Dingo n.  An MDC mama (or soon-to-be mama, or mama in her heart) with the desire to move forward at a run or walk. She supports her fellow dingo in each dingo’s quest to find balance and reason in her life.

Requirements to become a dingo: Posting on this thread goals for the day, week, month, year, or decade. OK if starting couch to 5k or running an ultra marathon.

Identifying features of a dingo: Posts often here, facebook, daily mile. Starts to get antsy during extended time off for injury or sickness. Found on the road, on the dreadmill, in the pool, or on a bike.




So first there was this post (see last sentence).

Then Kerc started this thread (check the title), and Geo joined by changing her location, and the rest of us, on down the page.

A few posts later Naughty Dingo herself gave us an explanation of her user name.

And it’s stuck ever since. So we’ve been Dingos since 2005, and many of us together as a running group since early 2004. Wow.


We have had a few significant events — some losses that we’ve felt collectively and a few fabulous things to celebrate. Mostly we’re a middle of the road kind of crowd. We aren’t into drama, unless we can’t help it. We annually devote a run in late September to honor the babies we’ve lost. Some of us remember this run as the Griffin Patrick memorial run, named after Patti Ann’s little boy, born still in Sept 2005.



Dingos are anyone daring enough to post on the thread.  We won’t let you leave.  We prefer members have an inkling of a desire for forward motion.  That includes walking, alternating walking and jogging, riding bikes, skiing, swimming, anything that incorporates some fitness into daily life with the ultimate goal of managing the craziness that is daily life.


There is no speed or distance “requirement” to be a dingo. 


No one dingo is expected to read every single post.  We are, after all, mostly human.




In the great debate of 2009, the Dingos agreed to disagree on the spelling.  Some think the odd appearance of ‘dingoes’ is more correct than ‘dingos.’    The rest realize that ‘dingos’ is the only true way to spell it.

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