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color-visionOne of the things I learned a few years ago at Camp Quad (a conference our press holds annually for all their clients) a few years ago: our ability to detect color begins to deteriorate after we reach 40.

Which is not at all helpful to know when we’re in the last hours of magazine production and are trying to color-correct photos. So, at times like this, I pull out this screen shot.

Last summer, someone sent me an online color test where you line up a bunch of color swatches by hue. My production sidekick extraordinaire,  Mel,* took the test and did well. I kept meaning to take it but kept waiting for a better time—when I wasn’t rushed or the light was better or my eyes weren’t tired . . . Truth is, I was petrified. What if I took it and flubbed it? How could I, the art director, expect anyone (especially Mel!) to respect my opinion if I couldn’t even pass a silly online color test?

Finally, at Mel’s urging (“It’s fun—and it’ll be good for your confidence.”), I set aside some time and took  the Online Color Challenge. Mel was right. It was fun—and it did wonders for my color confidence. Hence, the screen shot.

Try it yourself here.

*Staff Photographer/Ad Production Manager/Web Designer Melyssa Holik, who is 20 years younger than me

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2 thoughts on “color confidence”

  1. I passed the silly online color test with a perfect score! 🙂

    Did you notice that the bar seemed to wiggle on the right side as you did the test? It did for me, especially when I zoomed my vision out (for lack of a better descriptive phrase of that eye zoom thing I do).

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