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Dolls, Doll Houses and Other Little Friends


Sweet and Special Friends

Snuggle, laugh and play with this delightful selection of dolls, little friends and their fanciful homes. Don’t miss the other categories in this year’s guide or our big toy giveaway! Find them both here.



Image of: Sweetpea Heavy Doll


Sweetpea Heavy Doll

Filled with 4 pounds of millet and dressed in real newborn baby clothes this unique baby doll is as close as your child will ever get to having their own real baby to love. Any toddler or older child will just adore snuggling up with their little sweetpea. Very well made from all natural materials, these little friends will last and last — making them well worth the money.




Image of: Bamboletta Doll


Bamboletta Doll

Bamboletta Dolls are some of the most highly sought after dollies on the market. Unsurpassed in quality and created from 100% natural materials, these sweeties are handmade by a small team of moms and dads with lots of love and attention. Each lovely girl or boy is a completely unique, one of a kind friend with her own little personality. The little ladies sell out very quickly though so if you are interested in buying one make sure to visit their website and read their instructions for how to secure a doll.




Image of: Jungle Jim


Jungle Jim

It’s no secret that we love Real Wooden Toys here at Mothering. The simple, old-fashioned design of all of their creations is something truly special in today’s world. Jungle Jim the Springing Monkey is no exception. Hang him anywhere in your house and give him a gentle pull and he’ll bounce around forever. Adds a magical touch to a child’s bedroom and kids love to watch little Jim go up and down.




Image of: Sweet Baby Doll


Sweet Baby Doll

Dressed in beautiful and realistic baby clothes (including hand knit booties), this brand new waldorf doll was made to be snuggled and loved. Very soft and well made. Created from cotton/wool and jointed.




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Mobile Home Set for Dolls

Another fun idea for dolls from Grimms of Germany. This neat traveling home not only includes all of the furniture any little person would need for an adventure, but it fits together again like a puzzle for storage. It’s like two toys in one. Good construction.




Image of: Evi Dolls Fairy Queen


Evi Dolls Fairy Queen

As close to a real fairy as you’ll probably ever get! This doll is absolutely lovely, bringing to life all of the magic of a fairy realm with 100% silk clothing and real magnolia leaf wings. All we can say is wow, what a delightful gift for any child.



Image of: Boy Little Friend


Boy Little Friend

Made from cotton and wool, this cute little boy doll is a snugly gift idea for any child. He has a cool but lovable personality and an adorable outfit that your little one will have tons of fun taking on and off. Great price!




Image of: Natural Wooden Maine Dollhouse

Natural Wooden Maine Dollhouse

This new dollhouse from master toymaker David Smalley of Elves and Angels shouts excellent design and superior craftsmanship. We couldn’t believe how sturdy and strong it was, and we love how the design allows for more than one child to play at once. At 2 feet tall, this gorgeous dollhouse is big enough to fill with a wide variety of doll furniture and the interior of the dollhouse is laid out in such a way as to provide easy access to all of the spaces. Perfect for any doll, elf or fairy family! If you’re looking for a dollhouse that will be played with for many years to come, you won’t want to miss this one.




Image of: Sunset Stable

Sunset Stable

Good old fashioned fun is the name of the game with this handmade stable from Elves and Angels. The little doors on the stables open and close and the provided fencing lets your child’s fantasies run wild. The construction is excellent, as it is with all of toymaker David Smalley’s products. Well worth the investment for years of imaginative play.




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Tree Swing Wooden Tree House

What a fantastic idea–a tree house for dolls! A rope ladder, wooden basket, tree swing and lots of stairs make this doll house totally unique and perfect for play with standard dollhouse dolls, fairies, gnomes and so much more. Nearly 2 feet tall and made from reclaimed walnut and ash woods, this magical escape is a truly eco-friendly gift.




Image of: Buddy The Dog


Buddy The Dog

Made from soft organic, fairly sourced cotton and absolutely adorable, any child is sure to love this little furry friend. In his cute red and white jammies, Buddy also makes a great stocking stuffer!




Image of: Matryoshka Dolls


Matryoshka Dolls

These special dollies are just waiting to be loved! Perfect for toddlers or preschoolers, little hands and hearts will delight in the sweet smiling faces, soft huggable bodies and colorful fabrics. Many styles to choose from.




Image of: Organic Cotton Veggies in a Crate


Organic Cotton Veggies in a Crate

Whether you gift these to a little one to chew on or a toddler for playing restaurant, these super soft veggies in a crate are sure to quench the appetite. Made by Under the Nile from super soft and fairly sourced Egyptian cotton, these adorable pals are sure to be loved for years.




Image of: Kathy Kruse Pink Fairy Doll


Kathy Kruse Pink Fairy Doll

This little pink cotton/wool fairy doll will truly delight any child with its magic and detail. Soft and flexible and so well made, it is the perfect size for standard doll and fairy houses. Well worth the price.



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