Daddy-Friendly Giveaway: Baggino Combination Diaper Bag-n-Changing Belt


This tool-belt style diaper bag is both sleekly urbane and…kind of dude-friendly, isn’t it? Father’s Day is June 20th so I’m posting this giveaway now to give you enough time to enter to win.

Please leave a comment below to enter the giveaway. Feel free to give a shout-out to the father or co-parent in your life…or represent if you are the one in that role. As the features editor, I love reading submissions from dads, and we look forward to publishing a story, “Fathering in Public,” by Ryan Miller in September/October 2010.

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96 thoughts on “Daddy-Friendly Giveaway: Baggino Combination Diaper Bag-n-Changing Belt”

  1. This is a great father’s day gift for my husband. He hates carrying my girly diaper bag. My husband is great about changing a diaper without even being asked, I’d love to reward him with a “manbag”.

  2. My husband is a work-from-home dad, this product would be great for him with our two little girls, great idea!

  3. My Hubby would love to have something a little less foofy for him and his boy- he is a SAHD stuck with all the *cute* accessories I have purchased 🙂

  4. My husband would love this bag…He is such a great father. Not only to our new baby girl but my two boys(from previous relationship). He treats them like his own…

  5. I would love to give this to my partner for his first Father’s Day although he’s still trying to figure out why we need to carry a diaper bag all the time in the first place!

  6. What a cool idea! My Man is very good about holding my purse or going with the flow with whatever diaper bag we have handy. It would be nice to give him one just for him. Thanks for the super giveaways!!!

  7. My husband is an amazing father. I would – and do – sing his praises even without such a snazzy prize.

    Hooray for all the dads who are making a difference!!

  8. great bag, my hubby is awesome about diapers everything else baby, but hates carrying around the pink bag!

  9. LOL, so I’d love to say that I’d give it to my dh for Father’s Day, but I think he’d look at it and it would be similar to him getting me a vacuum for mother’s day. BUT, I’d love it for MEEEEE!! I think I’ll get him something more interesting to him for Father’s Day 🙂
    .-= Sarah Tracy´s last blog ..Baby / Toddler Bow Tie =-.

  10. If he finds out there is a baby tool belt for dad’s, my husband will truly be beside himself and completely speechless in awe. 🙂

  11. Great Fathers Day gift for my hard working hubby! Or baby shower gift for his brother who will be a new dad in a month!

  12. Here is my hope, to give this to my partner Adam, to give him the courage to become the father he wants to me. I am hoping that having organization (and his own tools) on his side will help with his confidence!

  13. My partner is a stay at home dad and keeps our 4.5 month old as well as my three children from a previous marriage (ages 3, 4, and 8 home for the summer). He also has two living children from his previous marriage, ages 13 and 10, who are with us at least every other weekend and sometimes more often. He could totally use this tool belt/bag!! What a cool idea.

  14. My husband has been very supportive with my choice to attachment parent and full term breastfeed our son. The least I could do is give him a bag other than a pink or girly one to carry!

  15. My husband is separated from me and our 5 month old daughter while he finishes his service overseas. He’s coming half way across the world to see her on her 6 month birthday, but can only stay for 72 hours! It breaks his heart everyday to be away from our daughter and when he gets back this summer, there will be no parting daddy from his little girl! I would love to give him this bag to start his daddy duties off with a bang. Cheers!

  16. Considering that Father’s Day coincides with our 2nd wedding anniversary (we’ve been together for 15 yrs, married 2) this would be a combined gift!

  17. I know my husband would LOVE this bag! I prefer something that can double as a stylish purse 🙂

    I would love to give him this for Father’s day as he is a very involved dad (reading bedtime stories at this very moment!) and he would really appreciate having his own bag.

  18. My husband is always complaining about the floral diaper bag we use, and I have to admit, he does look pretty silly with it. This would make his day for sure!!

  19. My husband is a stay-at-home dad…he really needs a “manly” diaper bag!!! The blue and pink polkadots just don’t work w/his tattoos!

  20. Would love to win this for my hubby! He is a stay at home dad and I don’t think he digs our green and gray polka dot bag

  21. Oh cool! The hubby would like this! We’re expecting our first in mid July and he’s going to be such an amazing dad. He’s already taken such good care of me and the babe during the pregnancy!

  22. This is great! My husband wouldn’t feel like he was wearing a purse everytime he had oarry it. Also, look at those pockets… just think of the possibilities you could carry in there!

  23. When I first looked at the picture of this bag/tool belt, I started to laugh, thinking “How on Earth would I be able to move around with this thing?” But then I remembered last week…

    My wife was out with her mother at Starbucks leaving me alone with three of our kids the youngest who is in diapers. Wouldn’t you know it but the baby had a “calling all cars” “up-the-back” blow-out. After the quick freak-out of trying to figure out how to handle the situation, I spent the next 15 minutes runnig aroung the house to find all the neccessary “tools” while cleaning him up at the same time.

    A bag/tool belt like this would have saved a few hairs on my head which are far and few between nowadays.

    On second thought this looks like a fabulous product! It would be a fantastic Father’s Day gift to me.

  24. My husband would love this for his first fathers day. he currently slings our diaper bag over his shoulder to seem “cool” but really it is a glorified purse.

  25. For Father’s Day my fantastic Army officer husband is giving ME a weekend away in Ireland with my sister while he cares for our son! I haven’t had time away since our 2 year-old was born, and we are expecting our second little one in September! My husband is the best Daddy and totally deserves this!

  26. With baby #4 on the way, this lady’s husband has been a saint for carrying around MY diaper bag for so long. He deserves a manly bag with all the fun stuff just like the momma!!

  27. My daughter’s first birthday is right around Father’s Day – what a great gift this would make for both baby and Dad! 🙂

  28. I love it! We will be moving to Tuscany in August, and are due in the Winter. A diaper bag like this just screams to be with us.

  29. Too-belt style? My husband would go ape over over this. He’d probably wear it even without the baby around!

  30. That looks so handy, like having a counter with you with all of your supplies right there. My husband would think this very cool indeed. =)

  31. I love to see how fathering has changed my husband. I’ve never seen him smile so much!

    I’d love to win this bag for him. He has a little phobia about carrying “purses.” 🙂
    .-= Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas´s last blog ..On Cause and Effect =-.

  32. My Josh would love this bag. He keeps making comments like “daddy doesn’t need to read a book, hee already knows what to do”. He has turned his camera bag into his own diaper bag temporarily so he doesn’t have to get taunted by the paisley bag I have. He switched his work shift to have her while I’m at work so Now he doesn’t even get to work with his friends, and brings her to me to work every day so I can nurse her. He feeds her just right so she will be hungry enough after work and is not too tired to see Momma but still sleeps at night. He doesn’t need to read a book he has it down. All this and taking the boys to soccer, and this is his 1st baby as I was a single mom before him. She is a Daddies girl and loves to play and go on outings with him. This diaper bag would make it easier for him to have more hands free. What a great idea!

  33. This is a well deserved gift for my hard working hubby. He always puts the needs of the children before his own. I love you babe!

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