Dads Rules And Guidelines

The Dads forum is a place for MDC dads, and dads-to-be, to discuss issues that are particular to them as fathers. As such, posts to this forum should be focused on parenting topics specific to men.

Other topics that concern men, such as prostate health, partner relationships, and other less parenting specific discussions, are welcome in the forums that are placed for those topics and intended to host them. We certainly welcome our male community and are delighted to find an increase in fathers registering and posting here. But we do want keep posting on topic for the forum and ask that fathers venture into other forums to post, based on the topic of their thread. If the topic is one that is clearly of male focus and does not receive responses in the other forum, a simple post here to direct members here to the thread in the other forum would be fine. Posting the discussion here would not.

We also ask that our female membership not post to the Dads board to discuss their own male-female relationships or to ask questions that are not specifically dad parenting topics. Posts by women to discuss issues with her partner are not appropriate here and will be closed.

Any questions about the forum purpose, rules, and guidelines may be sent to me by PM. Thanks to all our MDC dads who have been a source of help and inspiration to our community.

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