looking but work really well! Most are medium sized fitted diapers and I have a couple of gdiaper items!

  13. I could be on both ends of this- as my little man is growing out of a lot of his stuff BUT we can’t afford to get him into the bigger sizes! At the moment we are just making do by squeezing him into what we have and hoping for the kindness of friends and strangers.

  14. I would love to receive cloth diapers from a willing donor. My husband just took a new job and we’re not able to afford cloth right now. I’m very sad because we were planning to go that route until recently. I have a 2-month-old girl and a 19-month-old boy. Thanks to all those mamas who want to help!

  15. I offer my newborn kushies! Have probably 15!

    Would be really cool if someone set up a diaper recycle page of some sort!

  16. Yes! Also, what about diaper trading? I would be willing to trade my too small cloth for larger cloth! Baby boy needs some bigger sizes, but we are low on funds…..I really only need covers – sz lg, bc I have plenty of fitteds and prefolds….willing to trade sz small thirsties in great condition, boy colors, and handmade new born AIO’s, boy colors.

  17. I would love if you could help me out. I have a few cloth but not enough so I have to do a wash in the middle of the day lol just to have enough and then one at night. I my boyfriend and I are out of a job and our son is a HUGE 11 week old. he is only getting bigger. I would totally pass them on when he was potty trained

  18. I’m willing to donate some of my cloth diapers. I have some one-size bamboo Kiwi Pies (and Bummis covers, mostly in more feminine prints and colors) and some Gro-Babys. We are on a well and the water is pretty hard, so there has been some graying and staining. Even though stained, the diapers are well-washed. A few good washes in softer water and some time in the sun drying could probably help a lot.

  19. Can I add myself to mama in need list? I’m expecting a boy in September, never used CD before with my older 2 boys. I’m searching to buy some, but there are so many styles and they are so pricey, even used. If any mamas willing to pass along their stashes that would be great. I will donate anything we can’t use. I can pay for shipping of course.

  20. I have a few small/er AIO and Pocket I can donate. Let me know. I would be happy to donate to someone truly in need as opossed to someone who wants to sell them 🙂

  21. I have 5 Kushies fitted diapers I can pass on to a mama who could use them. They aren’t my favorites but still very usable.

  22. I would love to have my bean in cloth diapers…but just don’t have start up $$$…she’s a petite 17 month old. Who can I contact?

  23. I know I could really use some.. I had to leave my job because of having to go on bedrest and I didn’t qualify for maternity or medical because I haven’t been working there that long. We have had to put or vehicle up for sale so we can pay our rent. I have cloth diapers for my 2 year old, she isn’t potty trained yet, but I have a new baby coming in september and have nothing to fit a newborn, and I really can’t afford to buy any. Some free classified ad sites have mamas that have some for sale but I still can’t afford to pay 125 bucks for 10 used diapers. I do have 1/2 dozen bummis prefolds in the large size ( we don’t use the prefolds ) that are fully prepped but unused that I could give to someone who can use them. I have also been trying to find a sewing machine somewhere to I can make my own as well.

  24. I would love to be on the receiving end, if possible! My little girl has been having so many diaper rashes! I have not been able to get the $$$ together for the initial investment. I know they’re cheaper in the long run, but I just can’t manage it. She’s already 25 pounds (about 14 months old). Thanks!

  25. I would love to get help with cloth diapers. My son is 8 months old and weighs 20lbs. Right now I have 6 bumgenius diapers so i’m only doing cloth diapering part time because I don’t have enough. I want to buy more but don’t have the money right now. I would also love to give mine away when he out grows them. This is a great idea

  26. When I am done with my stash, I’d give them away; as it is, I’m a year away from starting to try for #2; just this morning I’ve lent my entire 0-3 month or so stash to an old friend who lives 400 miles away. She’s due in August, so I will probably not get them back until next spring or summer. But as she’s out of work and her husband is in post-doc, I couldn’t resist the offer to loan them. Money is tight, and better her child use them than have them sit in a box in my attic, unused. But after I’m done with kids? Yea, I’d donate them if I didn’t personally know someone who needs them.

  27. I’d like to participate. My little one is just about done with his diapers and they are in pretty good shape. Some fraying but that’s about it. Great idea!

  28. I would love to try cloth diapering. I thought I was going to when I first found out I was pregnant, but after much research, I just got so overwhelmed, and the savings vs the initial out-lay of cash didn’t seem to have a high enough cost benefit for me. If someone has a few they are willing to spare, just so I can try it, I would love to become a convert. I have 10 mo old baby girl who is 19lbs and 28″. I have been entering the give-aways, but no wins yet.

  29. I CD and we have no money. Like, people’s jaws would drop at what we live on. But a friend of mine who tried CDing and didn’t like it gave me 7 pockets (6 BG 3.0 and one HH) that had only been used like one or two times! I bought Coolababy’s on ebay for $6/diaper, and acquired a few used diapers here and there off of for no more than $5.50/diaper. I bought most of our wipes used on DS as well (recently made some of my own). So, while I don’t have as many diapers as I’d like (just can’t afford it), I’m here to say that if you work hard and watch boards like a hawk, CDing on nearly no budget can be done. No, you’re probably not going to find BG or FuzziBunz for $5-$6/diaper even used, but you can find Haute Pockets, no-brands, Kawaii Baby, Coolababy’s etc. And I love all of mine. I certainly have some I favor, but I’m so pleased with my small stash.

  30. I should add that I bought ALL one size diapers so that I could use them the entire time DD is in diapers. That in an of itself is a way to save a lot of money. We converted when she was about 5 months, and she’s still wearing the same diapers at 17 1/2 months.

  31. I want to be a donor, but at a later date! We’re not done cloth diapering yet. My husband and I have discussed this type of thing before, and definitely think it’s the right thing to do to donate our diapers to another family, or multiple families, when our kids no longer need them. We are 100% definite donors, just not today. We really hope this will be an ongoing project.

  32. This is wonderful idea…I currently only own two diapers, and we only use them at night because of it. I’m trying to save up for a stash for DS2 due in August, but haven’t had much fear I will be in the same boat, not enough dipes/money to do it full time.

  33. You can often find inexpensive used cloth diapers and covers at children’s resale stores, garage sales, thrift stores etc. Ask at social service agencies. Local children’s stores in my area donate diapers to family service non-profit organizations that redistribute to families. You can also fold up anything absorbent to use as a diaper if you have a couple waterproof covers on hand. Try towels, t-shirts, receiving blankets etc. If you have a sewing machine you can refine recycled materials into fancier styles. Tell everyone you talk to (friends, relatives, cashiers, bank tellers) that you are looking for cloth diapers, often someone has a bag of items stashed away or knows someone who does. And pass your child’s diapers on; a simple gift of a bag of used diapers will save a family thousands of dollars. Cloth diapers don’t have to be expensive.

  34. I am really thankful and grateful right now after recieving an amazing email.. I would like to offer up 1/2 bummis organic prefolds, that are fully prepped but not used ( my husband won’t do it, lol anc urrently he does all the changing around here ) there are only 6 of them, but I would love to give them to someone who can use them.. and again, thanks so much Jamie and Candace…

  35. I have some infant prefolds I could pass on but i am in need of large fitted/onesize for my dd with sensitive skin ans large breathable covers

  36. There’s already a service that does this, it’s called Miracle Diapers. I’ve donated to them and I’ve had family members who have received donated diapers. It’s really a wonderful program.

    oops, I just googled it since it’s been a while and Miracle Diapers has since changed it’s name to The Cloth Diaper Foundation.

  37. I am in need of any type of pocket diaper. I have the cloth to stuff them with but after doing cloth with 7 kiddos my covers are shot. I am due with our 8th in Aug and was thinking of making covers but have no skill. Any pocket diapers people need to find a home for would be used and loved here.

  38. I would as well love to be on the receiving end of this. I have a 10 month old daughter.. I have been using disposable because I couldn’t come up with the money for cloth to begin with but am really wanting to use cloth diapers for the remainder of the time and for my next children!! I would love to take some off anyone’s hands..

  39. We have a huge box of cloth diapers that were very gently used when we bought them, but I never used them. My husband boxed them and wrapped them up to be sent to an orphanage in Haiti for Christmas but then the earthquake struck. I just worry that the box would never make it to those in need, and would be willing to reconsider shipping & get them to a Mama in need here. Put me on the list of Mama’s who could Help…

  40. I am in desparate need of some 10-20lb range covers. My diapers are getting thread bare but I bought some doublers to get me through. I just can’t afford to buy more covers and my plastic pants are falling apart…Only have 1 kushies cover.

    I do have some 20-40lb kushies that I could pass along to someone in need. my son only wears em at night and hardly ever wets them and my daughter is so petite I doubt she’ll ever wear them! I bought them for my first daughter but she trained within a month of being in them and my other son never wore them so they’re basically new despite being 4 kids old. I know I have twice as many as I need. Could probably part with at least 10.

  41. Here’s a link to several organizations that help get babies into cloth diapers: is a great place to find reasonably priced and even free dipes sometimes. I’ve noticed that there are many generous mamas that are willing to give away parts of their stashes for the price of shipping only (FFS). That may also be a great help to some of the mamas that are trying to cloth diaper but just don’t have the cash to pay full price for them.

    I hope that this helps :o)

  42. What would help bring me over to cloth? If I could purchase a sampler of say 5 or 6 different diaper types/styles from different companies, figure what works best for hubby and I, and then make the investment.

    I know I can order single diapers but it would just be so much easier to purchase a sampler. We attended a baby show a few weeks ago and looked at diapers from at least 7 different companies. All were different. I had gone with the intention of finally deciding, and just left more confused then ever.

    What I need is to try different types/styles/brands in action for the first 6-8 weeks, figure out what works and then make the commitment.

    I loved the article in “Mothering”; but still did not walk away being able to choose. The more I read the more confused I get. For me it’s not as much about the initial investment, it’s about making the wrong decision, and wasting the money.

  43. they all ready have them out there here is one a non profit the cloth diaper foundtion is what it is called

  44. I am in need of newborn diapers. I’m due in July with a baby girl. I am cloth diapering my 18 month old son now, and have some one size diapers for the new baby, but I know those don’t usually fit until 10-12 lbs. My hubby has been laid off since 2 weeks before Christmas, so its hard talking him into the intial expense of everything. I buy one here and there, but probably won’t have enough newborn ones and I’ll have to use sposies. ICK!!! 🙁 If someone has any newborn ones, let me know and I’ll cover shipping and more if its not too much!!! Thanks so much!!!

  45. I am actually a mom in need. I have a few cloth diapers that didn;t fall apart while CDing my older daughter, but we didn;t start with her until she was 9 months old. We’re expecting a baby in Sept, and my hubby lost his job in feb, and I can’t work due to several complications (and 3 kids at home). we don’t know what we’re having, but we have only a few fitteds and I think 2 covers for the baby. We have big babies. All usually 9 pounds or over. If the baby is a boy, I will have some girly dipes I can maybe donate at that time.

  46. I think this is a great idea and will be happy to pass on parts of my stash as I no longer need them. I also encourage parents to search out deals for used diapers online and in real life. If you spend a little here and there you can get together a nice stash. I had given away all of our diapers right before we found out about #2. so I scoured eBay and craigslist and ask friends. Over the course of the pregnancy I have collected all we need to start and some one size that will last us. My feeling us that if you can manage to buy disposables than you can budget a way to CD. It just takes a little work and frugality.
    .-= Nicole J´s last blog ..Book Review: Partnership Parenting =-.

  47. This is a great, great, great, thing you’re doing! How do we sign up as a “momma in need”? My 4th baby is due in July so that will put me with 2 in diapers. My 18m old little girl is 23lbs and our little dude is due in July. My BFF is also CDing her newborn son and is also in need of CDs! I’ve tried finding stuff on diaperswappers for us but never have any luck – or when I do, the shipping is crazy high! Being able to connect with a momma that has some to spare would be fantastic!

  48. I have some diapers I’d be willing to give to someone in need. Not sure of the sizes but there are some Swaddlebees and covers, probably medium. I also have a couple of small Fuzzi Bunz that are in good shape but will need some new elastic (they were not stored in a climate controlled place). I don’t have much but I could help someone a little bit!

  49. i would love to donate a stash for shipping. I would love to be contacted by another military family if possible. I have wayyyy too many diapes

  50. We just started using cloth diapers and I purchased a few covers off consignment thinking that we were going to use a diaper service, but I ended up liking the AIOs better so I have 3 covers (pink patterns) that I would be glad to pass on!

  51. I too would love to be on the receiving end. Had a handful of Bum Genius AIO when my daughter was a babe but her daycare didn’t allow cloth so I never got into it. Still interested now that I am home and not working right now. I have a 8 month old son, but sold my stash from my daughter in Marketplace about a year ago.

    What a great idea!

  52. I’m due in July with a baby girl. I would like to cloth diaper, but can’t afford to due to my husband losing his job. I don’t have anything for cloth diapering. My mom is in the process of making some wipes out of old receiving blankets for me as I can not sew to save my life! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  53. We just had our first son and we’d love to participate in a CD matchmaker program. We’d love to cloth diaper but just can’t afford the whole set up right now. We’ve started buying a couple of one-sized diapers here and there, but our little peanut came almost 4 weeks early and won’t fit into anything we have for much longer than we expected. We can’t afford to go back to the drawing board, so for now we’re stuck in yucky ‘sposies. I’d be happy to pass any newborn sized dipes we received on to another mama in need after we used them.

  54. I am interested in being listed as a ‘mama in need’ if possible. I’ve got a little boy who was born almost 2 months premature and we are still working on paying hospital bills… He’s now a healthy 6 month-old and is in the 13-15lbs. range, thank goodness! I’ve only got a couple covers and have been using a friend’s newborn size prefolds which he’ll outgrow soon. Appreciate any help we can get. Thanks!

  55. I would love to participate in this program! I have purchased a couple of diapers but no where near what I will need to diaper a newborn. I am due 10/10/10 and am very excited to cloth diaper…however, we are not financially able to come up with the $ to have a capable stash. I would be happy with anything….prefolds, covers, pockets, anything. Anything is better than nothing 🙂

  56. I have some cloth diapers but have to use disposibles while my daughters cloth diapers are in the wash. I’d love to cloth diaper full-time! She’s about 22 lbs. We also have a baby boy due in October. I’ve registered for some cloth diapers but no one really understands why I want to cloth diaper. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Blessings!

  57. I only have 6 diapers for my 8 month old, and we cannot afford to do more right now. I could really use the help. I worry about going back and forth from cloth to disposable so I hope I can find a generous momma to help me out soon.

  58. I have wanted to CD for so long but like you said, haven’t been able to afford it. If anyone has any diapers for a 23lb 18 month old, I’d greatly appreciate them…..and be sure to pass them along when I am finished! This is an awesome program btw!


  59. I would love to get more diapers! I only have enough for 1 day. So essentially, I am wasting money having to wash/dry every day. Plus, I have to buy disposables because I don’t have enough for overnight. 🙁 I am in love with pockets! Can anyone please help me? I will be forever grateful!!! <3

  60. This is such a great idea! I would love to participate! Unfortunately, I would have to start on the receiving end. I’m due any day with our second baby boy. I REALLY want to cloth diaper, but we haven’t been able to come up with enough money to get our stash started what with everything else we’ve had to buy for baby. Cloth diapering is not very common where I live, so there really isn’t any hope of finding anything secondhand locally. I have checked several boards and websites that sell used CD, but I usually end up missing out or they’re still just too expensive. I am dedicated to making CD work if I could just get my stash started. And I would be totally willing to pass on any CD I end up with to another Mama in need.

  61. hello! i have been cloth diapering for 3 mos. and love it. i use cloth wipes too! it has been a wonderful experience so far, but i don’t have enough. i currently have 8 gro baby diapers that i bought during one of the natural baby companies second sales. i would love to increase my diaper supply because i don’t have enough to cloth diaper all the time and with a 5 year old, husband, 11 month old, and pets, its really hard to wash the diapers every day. if someone has some diapers that they would be willing to donate, i would be so appreciative. . i would NOT ever turn around and sell these. i would actually be more than happy to return them to the orginal owner after use is they so desired. i’m not sure if anyone really would want to do that, but hey, the offer is open. also, i would love another wet bag, -i’m learning it gets a little dicey when the one i currently have is in the wash! any help would be so greatly appreciated!

  62. I would love to participate. To have someone help us out with this new endeavor would be a great blessing! Please let me know if it is possible for me to get hooked up with a gracious mama who can help provide cloth diapers.

  63. I have a medium fleece wrap and a brand new (made by me) fleece pull-up soaker in medium. both will probably fit the 10 month olds.

    I also have a new fleece wrap made by me, that would either fit the 24lber or the petite toddler.

    get in touch with me and let me know if I can help.

  64. Thanks to all who mentioned our organization! CDF is now open for applications. One problem we are trying to curb is some mamas trying to take advantage of multiple services. We welcome applicants, but we will also be checking here to make sure OUR applicants aren’t double dipping (or vice versa). This is a great opportunity and I would hate for people to be taking advantage of it!

  65. It looks like I received an email from someone about cloth diapers that went to my junk folder which I deleted before I could read it. I can’t find it and I would really appreciate any donations! You mamas are so generous to be willing to donate that I don’t want anyone to think I was ignoring an email.

  66. What an awesome site. I am looking for cloth diapers, size medium or one size, baby girl,20lbs. Anything will help!

  67. I wanted to add, we have been cding for a few months. We have the gerber prefolds now and 5 covers so I am washing like crazy because they do not hold much. Anything at all would make such a difference. I saw someone posted about a stash girly colors with lint in the velcro.I dont mind something like that at all! Nor stains, I dont care. I can sun them or deal with them either way. Thank you so much for this site.

  68. I have:

    Cloth diaper covers: 5 Super Whisper Wrap 7-10 lbs. White

    5 Green Earth 9-14 lbs. White

    2 G-Diaper, medium, 1 white and 1 orange

    Let me know if anybody is interested!

  69. We’re looking at cloth diapers, but honestly with the prices, it’s likely I’m not going to be able to do it. We’re due with baby #2 in August, and since between myself and my husband we have 2 full time students, and 1 part time job, plus a 4 year old, it’s nearly impossible to get the ‘must haves’ of car seat, crib, etc, let alone the ‘mommy wants’ like cloth diapers up front.

    If there’s anyway way to get some diapers going for the expected little girl, I’d be thrilled and then some.

    BTW, for the people who’ve mentioned the Miracle Diapers/Cloth Diap[er Foundation, they’re on hiatus for applications until some undetermined point in the future.

  70. Hey there! I’m sure you have tons of emails to go through, but I wasn’t sure how long I need to wait for a response… I have a 10.5 month old who is 20 pounds. We desperately need more pockets! I plan to donate all our cd stuff once she is PTd. 🙂 I love this network you have started!!!! Thank you so so much!

  71. Hi there. My friend Valerie sent me this link. I am considering switching to cloth diapers for my twins – but the start up cost is going to be HUGE ! Valerie recommended that we start with 36 prefolds, 8 covers, and 6 pockets to diaper full time and wash every 2 days. This sounds great to me ! Except for the cost – I found a package deal but even that is $150 or so for part of what she said we would need.

    I mainly want to do this for a couple reasons. #1 – the Pampers thing has me scared. My babies have issue with diaper rash already and I don’t need anything to push that along… #2 – the cost of disposables is ridiculous, and I feel like I am always having to buy diapers. #3 – the waste… I can’t believe how many trash bags of diapers I am putting in the dumpster each week. It is gross !

    If someone here could help – that would be amazing.

    The boys are 16 weeks old. They both weighed in the same on 4-21 at 11 lbs 8 oz each. Sammy has gained a little more though and he is built a little bigger than my second baby, Jason. We have another DR appt on 5-25 when they are officially 4 months old. So I can update then on their size.

    I am hoping to hit a local retail location here to get an idea of what this is all about.

    This is the package deal I found…

    Thanks in advance.

  72. I have a few diapers I can pass along for medium- large babies. I have 2 yucky ducks pocket diapers for about a 10-20 pound baby (purple), and two thirsties all in ones size medium (periwinkle) that we no longer use. If someone can benefit from these, let me know!

  73. I need help, too, I’m afraid…..finding cloth for my little boy. I gave my cloth all away to a friend in need thinking I was done, and I ended up having another baby. It took me a long time to build up my original set. I only have four diapers right now and just can’t afford more. I have a two month old baby weighing in around ten pounds.

    I wish I had some to give and have never enjoyed being the one needing the help….but here I am. 🙂

  74. What a GREAT Idea! I don’t see who/how to contact you though to send you the diapers.

    Courtney, Just go for it! Think, $140 will only buy you like 7 $20 packs of pampers….how long would that last, like 2-3 weeks with twins? Then as you can, start buying a few diapers at a time for them to grow into, bum genius are great for twins, because they are so much more adjustable than many other diapers…trust me, I have tried MANY different diapers with 2 skinny minny and one chunky monkey. Start looking for deals on diaperswappers or craigslist while you are using the small stash you start with. Also if you get into pockets you can use the prefolds as inserts.

  75. I have some diapers to donate. 25 newborn pocket diapers that I made with the Very Baby pattern (modified to make the crotch narrower) and 5 smalls that I made the same way (newborns have inserts, smalls do not). I have some larger pocket diapers, too, and a few M & L fitteds, but I will have to look through my stash to see what exactly.

  76. What a wonderful, thoughtful and resourceful idea in a time of such economic need! I would love to be added to the list of Moms in need for now and re-donate what my children outgrow as they outgrow them! I have a son, who will be 4 next week who still wears a diaper to sleep at night, a daughter who is almost 2 and I am due with #3 at the end of June. I tried CD with my daugher, but when she outgrew what I had for her, I wasn’t able to afford new diapers. Yes, in the long run it is much more affordable, but when you’re struggling with paying either the mortgage or the utilities, it’s hard to put out $10 for one used diaper when $30 will keep us in disposable diapers for a month! I’d really like to give it another shot with the new baby on the way and, in the meanwhile, if I get one size diapers, I can also use them on my older children. I’m a teacher (but only 10 hours a week) and graduate student. I lost my full time job a year ago and have been receiving unemployment ever since – which runs out at the end of the summer! My husband is self-employed and has had two disasterous years due to a drop in business and we’ve used up all of our savings trying to make ends meet in the past year. I am currently interviewing for a new job, but it would mean having to move, which will also be expensive. Even if I get the job, it will be a while before we are financially stable again. I’d put my baby boy in girl colors – I am NOT picky! And, as he outgrows what I have, I will be more than happy to donate my diapers to other mothers, too!

  77. This is such a great idea! A friend sent me this link because she is trying to hook me up with sources for free cloth diapers. After reading your last couple of issues I was really feeling strongly about the disposables that I’m subjecting my poor daughter to all day, every day. To make an incredibly long story incredibly short, we are super broke (I can supply more details if necessary) and would definitely love it if we could switch to cloth diapers. Our daughter is 14 months, 19 pounds, and we would prefer prefolds due to our current laundry situation.

    Thank you.

  78. I think this is a wonderful idea, but I’m honestly not really sure why people think that this is such an outrageous cost to start up. If you’re looking at getting “fancy” diapers like Goodmamas ($28-$30 per diaper and $20 for newborn dipes) or BumGenius (About $16/diaper) then yes, it’s going to be a fortune to build a stash, but there ARE cheaper ways to do it.

    Cotton Babies has prefolds for $1-$2 depending on what size you need. For a newborn, you want at least 30 prefolds. That gives you 15 per day and 15 to use while you’re washing. An ideal amount would probably be 45 so that you can get away with washing every other day. 45 prefolds would be $45. If I remember correctly that is around the same amount that you’ll pay for one of those big value boxes of Pamper or Huggies.

    The cost of the prefolds goes up with size BUT keep in mind that as the baby gets older, you don’t need as many diapers. So the cost balances out for the most part.

    As for covers, I would say you need around 6-8. Thirsties diaper covers go for $11.25 new and you can always find them cheaper used. I’ve seen them going for around $7-$9 in excellent used condition on several different diaper sale boards. We’ll just stick with $11.25 though and say $90 for covers.

    So that’s now $135 (or less if you buy used) for an entire stash of diapers, that can be washed, reused, AND eventually resold. $135 wouldn’t even buy you 4 boxes of the sposie value boxes. The way I see it is if you can afford to buy a value box, you can afford to buy 45 prefolds. Then buy one or two covers per paycheck until you get 6-8.

    Now I realize that the economy is rough and that some people really are struggling to pay for necessities and don’t have any extra money at all to spend on diapers. I don’t mean to offend anyone, I just find that when I try to explain how little cloth diapering can cost, I get responses like, “But prefolds aren’t cuuuuute! I want the cuuuute diapers!” which is where the problem comes in. =/

  79. I am a foster mom for newborns who likes to use cloth. I could use more newborn size; have enough mediums, but currently (and frequently) have 2 newborns at once. At the moment I have one under five lbs and one 9 lbs; I am washing nearly every day and having to use some disposables. If anyone has newborn size to donate I would gladly pay reasonable shipping cost. Thanks.

  80. This is a great idea. What is considered a mama in need? I could realy use help building a stash. I actually got a trial from a cloth diapering website. I really wanted to cloth diaper my 14 month old. I decied on prefolds with covers. While reasonable I need snaps which ups the price a little. Boo can pull the velcro right off. Any way as I said I had planned on going with the prefolds and covers but I just can’t. I can’t spend any extra money right now. I have 3 kids. Summer is coming and my work hours are being cut back. I don’t want to give a sob story here. So if you would like more info let me know. I am intersted in any prefold and covers with snaps. Hes is about 24 lbs. I will pay shipping. Thanks.

  81. I have been so sad not being able to CD our 18mo old son who is 21 lbs now. We have been fortunate to get free diapers by doing testing on diapers but I hate having to use disposables! I have always felt like CD is the one thing missing in our lifestyle. I would love to get started if anyone has donations and be happy to returm the favor once my son is potty trained.

  82. I would love to be part of this program as a mom in need! We financially can’t afford to cloth diaper and I hate using disposables! My daughter is 10 months and almost 25 pounds, anything will help.

  83. I have 2 in diapers a 5 month old and a 20 month old. I have wanted to switch to cloth diapers but can’t aford to. Both of my children are in size 4 diapers. My 20 month old is small only about 22 lbs and my 5 month old is about 20 lbs.

  84. Hi! It’s like you read my mind! I signed up for a diaper co-op a few years ago and got the wrong size. I have a ton of Indian pre-fold diapers in the larger size (not newborn or the size up from newborn, whatever that’s called). I’d be happy to donate most of them to someone who needs them!

  85. I have two one-size pocket diapers I can donate. Please let me know how to go about this. Thanks!

  86. I’ve got a mixed stash of dipes I bought for my daughter when she was 14 mos. (I think around 24 lbs.) Some are pocket, some AIO/AI2. It’s time to get rid of them.

  87. I am desperately in need of cloth diapers.. preferably prefolds, snappis and covers.. but I’m really not picky! Sposies give my LO horrible rashes, but I’ve currently only have enough cloth to diaper during the day if I wash every night 🙁 My son is 10.5 months and 21 lbs.

  88. I have tons of cloth diapers of every kind (fitted, pockets, wool, snappi’s and so on) that I would be willing to sell for very cheap and/or donate. I know how expensive cloth diapering can be, but not nearly as expensive as disposables! I also have small wet bags and some wool sweaters for making “butt sweaters”.

  89. I just delivered a 7lb 13oz boy on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 and desperately wanted to cloth diaper. I am separated from my husband and just couldn’t come up with the initial expense. I wanted to use an organic, unbleached prefold and covers. So far I haven’t been able to scrape anything together although ladies at MOPS have graciously blessed me with disposable diapers. I felt like I would have a better off cloth diapering environmentally and financially as I don’t have a regular income and I now have three kids – 4.5, 2.5 and 4 days old :). Any help would be so greatly appreciated!

  90. I too am in need of diapers. I am due in Decemeber which will leave me a 18mo in diapers and a new baby. I am finding that I do not have nearly enough diapers for one kid, much the less two. We basically have as much income as we have bills, and if I cannot find some I don’t know what I am going to do. I have had a hard time finding covers I can afford too. Any help would be great! This will be our last baby, so afterwards I would be happy to donate what I have.

  91. I am in need of diapers. My son is 14mo old, but 21 lbs.(born 10 weeks early, EBF)

    I’m 22, a single mom. I have been SAH for the last year, but recently parted ways with SO, showing no signs of co-operation. I nanny part time, but can only make about $500 a month. With $3oo rent, diapers are going to be a hard one to swallow. If I could even get into PT CD, it would save me a fortune!

    Whatever can come my way, I am glad for!

  92. I’m in need as well! I’m currently expecting and have never cloth diapered before. I am really committed to CD this time around, but my husbands hours just got cut in half and we have almost nothing for this babe right now. I’m checking out craigslist and diaperswappers like mad, but the fact is I just don’t have a chunk of money to spend. I’d appreciate any help I can get!

  93. I am also very interested! My son is 2 and he has always suffered from extreme diaper rashes. I would LOVE to be able to give his bottom a break from the disposables. I was laid off from my job a year ago and my husband was just notified that he, too is being laid off so money is a big issue for us right now. Any help would be fantastic 🙂

  94. I am in desperate need of CD’s. I have a 19month old & a 3week old. I just started CDing so I have prefolds and fitteds for the newborn but will soon need a larger size for him. My 19month old is still in disposibles 🙁 he’s about 20lbs.

  95. I think this is a fantastic idea! I’m a SAH, and my fiance was recently laid off. He is also a student. We have been able to acquire some one sized CDs with baby shower money. We think the one sized are great, that way we don’t have to continue to buy them as our daughter grows. Money is rather tight at the moment, and we could really use the help. Our daughter is 4 months old and roughly 15 lbs. I’ll be sure to pass on some diapers when she grows out of them. Thanks Mothering and contributing ladies!

  96. Hi Candace, A momma on the diapering forum directed me here. I have one large priority mail box packed, waiting to ship. It’s kind of odds and ends, though. Two fitteds, three heavy duty, overnight custom prefolds, one snappi, a bunch of doublers. I’d say best for around a one-year-old, and has to be a momma who isn’t afraid of snappis!

    Whenever you get a chance, please PM me (I’m luckymommatoo) with an address. Thanks so much for organizing this!


  97. Hi, I would be eternally grateful for some diaper help, I have some nb prefolds but with a history of large babes (over 9lbs with thunder thighs), I doubt this will sustain my cloth diapering beyond a month. We too are struggling and I have checked into all the resources in my area, thankfully a clothing bank has resulted in some NB clothes and a car seat loaner program has taken care of that item, but cloth diapers are still an issue, I cannot imagine consistently having the $$ to buy disposables. I passed on my cloth about 3 years ago so hopefully that generated some good CD karma!

  98. I am also in desperate need of diapers. I have a total of 6 that I’m washing every night. We can not afford to buy any more right now, money is incredibly tight. Right now I’m using both pockets and AIO’s but I’m willing to try anything.

    My baby is a 12 mo old who weighs 18 lbs and is 28″, so she’s pretty petite.

  99. Hi my name is rebekah and I have a little boy who is 6 months old and I am really interested in doing cloth diapering I just don’t have the funds because my husband is in college right now and I am a stay at home mom any would very very much appreciated.



  100. Hi my name is rebekah I have a liitle 6 month old baby boy and I am wanting to do cloth diapering but I don’t have the funds right now because I am a sahm and my husband is a student so I would appreciate it if I could be matched up with some one who has some.

  101. Hi my name is diana and i have two wonderful little boys ages 1&2. I am looking to get cloth diapers to save us some money. I am also pregnant again with baby number three which is due dec 21st who is also a boy. I cant afford the expensive cloth diapers at the moment. Do you guys have anymore diapers available? Anything would help. I also live in hawaii so idk if the shipping is horrible or what. I know ups box can ship for a set price. Im willing to pay shipping and whatever else you need to help ship them to me. let me know…. thanks so much!!

  102. It’s so refreshing to find articles like the ones you post on your site. Very informative reading. I will keep you bookmarked. Thanks! .

  103. It’s so refreshing to find articles like the ones you post on your site. Very informative reading. I will keep you bookmarked. Thanks!

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