Pregnant Ladies Get Pampered With This ‘Mama Bird Box’


Growing a human is hard, no matter how you look at it. That’s why a hard-working mama deserves some unique pampering, and this monthly subscription box aims to meet that demand!

Mama Bird Box was founded by two mamas (sisters Beth and Becca) from Austin, Texas. They created specialized subscription boxes that promise to pamper expectant moms, and to help give moms-to-be an opportunity to experience the sisterhood that comes with being a mother.

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Beth and Becca founded Mama Bird Box after being inspired by their older sister. She’d already had three kids before either of the sisters had children, and was able to give them advice and encouragement throughout their pregnancies. The ladies found their sister’s help to be invaluable in helping choose products, and so they decided to create the Mama Bird Box to be another ‘sister’ to expectant moms.


Each box has new and exciting things tailored specifically for the point of pregnancy the mama-to-be is in. Each contains several items with at least one item encouraging healthy living (like a non-toxic deodorant), one item specific to that month of pregnancy (like belly cream for stretch marks) and at least one pampering item (like fun non-toxic nail polish). All boxes contain at least one item that the sisters (and many other mamas who have shared with them) have found to be most helpful at each point in pregnancy.

For instance, a box designed for a four-month-pregnant mama contains a Bobble infusion water bottle, Mangiacotti lip repair chapstick, Birds and Bees Teas heartburn relief tea, Bella B skin lightening cream, Beanitos chips and St. Tropica hot oil hair masks.

An expectant mom in her eighth month might find Lafe’s all-natural deodorant, Mangiacotti alcohol-free hand sanitizing spray, Birds and Bees Teas raspberry leaf tea, Venosure nipple cream, a Creative Co-op ring dish,  and Miss Mouths’ stain remover spray (for the impending spit-up stains!).

Each box also contains a product card that describes every item and explains how it can be used. For instance, a card might encourage the use of a nipple cream a few weeks before a due date to possibly prevent initial cracking and bleeding from new breastfeeding.

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Becca and Beth feel extremely honored to have the privilege of pampering expectant mamas. While they recognize that pregnancy is hard and there are bad days, they hope that their boxes can help remind a mama of all the many, many good days, and know they are thought of and cared for in their pregnancies.


The boxes can be purchased individually starting at $34.95 and also can be put on automatic subscription in three and six month increments ($99.95/three months and $194.95/six months) so that a mama can effortlessly receive a box of love each month. Mama Bird also offers gift box/subscription purchases if you’re looking for that perfect shower gift. The boxes can be delivered to most places in the world with additional shipping charges as they apply.

Pregnancy is the craziest, scariest and most wonderful time in a mama’s life, and Mama Bird Boxes promise to be there through each month.

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