CPSC Approves New Safety Standard for Sling Carriers

Introducing new safety standard for sling carriers to prevent infant deaths and injuries.The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has approved a new federal safety standard for sling carriers to prevent infant deaths and injuries.

Providing convenience and promoting infant development, the sling has become a household name among mothers. A sling allows you to carry your infant with ease, providing you and your baby with constant skin-to-skin contact. Whether you’re running errands or hiking a trail, you know your baby is comfortably nestled against your chest in tune with the rhythm of your body.

That said, sling carriers can be dangerous when not used properly. In 2010, the CPSC associated at least 14 infant deaths with sling-style carriers. Don Mays of Consumer Reports explains, “A very young infant’s head will be folded forward. That cuts off the airway, and they essentially suffocate. Another problem could be if the baby’s head could be nestled up against the carrier’s body.”

Some of the new federal safety requirements will demand that all sling carriers:

  • Maintain structural integrity — no seam separations, fabric tears or breakage.
  • Come with warning labels and visual instructions.
  • Carry up to three times the manufacturers’ maximum recommended weight.

For more information about the new safety standard, check out the CPSC announcement.

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