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Meet Agata Gutkowska, Content Manager for Mothering.com
Email: [email protected] | Twitter: @AggieMothering

A self-proclaimed salad ninja, I can whip up a mean kale salad using only organic veggies from my balcony garden. (Bonus: I can get your kids to eat it, too.)

Having taught children for several years in Canada, South Korea, and Nepal, I am passionate about issues pertaining to childcare and child development. I have witnessed the positive effects of peaceful parenting and natural living on children with various needs and backgrounds.

I love Mama Nature — I practice an eco-friendly lifestyle, grow my own organic veggies and support the local economy whenever I can. I’ve also been known to talk to trees, flowers and house plants. Totally normal, right?

I am grateful for all the amazing writer moms I get to work with daily who share their tips, tricks, and personal experiences with me (and our readers). I learn from these wonderful ladies every single day. I love meeting mommies, natural living enthusiasts and pretty much anyone with good vibes, so feel free to get in touch!