Dolls and Accessories: Mothering’s Natural Toy Guide 2012


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Cowgirl or Cowboy Doll


Why We Love It:  The quality and detail is wonderful in these natural, fair trade dolls. The cute little outfits make them truly one of a kind. Choose from a posable cowboy or cowgirl and pair it up with a felt horse (see below) for hours of old west fun. 


Price: $23.95 


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden




Felt Horse


Why We Love It: Whether you’re teaming this all-natural horse up with a little cowgirl or cowboy (see above) or letting her free to roam without a rider, this engaging felt friend will be the basis for endless hours of creative play time. 


Price: $14.95 (small) or $15.95 (large)


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden





Snuggle Baby & Super Snuggle Baby


Why We Love It: As soon as my 3 month old saw this doll she grinned and stared at it for a long time. The simple features are very recognizable to her and the soft, simple construction means she can grab it and not risk anything coming off or hitting herself with a hard piece. The fabrics are great quality and very cute. Even my 6 year old thought they were cute. We like that they cam in both a simple print and the Super Snuggle Baby who has a cape and mask.


Price: $18.00 and $21.00


Where to Buy: Little Demoura Designs





Sweetpea Doll


Why We Love It: If you’re looking for a doll that will give your child the experience of holding a real baby, this one is perfect. The doll is weighted with millet and stuffed with wool to give it a realistically heavy feel that little kids with delight in. The cotton velour outfit holds warmth next to the body increasing the feeling that they are caring for a real little friend or sibling. Handmade by a WAHM in the USA. 


Price: $100


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden



Doll House Play Platform


Why We Love It: This well thought out doll house and base lets the imagination run wild. Children can take the various included sections and arrange them any number of ways to create a doll house, castle or fairy realm that is entirely their own! Since it is made of sturdy birch plywood it is sure to hold up to years of play. 


Price: $80.00


Where to Buy: Beka





Lavendar Play Doll


Why We Love It: These adorable 10″ dolls are stuffed with wool and have a secret pouch of lavender inside that makes them glorious to smell–and oh so perfect for soothing little ones to sleep. Handmade in the USA! 


Price: $39.95


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden





Wooley Bear


Why We Love It: This charming, cuddly and endearing bear has all the hallmarks of a favorite toy in the making. The materials and workmanship are high-quality, and you can feel great about your little one snuggling up to, chewing on and otherwise loving this organic cotton and wool teddy. Nicely sized at 13″ tall, and with a simple, classic design, Woolly Bear lends himself well to imaginative play and will be loved by babies and older children alike.


Price: $59.00


Where to Buy: Nova Natural





Buttercup the Ballerina


Why We Love It: This adorable little doll will inspire the imagination of any child who loves music and dance. Her pink tulle tutu is complimented with white tights, a pink shirt and a sparkled flower headband. Comes with a wooden ballet barre that allows her to plie, eleve or practice whatever positions she wants.


Price: $22.00


Where to Buy: Once Upon a Tree House





Winter Gnome Set


Why We Love It: These adorable little friends are just waiting to join in on some magical fun! Pair them up with a winter play silk or giant felt mushroom for endless imaginative possibilities. Made of wood and wool in the USA. 


Price: $19.95


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden






Denim Overnight Doll


Why We Love It: This doll has everything going for it. It is fair trade, made of organically grown cotton and is almost gender neutral–which is nearly impossible to find in a doll normally. It comes with two cute outfits and a little red sack for lots of dress up fun. The size is just right, perfect for snuggling in bed or taking along for a car ride. 


Price: $39.95


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden





Springing Puppy


Why We Love It: This is a great, well-made toy to hang from a doorway or mantle. Puppy ears flop around as the puppy springs in the air. Made from beech wood and 100% natural cotton twine. (18x3x6cm). US Made.


Price: $14.00


Where to Buy: Real Wooden Toys






Bamboletta Doll


Why We Love It: This is a stunning one of a kind doll handcrafted with cotton knit, locally sourced wool, and various types of yarn. Her hair is made of wool, mohair, silk and sparkly bits. Each doll is named and comes with adoption papers as well as the story of how the doll was made and by whom. A truly charming and unique gift. 


Price: $250


Where to Buy: Bamboletta



Under the Nile Eco Toy Collection


Why We Love It: The handpicked, organic Egyptian cotton that Under the Nile uses for its soft toys makes them irresistible and so safe for baby. I love the Handkerchief Dolls ($8.00) with their formed head and loose cloth body: a perfect first toy for baby. Skinny Cat ($14.00) and Skinny Dog ($14.00) are just the right size for small hands. The striped Giraffe ($16.00) is delightfully soft and cozy. My favorite this year is Buddy the Dog ($28.00). Buddy has a longer body, like a sock monkey, floppy ears and a big crooked nose. I just want to pick him up and carry him around. Under the Nile toys are impossible to put down. They are uniquely designed, imaginative and safe for baby.


Price: $8.00 to $28.00


Where to Buy: Under the Nile



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