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Mothering contributor Jeremy Adam Smith speaks to the fluidity and diversity of today’s family unit  in YES! Magazine’s Winter 2011 issue, “What Happy Families Know.”

From Yes! Magazine:

Marriage and family values are among America’s most polarizing political issues. But when we get down to the personal, we find that real family is mostly about taking care of each other, despite our differences. This issue of YES! Magazine takes an honest look at family and celebrates the values and choices that help us support and look after each other.

It’s a big claim to offer you “What Happy Families Know” but the stories inside the issue speak for themselves. There are personal journeys of joy, recovery, loss, and negotiation. Experts reveal years of research on what makes a happy couple (gay or straight). And, in our lead article, by Mothering ‘daddy blogger’ Jeremy Adam Smith, a stay-at-home dad tells us how fathers, mothers, gay couples, grandparents, neighbors, and multiethnic families are remaking America.

Click here to read an excerpt of Jeremy’s mind-opening article on Mothering.com.

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Melanie Mayo-Laakso


Melanie Mayo-Laakso is the Content Manager for Mothering.com. Mothering is the birthplace of natural family living and attachment parenting. We celebrate the experience of parenthood as worthy of one’s best efforts and are at once fierce advocates for children and gentle supporters of parents.


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