Cloth Diaper Party Like a Rock Star!

Moms have forever been getting the spiel to host and give Mary Kay parties, Tupperware parties, and (lately) even sex toy parties. I recently found out about a new way to make money having a party…and I have a feeling it’s going to be a hit, given the level of passion women I know in life and through this blog have about the coolness of cloth diapers.

Cloth diaper parties. Explain, Lucy… I am going to pull in the press release here, because it’s written quite well and y’all don’t need me to sit here and reword it when I could spend that time setting up future product giveaways. I want to know what you think of this…are we spotting a big trend here?

Everything Birth, Inc., owned by Falmouth resident and mom of three, Crystal White, has been offering customers an online selection of birth supplies, cloth diapers and organic baby products for over nine years. But now it is the company’s Diaper Party concept that is getting all the attention.

So what is a Diaper Party?

Most of us are familiar with jewelry, cooking and other home-based parties. A Diaper Party, based on a similar concept, is an opportunity for a group of moms (and moms-to-be) to come together to try out cloth diapers and other baby products. There are even products available to pamper new moms. Each diaper and accessory comes with its own “cheat sheet” so you can read about the product and how to use it, while seeing, touching, and trying it!

How do I host a Diaper Party?

Give Everything Birth a call at 1-800-370-1683 or visit to see if there is a Representative in your area. Diaper Party Reps are willing to travel up to two hours to your home to coordinate a party. Your Rep will help you with planning and will provide flyers and invitations to spread the word and make the most of your party. Don’t have a Rep in your area? Consider becoming one! Diaper Party Reps can make money and even new friends while educating moms about cloth diapering options.

What are the perks of hosting a Diaper Party?

Aside from getting to actually see and feel many different cloth diapering options, there are other incentives for a Diaper Party hostess. First, you will receive a 10% credit on the total purchase from your party. So if your guests order $500 worth of diapers from the party- then you receive $50 in store credit… $1,000 sold, you receive $100 in credit! Plus, everyone who orders at the party gets free shipping – that includes almost all the items you purchase (organic toys, breast pads, slings, birth supplies and much more!) [note from Candace: You do have to pay $25, the shipping to return the box of party items/samples]



Mamas, tell me if you’ve been to one of these, if you have had a diaper party, or if you plan to! I want some on-the-ground intel. –xo Candace

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