Cravings During Pregnancy

I’ve read that cravings can start as soon as you’re pregnant, as soon as you conceive, in fact. I’ve also read that they don’t start some two or three weeks after conception, or even four, eight weeks-then again, maybe not at all. Of course, I’m no expert. I suppose it all depends on the individual.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I remember having a massive craving for pickled eggs. I would consume them by the quart jar.

I had it made, because this woman I worked with previously, canned and preserved her own produce-including those pickled eggs. So, every time I ran out of something, I’d go over to her house down the road and pick up whatever I needed. Yes, I said needed instead of wanted because I was pregnant and needed what I craved ;)

A few other things I craved were meat, meat and more meat (marinated in vinegar), lots of fruit (it was the middle and end of summer), dill pickles (vinegar again). Oh, and peppermint. I swear, I could’ve eaten the leaves right off the plant. The smell drove me absolutely insane. In a good way. There were times all I could smell was the aroma of peppermint. Hidden deep within the kitchen cabinets. Even standing outside, on the porch of the house.

I had these cravings throughout my entire pregnancy.

For my most recent pregnancy, I could not get enough of chicken curry and rice-the smell of it, the taste, it was delicious. Aside from the major heartburn and burping, the fact that I was so enamoured with chicken curry made me realize I was pregnant. I mean, I always liked chicken curry and I’d have some every once in awhile. But, all of a sudden, I was having huge bowls of it every single day. Sometimes two bowls a day. And it was spicy. I made some the other night for dinner and couldn’t believe how spicy it was! I couldn’t believe I ate bowls of it for almost two months.

That lasted up to 7, 8 weeks and then it ended. The pregnancy, that is, and consequently, the cravings.

What were some of the things you craved, if anything? Anything unusual? Were the cravings immediate or not till later? Did you find yourself eating something you normally don’t or wouldn’t?


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