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We all get lots of exercise/physical activity. I try to make healthy choices for my body and mind and love myself in the hope that my daughters will see that and love themselves, too.




The biggest thing I do to keep my kiddo healthy is to be a good example of healthy habits. Monkey see, monkey do, right? I try to eat right and stay active and since he eats what I eat and comes along with me for all of my activities (because he’s still a baby), hopefully, he’ll grow up to see those habits as a normal part of his daily life. I also breastfeed and will until he weans himself, and make sure we have lots of fresh veggies and fruit on hand for meals and snacks… basically every decision I make is for the health and well-being of my kid. From where I live to where I shop to what I do with my own free time…




We make homemade yogurt, sweetened with stevia, to keep everyone healthy We also just recently switched to cooking with coconut oil, and I love it!




Having 4 stepkids and 2 year old daughter, encouraging healthy habits is a must in order to prevent the plague of the month entering and destroying our household (LOL!). Handwashing with sweet smelling castille soaps whenever using the bathroom and before every meal; we try to make each dish colorful like the rainbow — raw veggie salads must be eaten first; we take vitamin C supplements; and soak our toothbrushes in grapefruit seed extract at least once every couple of weeks. Finally, we are so fortunate to live in a beautiful place so we take lots of family hikes, for example, this morning we hiked to some blackberries and chowed down before breakfast. xo




If you’ve made the choice to vaccinate your children, or may consider doing so in the future, this giveaway is for you.


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Mothering is a long-time advocate of inspiring and assisting parents to make informed decisions about their child’s health.  Catherine Clinton is one of those parents, and a few weeks ago she shared with us how her desire to make informed decisions for her son led her to design Vaccishield–a nutritional supplement for children before, during and after vaccinations.  Read about the ingredients in Vaccishield.


Now four Mothering members will have a chance to try it for free! Four winning comments will be chosen by our team on July 31st and announced here and on Facebook on Aug 1st. Each winner will receive one unit of Vaccishield, valued at $26.99!


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Share one tip you have for keeping your kids healthy in the comments section below.  It could be a hand-washing routine, how you inspired them to love new vegetables, an outdoor game you play, or anything else that keeps them healthy! 


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