Conservation Continued: We Turned On The Heat This Afternoon

Athena came home after school today feeling sick. It’s been about 56 degrees in our house since I have stubbornly refused to turn on the heat. I’ve been wearing a wool hat and a winter coat in my office, drinking tea and working with the my laptop on my knees to help me get warm. But seeing my lanky 9-year-old lying miserably on the couch under two thick blankets this afternoon made me reconsider.

It’s amazing how warm 60 degrees can feel. As the house was heating up I started to feel uncomfortably hot.

Poor Athena threw up three times. Then she ate some brown rice pasta and celery for dinner. I hope we don’t see it again.

The plan for now is to keep the heat at 60 during the day and turn it off at night. There’s something so cozy about hunkering down under the warm covers in a cold house at night.

As long as there’s no danger of the pipes freezing, I’d like to try to keep the heat off as long as possible.

What temperature is the thermostat at your house?

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