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Co-op applications may only be submitted to the Co-op forum by an approved MDC co-op organizer (application here). A co-op application will be due by the 10th of the month before your co-op’s anticipated start month. This will ensure plenty of time for necessary documentation and planning. Example: if you plan to run a co-op in April, the application will be due March 10th. Applications (below) may be submitted up to three months in advance. Please copy and paste the application below and complete in its entiretyCompleted co-op applications should be submitted as new threads in the main Co-op forum for approval. You will be notified by a Co-op forum moderator (HeatherB) upon acceptance. Please note that newly submitted threads are moderated which means they are not immediately published. If your co-op application is incomplete or there are any questions, the application will be sent via PM back to you and you will then need to re-submit it to the forum for final approval. Thank you! 


Co-op Application Post to be Submitted for Approval


Co-op’s Company Name:




Amount/Discount/Percentage Off Retail:

Minimum Order: 

A. What is the minimum order?
B. How will participants know when the minimum has been met?

Maximum Order:
What is the largest order you will place, either by number of items, participants or $ amount?

Opening Date:

Closing Date: 
A. When are final orders due?
B. When are payments due?
C. Will you announce if the co-op is closing early due to max number being met?

Should participants edit their first post, make all changes in a new post, leave deletions and use strike through feature (strike through feature)? Please specify your preference. 

Shipping Fees:
1. Will this be split equally among participants, by weight? Is it free with a minimum order?
2. When do you expect payment?

1. Will shipping be flat rate/priority only, by weight, both, cheapest? All orders must include Delivery Confirmation for all participants. 
2. Will you ship to Canada? Internationally? (International shipping must be done via a method with delivery confirmation which needs to be spelled out )
3. Will you accept both funded and cc payments for shipping?

Payment Information:
A. PAYPAL: All participants must agree to pay Paypal fees incurred
B. Will you accept Money Orders/Checks?
C. Do participants need to do anything special when making payments? Special instructions: ie: MDC Name/Co-op Name in Subject line? Copying order into notes section, specifying post number where order is? If your directions are not followed, how will you handle?

Additional Fees:
A. Are any fees charged for incidentals such as packaging materials, printing supplies, gas to the PO, etc.? (Maximum is $2 per person unless fee is completely broken out)
B. When is this fee due?

A. Will you allow fills?
B. If so, how will they be handled? 

Please specify your requirements regarding how you will handle cancellations/refunds. We ask that refunds be processed within seven business days.

Additional Information: 
Any additional info you would like to post regarding this co-op:

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