Don’t Eat My Broccoli


See this broccoli? It's mine, all mine

See this broccoli? It’s mine, all mine

This is one of my family’s favorite games. I take a piece of raw or steamed broccoli and ask one of the children to watch it for me.

“I really want this piece of broccoli,” I say. “It’s so perfect and delicious and I want to eat it up as soon as I drink this water. Could you keep it safe for me?”

My child nods seriously and promises to watch over the broccoli. There is no way he will let anyone else near it, he avers.

I turn away for my sip of water.

“Oh no!” I cry, seeing that the broccoli is no longer on his plate being kept safe. “WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BROCCOLI?!”

“I ate it.”

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