How to Make Your Own Easter Herb Garden

Easy to make, this whimsical herb garden is a perfect hostess gift.

This accidental idea came to me when I went to Trader Joe’s to buy some flowers for a friend last Easter.  I already had the herb quiche in the car and stopped by the store on my way.  I kept looking for some spring flowers, but mostly there were expensive Easter lilies and orchids left in the flower section.  All of a sudden the herbs got my attention.  I thought for less than the price of the lilies I could buy at least 6 different herbs and a beautiful square basket to put them in.  She could use the herbs for a long time and reuse the basket too.

I was not sure if my friend would feel the same way, but i took the risk.  When I arrived, to my amazement the hostess loved my present.  She took me to her backyard and showed me some herbs she already had and said my gift will complete her herb garden!  This year, I am adding another item to the gift, which is using the empty egg shells used for the quiche, to plant some herb seeds and take them along!


From Natural Home & Garden magazine

To find out how to plant seeds in an eggshell click here to go to Natural Home & Garden website.  I originally found the idea in a post by Bryan Welsh, publisher of both Natural Home & Garden and Mother Earth News, on his FaceBook wall.  Thanks for being my friend Bryan!

Okay, here’s how you can make the Easter Herb Garden:


  • Terra Cotta or ceramic pot [at least 4″ deep]
  • Potting Soil
  • 6-8 Herbs of your choice [I planted Peppermint, Basil, Thyme, Leek, Dill Weed, Parsley and Cilantro].  You can either purchase these or start from seeds a month in advance (sorry too late for this year!)
  • A couple of miniature bunnies and garden tools for decoration
  • A few stepping stones and a small rock

When I saw this turquoise planter at the nursery I had to take it home with me!


Place each herb into the pot and fill the cavities between them with potting soil.  Then arrange some stepping stones, little rocks, the bunnies, a miniature terra cotta pot and gardening tools to give it a mini garden look.  Be sure the pot allows the water to drain well and leave in a sunny spot inside or outside.

If you decide to do away with herbs and want to make a fairy garden with Easter theme, here are some ideas, with all including a bonsai tree, some moss, miniature flowers, fairies and bunnies!

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