Ddddcs Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

What is DDDDC?  DDDDC = Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. This is the opportunity for you to tag someone under their username with a new playful, caring or funny title. Please keep it tactful! This title remains for at least seven days with the member. Make sure to let us know to whom you are giving the DDDDC and what you’d like the DDDDC to say in the Paypal note.


When?  At your next whim!  Did a member post something particularly funny?  A ‘running joke?’  Someone coin a phrase or maybe you want to uplift a member after a particularly bad week/experience/day?  Whenever you want, just send it on in!


Where?  Here at MDC, of course. You’ll find the DDDDC placed in bold type right below their username and/or Senior Title.


How? Glad you asked!  Simply make a $2.00 payment via this link.

Why?  It’s fun! You can put a giggly blush or a smile on a member’s face, or offer someone a cyberhug with a touching DDDDC tag.

Want to learn more? For a full history of how DDDDC came to be read this thread. DDDDCs are all in good fun and never permitted for an inappropriate use, so by all means let us know if you see it being misused.

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