Day in the Life: A Graphical Representation

By Olivia Hinebaugh


I’m trying to get organized. What mom isn’t? (If you are already organized, I’m not sure I want to know that.)

As part of this project for self-betterment, house-cleansing, time-management-improvement, I broke down my typical weekday. I drafted up a normal schedule and noted how many hours I spent doing what. And the pie chart I created sort of floored me.

First: a little background. I am a stay-at-home mom to a 10-month-old daughter and a three-and-a-half year old son. My son goes to preschool about twenty minutes away. But I also work. I’m a writer. When I’m not writing blog posts such as this, I write young adult novels. It’s more than just writing though. I read work for other writers as a critique partner/beta-reader. (And they in turn read for me.) I am active on social media — which I realize sounds like sitting around clicking through high school friends’ babies’ pictures, but really what this has meant for my writing career is making crucial connections. These online connections led me to my wonderful agent. Now, as an agented novelist, I have a bit more pressure to do things like revise my novel quickly and write something new etc etc.

It’s a lot of work to write a novel. Obviously. And how much time a day do I devote to actual typing new words into a document or reading published and unpublished works? Only about four hours. And that’s on days when the little girl actually takes a two hour morning nap and not when she falls asleep in the car. I don’t need to explain how that can jack everything up, do I?

I was inspired to make a pie chart when I saw this interesting infographic about famous artists’ daily routines. Of course I wanted to see how I stacked up.

I fully admit that any time labelled “childcare/housework” is not nearly as productive as I’d like it to be. My house is always in a state of chaos. Sometimes housework means watching Veronica Mars while folding laundry. Sometimes it means building train tracks with my son, which is something I really enjoy. Sometimes it means nursing my daughter to sleep. Sometimes it means refereeing wrestling matches. (See above photo.) It changes day-to-day.

A note: my husband does help me, but he is gone from about 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM and since he does not own a pair of lactating breasts, I am still on bedtime duty.

I wake up at 7:30 and the units on the chart are in hours.

Without further ado…

I created this chart here. And I would so love to see some other moms’ charts.



Oh, right, and sometimes I do the above.




About Olivia Hinebaugh

Olivia Hinebaugh is a stay-at-home-mom to a three-year-old boy and baby girl. She is an aspiring author and steals time whenever both kids are sleeping to clack away at the keys. She tweets about mothering and writing @OliveJuiceLots

She can also be found on Facebook and on her website.

Bio photo by Lauren Preti.


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  1. Looks like you are making sacrifices to give your children the best even as a working Mom. Support & love for you!

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