Contest Alert: Win an Oscha Woven Wrap (Worth $185)!

We’re giving away an Oscha Braid Atoll, Size 6, Woven Wrap.We’re giving away an Oscha Braid Atoll, Size 6, Woven Wrap. To win, all you have to do is tell us why you’d like to win it!

Babywearing week is fast approaching, but here at Mothering, every week is babywearing week! We are strong proponents of attachment parenting, and we encourage y’all to snuggle with your baby as much as possible, even when you’re out and about! This is why we love Oschoa oh-so-much! Their woven wraps are ethically made, with a range of unique patterns, colors and luxury yarn blends. And lucky for you, we’re giving you the chance to win one!

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The Oscha Woven Wrap contest runs from Sunday, September 10th, 2017, 10:00 a.m. (EST) to Sunday, October 8th, 2017, 11:59PM (EST).

We’ll announce the winner by Friday, October 13th!

Good luck!

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109 thoughts on “Contest Alert: Win an Oscha Woven Wrap (Worth $185)!”

  1. I’m due in 9 weeks with my surprise fourth baby! I got rid of almost all of my baby stuff after #3 because we were done, so I feel like I’m starting over in a way. Winning a wrap would be fantastic for me! I’ve always wanted to try a woven one. I’ve used a Moby and an Ergo for my previous baby wearing.

    1. I want to give this gorgeous wrap to my best friend Annabelle as she’s recently had her first little girl and I couldn’t be there as we live in different countries.

  2. I’d like to win this wrap because I enjoy wrapping my little ones but don’t have a long wrap. This length would make it easier to wear the older one too.

  3. What a beautiful wrap! I’m expecting #5, and have never tried a woven wrap but would love to! I used SSCs for my older kids, and babywearing is a lifesaver with multiple kids.

  4. I would love to win an oscha woven baby wrap! I am having my third and last baby in December and I would love to wear baby as much as possible and keep baby close. Thank you!

  5. I would love the Oscha Woven Wrap because it’s beautiful and I don’t own a ring sling! I’m having our second baby and we’d love more, so it would get a lot of love coming up 🙂

  6. I’d love to win because my husband and I will be foster parents soon, and I’d love a way to snuggle babies close to help them feel secure and attached during their stay with us.

  7. I’m currently 21 weeks with our third baby, and although we are very excited now, it has been emotionally challenging along the way. I dealt with PPD after my sons were born and a miscarriage, so I wanted some time to feel like myself again before trying for another child. But this baby is on it’s own timeline, and we are excited for what the universe has to offer.

    Baby wearing has got me through every single day, it helped me establish a strong bond with boys boys and I am so grateful. I anticipate that I will need to babywear more than ever this time around – while chasing after my super active 2 and 4yr olds!

    My husband and I both have Scottish roots and I love all things Oscha! I would love to win this beautiful wrap!!

  8. I’m pregnant with my sixth!! I got rid of almost everything because I thought we were done. I’ve always loved baby wearing, one of the most wonderful experiences. I used a Moby but it is stretchy and I would like to try with a woven one. THanks for this opportunity!

  9. These wraps are so nice they are seriously high end! I’d love to win a ring sling for quick ups for my son. You also mentioned a size 6 which would be fantastic for wrap naps!

  10. I’d love to win because it would me a great gift for my yoga teacher. She’s so sweet and calming.
    I just want to show her and the baby how much the family loves her.

  11. I would like to win this wrap because it is a perfect blend of cotton and linen for my 15 month baby girl. The colour is definitely our favourite.

  12. I would love to win this wrap to use for my own baby, because having a large family, this would certainly make some things easier. But, I have a Mama friend who could use it more than I, so if I win, I would likely gift it to her.

  13. We are about to adopt our eight child, a toddler from China. Having a wrap will help keep him close and facilitate bonding. And I love that, because it is adjustable, my husband can use it, too!

  14. I would love to win this! I’ve never used a woven wrap, but would really love to try it. Plus this one is beautiful and made of quality materials!

  15. I’ve been a fan of ring slings with my first, would love to use this wrap for my second. I make a point of being out and about wearing my babies, and I’m stunned at how many folks are still unaware of the idea of carrying their babies, or tried and gave up right away. Consider me a baby wearing ambassador!

  16. Hi! I’d like to win this wrap, not for myself but for a good friend of mine who is expecting her baby any day now. She’s not yet 20 years old and obviously going through all the anxiety and thrills that accompany pregnancy, and though the father is nowhere near she has tons of support from her mom, sister and close friends. She’s spoken about getting a wrap for her little one but wasn’t sure if she could manage that expense right now. Thanks for the consideration!

  17. I am currently pregnant with a surprise 6th baby! This comes right after a miscarriage in July. I loved carrying and wearing all of my sweet babies. I have no wrap now since my littles all outgrew the ones I had. This would be a wonderful gift for my sweet rainbow babe!

  18. I’d like to win because my babies are HEAVY! Everything I have is stretchy and I’d like to get something woven to support the next one better

  19. I’m about to have baby #2 and desire an unstructured carrier for back carrying baby. Mastering the art of the fabric carrier is a goal of mine.

  20. I’d love to win an Oscha wrap because they’re a beautiful and healthy way to be closer to my baby while getting things done around the house or out and about.

  21. I’d like to win this wrap because we’re hoping to have baby number two and i will still be able to baby wear baby number 1 with a woven rather than my current buckle carrier.

  22. I would love to have it to give to my Daughter for my premature Granddaughter. She was full term, fully developed, but considered a premie because she was born at 4 lbs 11 ozs. She needs to be swaddled and as a family of vegan, natural and organic lovers of slings, wraps, it would be the perfect gift for her and baby Luna. She would be so grateful, and so would I. Thank you so much, and congratulations to whomever wins!!

  23. Why I would like to win? Because I want this wrap and I want to have a present for my baby from a stranger… I will feel in the future when kids will be big this magnificent nostalgy.

  24. I would like to win this wrap for my sister in law who now has pre eclampsia and pregnancy diabetes I think this would be a great gift for her and something useful for bonding with her little girl.

  25. I’m 5 weeks pregnant and my oldest son is 2 and a half years old. I started wearing him at birth.
    I didn’t have a woven wrap for him but I used an ergo.
    I need a woven wrap for my next one and would love to win.

  26. I love wearing my baby. He’s a toddler now but I still enjoy having him close and he still loves bonding with me, even though he’s super busy these days!

  27. I would love to win this wrap, as my baby is getting bigger and she loves to be by me all the time, and I with her! This would help me get the things that need to be done, done, even with her tagging along!

  28. I want to win because this is a gorgeous wrap and I am a big fan of celtic knot/braided patterns. Most importantly, wraps are super comfortable in the back as opposed to structured carriers with straps and I have back issues and two boys who like to be carried 😉

  29. I’m a first time mom and unsure about which baby wrap is the best to get because there are so many to choose from. I love the design on this one and would like to get a chance to win this woven wrap because it would help with everyday task and also help my sisters carry and care for the baby. Also this wrap looks like a great for choice for swaddling.

  30. I’m 33weeks pregnant with my rainbow 🌈 baby, after 5 miscarriages. I wore my, now 6 year old and I would love to wear this little pumpkin 🎃, due around Halloween! Babywearing saved me with my first and only baby, he literally never wanted to be out of my arms and babywearing made lots of things still possible while still caring for him ❤️

  31. I’d like to win because I’m due in November with baby #3 and I’d love to wrap more with this baby. I have 2 older children who will be 10 and 5.5 when this baby is born and I have to keep up with their activities!

  32. I’d be over the moon to win this wrap because I’d love to be able to pay it forward. When I was pregnant with my daughter, a very new friend–more like an acquaintance, gifted me a size 6 woven wrap. It was one of the most generous and beautiful gifts I’d ever received and I used it nearly daily for years. That wrap will stay in my keepsake baby box forever. Now one of very best friends has just become a father and he has an intense desire to learn how to use a wrap and wear his baby daughter. It would be incredible if I could pass on the same joy to him as was afforded to me all those years ago.

  33. As a first time mom, I’d love to win this wrap to be able to carry my newborn son and free my hands to be useful at home. I am loving the bond I’m creating with my baby and he loves to be held in my arms. With this wrap I can feel him secure by my heart and still mobilize around to do his chores like washing his bottles and pumping breastmilk!!

  34. I would love to win this wrap because I love the idea of carrying my soon-to-be-earthside newborn near my heart. Can’t wait to smell their little head.

  35. I have 3 amazing kids, and am 14 weeks pregnant with number 4. I’ve worn each of my babies, and am still wearing my 1 year old and 2 year old. I’ve always wanted to purchase one of these beautiful wraps, but we haven’t had the money. Babywearing is so beautiful in itself, it would be so nice to have a beautiful wrap to use too! I would love, love, LOVE to win this wrap!

  36. Because I love to wrap my wonderful little daughter. She recently started exploring the world on her own two feet, but still loves the snuggles and closeness! <3

  37. because baby #2 is due in a few weeks and we’d love more cuddles and warm hugs together with her big sister. all the more that we want to win because we love love love oscha!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  38. I would love to win the wrap because I’m pregnant with my first and plan to baby-wear as much as possible. I’ve heard great things about this brand!

  39. After wearing all 3 of Ergo is literally in pieces! I’d love this for my next baby! So grateful for the opportunity.

  40. I would love to win because while I love our structured carrier, I’ve always wanted to try a woven wrap. And this one is beautiful!

  41. I would love to win this carrier. My second grand daughter will be born in early January and I hope to inspire my daughter to use the carrier by example. She also chases a 2 year old so this would be very helpful.

  42. This wrap is beautiful. I’ve never wrapped my child and would only trust one that is highly recommended. This Oscha Woven Wrap looks so natural, snuggly and lovely.

  43. I would like to win this oscha wrap as the braid design is timeless and that blue is lovely!! I would love snuggling my little girl in this beautiful wrap!!

  44. Hello, I really want to win this beauty because I am all day all night with my 2 months baby Rhae, and sometimes I can’t handle anymore the pain in my back, and also I don’t want to have my baby on the bed all the time. I follow you in insta and I want to prove this Oscha woven 🍃💕💕

  45. I am a FTM to a 9 week old boy. I’m practicing instinctive and attachment parenting and would prefer this to a baby carrier. (With clips, It looks like a harness is always attached to me)It seems way more comfortable for my LO and could help me breastfeed on the go! Also, It’s super cutee!

  46. I have been wrapping my little in Oscha for 2 years and they are the most amazing wraps! I would love to win this for a very good friend who just welcomed her first baby into the world yesterday. After a severe health scare a few years ago, this sweet squish is a much longed for blessing! What better than to wrap her in this beautiful Oscha wraps!

  47. After multiple losses, this is our rainbow baby. We want to have all the snuggles with her and can’t wait to use oscha to help us!

  48. Five months ago we were blessed with our rainbow baby. When she was 3 months old she was diagnosed with Coronal Craniosynostosis and underwent surgery at 15 weeks old. Shortly after her surgery a friend showed me how to wear her using a wrap and I fell in love with it. Our daughter loved it too because she is a great big cuttle bug. Ever since I have wanted a great wrap for us to use. Unfortunately we just don’t have the money for it right now with the medical bills and now Hurricane Irma. Winning this wrap would be wonderful for us so we can foster the amazing bond that grows between you and your baby while wearing as well as help us continue to breastfeed.

  49. My baby girl is almost one and incredibly attached, I can barely do anything around the house with her. We have been wrapping with a thin woven wrap lately, but it’s a little too diggy for how heavy she has gotten and she doesn’t last long in it. I would love to win a wrap (and it has been my dream to have an Oscha wrap!) to wear her and keep her close as we try to move my family, my parents/sisters, and my grandparents soon to different places across the country. It would be wonderful to be able to keep her close while still being productive during these busy times, especially in such a beautiful wrap!

  50. I would love to win a RS because they are so handy for quick ups to the store or for errands. Keeps baby secure and mom’s hands free to grab the older kids!

  51. I would love to win an Oscha ring sling for a couple of reasons! First, I am due with my second child at the end of November! I have experience with standard buckle carriers but nothing with woven wraps. I have always wanted to try them out but my first born outgrew wearing before I got the chance. Second, I have been looking into purchasing an Oscha ring sling for quite some time now, but haven’t made the big leap! I really love their patterns and the fabric seems so comfortable. I would feel more than blessed to win an Oscha ring sling for my daughter!!

  52. I’m following you on ig as andrea_trapera
    Also Oscha

    I want to try an Oscha, and wrap my only kiddo with.
    I had 3 losses, so I’m giving up with having another baby 🙁
    My time is short in Babywearing, so I need this opportunity.
    Thank you!

  53. That is the yummiest looking fabric I have ever seen – and I need to feel it in person asap! Plus it’s is clearly the perfect baby gift for my first grand <3

    Leave a comment on our blog post telling us why you want to win the Oscha Braid Atoll woven wrap.

  54. I’ve been wanting an Oscha almost since I discovered babywearing last January with baby #4 (where has the babywearing knowledge been all my life?!?) and would love to wrap my baby in this beauty!

  55. I wore my son in a “Over the shoulder baby holder” past his second birthday. As I look forward to the possibility of becoming a parent again, I’d love to try out this beautiful wrap!

  56. I would be so honored to win an Oscha wrap! I have worn multiple brands, but until this contest had not heard of Oscha. I checked them out and am delighted with the company and the beautiful, ethically made slings! I am an Advocate for Babywearing, Breastfeeding, and Natural Health. I would love to advertise for Oscha by wearing my precious baby in their sling, and talking to others about it! Thank you for this opportunity.

  57. Blue is my favorite color and I would be SO EXCITED to win this! My youngest child is 9 months and I have been practicing wrapping with BWI, but do not own any wraps of my own.

    I can’t afford to buy a wrap myself… After being a stay at home mom for 6 years, my children and I finally left my abusive husband for our safety and well being. Things got so bad that I finally realized it was necessary, even though the transition was the most stressful period of my life thus far. We’re living in my parents’ small home while I heal from what I’ve experienced and figure out where to go from here. It’s difficult dealing with depression and mustering up the energy to take care of three children on my own (my parents do help some, which I am so grateful for!). Being able to wrap/carry my baby is a lifesaver while trying to get things done (especially since my parents’ home is not child proofed at all!).

  58. I am an RN that transports babies and children needing heart surgery from Uganda, Bolivia and Mongolia to North America for surgery. (Children’s Heart Project) Many times the moms have no comfortable way to carry their babies. This would be wonderful to carry with me for the moms to use.

  59. I am expecting my 4th baby early next year. With my last child, babywearing saved my sanity. I am a big believer in the benefits that babywearing brings to both mom and baby, and would love to continue to do so with my upcoming child.

  60. Id love to win so I can wear my friends baby and save it for future babes! this wrap looks amazing and Id love to begin my wrapping journey with one of the best

  61. Beautiful! I would love to win this gorgeous wrap because I’m expecting baby #2 in February and it will be a big help in my transition to mama of two.

  62. I would LOVE to win an Oscha wrap for wearing my sweety baby girl due in January. She is baby number 3 and with a busy life and the winter season we will be wrapping a lot. I only have one other wrap so it would be lovely to have another opt-in for wearing.

  63. I am pregnant with my 5th and have loved baby wearing with a stretchy wrap with all of my babies. I have always wanted to try a woven wrap and my other carriers are getting quite worn. This is a beautiful wrap.

  64. Baby wearing has been a game changer for us. Keeping her close and being able to be attentive and productive is everything. It’s so important to making our lives functional and fulfilling that tools, like this gorgeous sling are a must <3

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