Co-sleeping Best For Kids up to Three-Years-Old

A new research study shows that co-sleeping is best for kids right up to ages three and four. 


There is actually a wealth of research that I discuss in my book, to support co-sleeping, yet it rarely makes the headlines in the mainstream.  Most parents fear that co-sleeping and SIDS are interlinked and it simply isn’t true.  Unless you are grosly overweight, a smoker, or a heavy drinker/drug user the safest, and most desirable, place for your child is right by your side for as long as they want.   Many co-sleepers have a family room/bed that accommodates everyone – large and small.  Honestly, I find there really isn’t anything nicer than waking up with all my crew snuggled up together – BLISS!

Chaley-Ann Scott

About Chaley-Ann Scott

Chaley-Ann Scott is a parenting author, sociologist, counsellor, and mother-of-four. She writes widely on parenting and education for various publications, and is the author of The Shepherdess; A Guide to Mothering without Control.

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  1. bliss for sure but difficult with new partner who is advised of the contrary. In order for me to co-sleep with my new born baby i have moved into the spare room in a single bed where we sleep together. there is a crib which was bought by the father ( never owned one for my two other girls) i look at it and find it not quite my style but thought to be open to the idea but not sure it will work out. He thinks that shortly she will be in her own bed. I must admit i find it very difficult that he does not see the advantages, he is afraid of squaching her and can’t sleep and gets tired for work. enjoying the presence of my 11 week old girl by my side.

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