Election Protection Wiki

The nonprofit, nonpartisan Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) has launched a dynamic new website to help safeguard the fairness and integrity of US elections, using the power of citizen journalism. The Election Protection Wiki is now online at www.ElectionProtectionWiki.org or www.EPWiki.org. It enables citizens, journalists, and government officials to actively monitor the electoral process in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. CMD and its community of volunteer editors will continue to improve, expand, and update the EP Wiki beyond the upcoming November 4 election.

The Election Protection Wiki is part of CMD’s award-winning SourceWatch website and operates on wiki software which allows anyone who registers on the website to participate in creating and updating articles. SourceWatch contains in-depth articles on every member of (and most candidates for) the US Congress at www.congresspedia.org. CMD employs both professional and volunteer editors who work together online to ensure articles are accurate, fully documented, and fair.

Recent presidential elections were marred by controversies and disputes. Scores of individuals and organizations have been working to investigate and reform US elections, issuing reports and information on topics such as electronic voting machines, voter suppression campaigns and student voting rights. However, this information is spread across many different websites, news sources and databases. The Election Protection Wiki seeks to provide a single web portal for accessing this disparate information. Its information is non-partisan and factual; anyone of any political persuasion will be able to access and use it to protect every American’s right to vote.

The Election Protection Wiki’s professional staff members include project editor Dave Johnson, a fellow at the Commonweal Institute and senior fellow at the Institute for the Renewal of the California Dream; and senior researcher Dr. Steve Freeman of the Center for Organizational Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania (titles are for identification purposes only). CMD’s Conor Kenny is the managing editor of both the Election Protection Wiki and Congresspedia.

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