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diapering naturallyCloth Diaper How-to: A Video Resource Section


This video resource is a web exclusive addition to the feature article “The Diaper Dilemma” in the May/June 2010 issue of Mothering magazine. To read the article, and accompanying resources, order a digital subscription or a copy of the May/June issue.


The following pages contain short videos from Mothering advertisers with helpful information, cloth diaper how-tos, and demonstrations on how to properly use the cloth diapers they sell.


Prefold and Flat DiapersWatch the Videos


What is a prefold diaper?


A prefold is a rectangular piece of fabric with six to eight layers of fabric in the center and finished around the edges in a close, overcast stitch. Fastens with pins, Snappis, or is simply folded around the baby’s bottom before being placed in the cover.


What is a flat diaper?


The original cloth diaper that our grandmothers used, the flat diaper is a large rectangular or square piece of fabric made from layers of gauze. It is folded to fit the baby’s bottom, and is fastened with pins or Snappis.




Fitted and Contour DiapersWatch the Videos


What are fitted and contour diapers?


Shaped like an hourglass, a fitted or contoured diaper is like a prefold, but is constructed to fit the baby’s body. Fitted diapers have elastic at the legs and waist, while contours do not. Both are fastened with pins, Snappis, snaps, or hooks and loops.




Pocket DiapersWatch the Videos


What is a pocket diaper?


Pocket diapers have an hourglass shape and elastic in the legs and waist. They consist of a waterproof outer layer and a stay-dry inner layer. Pockets differ from all-in-ones in that the front or back edge of the cover is left open for stuffing with an absorbent insert that can be replaced without replacing the entire diaper. Many pocket diapers can also be considered all-in-twos.




All-in-one and All-in-two Diapers – Watch the Videos


What is an all-in-one?


All-in-ones have an hourglass shape with elastic in the legs and waist. They consist of three parts in one— a waterproof outer, a one-piece inner, and an absorbent insert (or soaker)—and fasten on the child with snaps, or hooks and loops. They may be one-size fits all, or made in several sizes.


What is an all-in-two?


An all-in-two is similar to an all-in-one, but the main diaper part is separate from the cover in some way while still being designed to be used as a unit.




One-size DiapersWatch the Videos


What is a one-size diaper?


Designed to fit all sizes, from newborn to toddler, these diapers come in fitted, contour, pocket, all-in-one (AIO), and all-in-two (AI2) styles.




Diaper CoversWatch the Videos


What is a diaper cover?


Designed to act as a moisture barrier, diaper covers are a layer put over diapers to keep wetness in. They are used with flat, prefold, fitted, and contoured diapers and may be one-size or not. Covers may be pull-on, or fastened with snap or hook-and-loop closures, and are made of many types of materials.

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