Mom Shares Spotlight With Nursing Baby on Live TV

Rachel Sklar proved that no matter what, when Baby is hungry, it must be fed!Canadian lawyer and international news guest commenter, Rachel Sklar, proved that no matter what, when Baby is hungry, it must be fed!

Last January, Canadian lawyer Rachel Sklar was asked by CBC News to share her opinion on a makeover the popular Barbie doll was getting, but viewers got a little extra something when her sweet baby Ruby popped her little hand up during an on-air nursing session.

Sklar shared a GIF she made of the adorable moment on her Twitter and she was overwhelmingly applauded for her fabulous momming efforts. Her tweet told followers that she went on live television while nursing, and no one could tell until the very end when Ruby snuck her little tell-tale self into the frame.

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The clip she tweeted was from January, 2016, and Rachel has been a guest commentator for CBC since 2008. When CBC reached out to ask if she could share her opinion on the new diverse Barbies, she told them that she would be happy to, but she had no childcare for Ruby, and if she needed to keep her quiet, she might nurse her. She told them that it would of course be out of frame, but Ruby had other plans when she popped her little hand up to Mama right toward the end.

Sklar is self-employed with the flexibility to nurse pretty much whenever Ruby wants. Being in the line of work she is in requires her to attend professional events or meetings, however, and she’s always found nursing an easy go-to in those situations.

Sklar says that when a little one isn’t sleeping, the next best way to help keep them quiet is to nurse. Ruby is in day-care full-time, now, so Sklar says her guest appearances are a little different these days. Fortunately, she’s never had any qualms about nursing Ruby anywhere she needed to.

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Her empowering and adorable GIF should show Mamas everywhere that they shouldn’t have any qualms either!

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