Delicate Soles Giveaway

Hey, mamacitas!
Pixie Dust Pink Delicate Soles

Delicate Soles, which had a fab A la Mama giveaway a few months ago, is back to give away one pair of Pixie Dust Pink ballet flats. They’re also donating 10% of sales, during the month of October, to Right Action for Women, a breast cancer charity founded by Christina Applegate to help women with the cost of MRIs associated with breast cancer screening.

To enter, please…

1. leave a comment below

2. and for a second chance to win, click here and like Delicate Soles’ facebook page. Then leave a second comment here letting me know that you did.

Here’s some more information from the Right Action for Women homepage:

“Today, more than 250,000 women under the age of 40 in the U.S. are breast cancer survivors, and I am lucky to be one of them. Recently, I underwent genetic testing and learned I have a mutation in the BRCA 1 gene, making me more susceptible to breast and ovarian cancer. My mother is also a breast cancer survivor. A family history of breast or ovarian cancer on either side of a family (Mother’s or Father’s side) can put someone at higher risk for developing the disease. Because of this, my doctor ordered a variety of screening tests which try to detect cancer in its earliest stages (when it is most treatable). One of these tests was a breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, and it saved my life.

MRI is one of the breast screening tests recommended by the American Cancer Society for women at increased risk for breast cancer (MRI is not recommended as a screening tool for women at average risk for breast cancer). Unfortunately though, this service is not always covered by insurance and many women across the country cannot afford the high costs of a breast MRI. I hope through the creation of Right Action for Women we can provide aid to those individuals who are at increased risk for breast cancer and do not have insurance or the financial flexibility to cover the high costs associated with breast screenings.” –Christina Applegate

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145 thoughts on “Delicate Soles Giveaway”

  1. This is wonderful – people sometimes talk about how much “fuss” is made over breast cancer awareness now (especially boys watching football players in pink), but when I think about how many advances have been made, and that now, if you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, you’re more likely to live, and live WITH your breasts, than any other outcome, I say bring on the pink! 🙂

  2. I “liked” DS FB page. Here’s to Carol and Linda two of my favorite survivors. One who lost both breasts. I love you guys!

  3. Thanks for donating to such a great cause! Just went through the breast cancer fight with my friend at the dear age of only being 28, she fought and she won!

  4. My mom battled breast cancer very bravely, and both of her sisters have dealt with the disease as well. Because of my family history, I am at higher risk for this disease. What a great cause! And what darling ballet flats, too 🙂

  5. Correction on my 1st comment: I meant , “Yaay for a good cause.”. I checked .. I’m already a fan of Delicate soles on FB. Again, love to have these flats with this color to show my support ..

  6. My mom is just finishing up her treatments for her second bout with breast cancer so I try to always do what I can for the cause. These are gorgeous, my two little girls would be jealous if I won these, I’d have to find them some to match. I would love these.

  7. My mom had breast CA when I was 12 & she was 32, and twice again. It was a miracle that she lived to be 73! She loved ballet and had me in it for 9 years. Now I have 3 granddaughters in a serious ballet program and am hoping to take a class myself now that I’ve lost over 100 lbs.

  8. My mom is a survivor too. IDC in 1997 and ILC in 2009. She couldn’t afford to get the BRCA teting done so I chose to get it done. I called to find out if it would be covered by my insurance and they said it would be but the testing facility called me to say it would not be covered after all. I have to tell them to destroy my sample.

    I am currently waiting to have my 2nd breast MRI. I had one in late July that showed a solitary 2mm spot. I am going back in Late December. Thank goodness for these screenings! They do save lives… Thanks for all you do!

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