Everybody Poops: A Mom’s Top 10 Reasons for Squatting and Why You Should Try It



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Special thanks to guest blogger Jennifer of Hybrid Rasta Mama for contributing this blog post.


Everybody poops. Or at least they should poop. In fact, every living thing should poop on a daily basis.


You might remember your parents reading you the book Everybody Poops when you were young. You quite possibly have read it to your children in an effort to get them a little more comfortable with the idea of pooping in a toilet. I know I did.


Something occurred to me one day as I was reading that book to my daughter. If you look at the pooping positions of all the animals represented, you will see that they basically stand or squat (or for birds, fly). Not a single animal maneuvers itself into an unnatural position to take care of business. As such, they appear to have very little trouble getting things out.


Apparently we humans like to defy gravity. You know, we do silly things like go to space cocooned in a special suit that helps keep our feet on the ground. We also like to make sure that we put our bodies into the most “anti-pooping” position possible by sitting on a toilet to eliminate.


I mean, why on earth would we actually want to make it easy for our poop to come out? Let’s keep that waste backed up in our system as long as possible and make it super tough for it to exit gracefully! And then, just for giggles, let’s take our young children, who aren’t too sure about this big white thing in the bathroom, and train them to put their body into a position that makes it near impossible to poop comfortably and regularly.


Goofy, right?


I discovered the Squatty Potty quite by accident a couple of years ago. As a parenting blogger who writes a lot about natural health and wellness, I am always researching. Always. When I stumbled across the Squatty Potty I was intrigued. So much so, that I spent hours looking up additional information about pooping posture.




I was no stranger to the idea of squatting to poop. My mother-in-law is from Sri Lanka and that is what they do there. I have also traveled extensively and was introduced to various squatting setups in public restrooms. Despite my best efforts trying, I gave up. After all, it seemed so weird. And uncomfortable. Who wants to hover, get in, and get out, when you can sit down, read a book and take ample time to think about life? That’s what the porcelain throne is for right?


Wrong! Sitting on a toilet, taking your time, is the worst thing you can do for your body. Seriously. And as a mother, who cares very much about doing everything possible to ensure the long term health of my daughter, I immediately began to worry about how traditional “potty learning” was going to impact my daughter’s natural ability to poop correctly.


Yes, I said natural ability. If you have a young child in diapers, watch them when they poop. You will see that they instinctually get into a slight squat to do their business. Why oh why do we not encourage this??? (I could answer that but honestly, that is an article unto itself!)


Let’s get down to some business shall we? As I mentioned, it is important to me, as a mother, to keep my child as healthy as possible. It is also important that I keep myself healthy. Good health always starts in the gut and if you are not pooping regularly and properly, then chances are, you are not in optimum health. Squatting with the Squatty Potty can honestly help with that!




Here are the top 10 reasons why I, a mother, adore and use the Squatty Potty and why I think every household should have one at the foot of every toilet!


1.    It gets you into the proper potty posture! Improper alignment of the anorectal angle is essentially at the root of everything from incomplete emptying of the bowel to damage to the colon and other organs. Basically, when you sit or stand to poop, it puts pressure upwards on the rectum and keeps fecal matter inside. I don’t know about you, but the thought of only half emptying my bowels after a lot of hard work isn’t very appealing. I would much rather squat and have a better chance at an empty, healthier bowel.


2.    Constipation issues can be reduced or possibly eliminated when you have proper toilet posture. I have never met anyone who enjoys being constipated. I doubt I ever will! The Squatty Potty lets you assume a position that gives you the best chance of fully evacuating all fecal matter, thus preventing backups from “leftovers.” The more leftovers that back up, the more constipated someone becomes. Constipation can become a really vicious cycle as people try all kinds of things to “clear out.” So do what you can to prevent it in the first place and squat!


3.    Squatting with the Squatty Potty keeps hemorrhoids at bay. Compacted fecal matter from improper elimination leads to straining which often leads to painful hemorrhoids. Having watched my young daughter battle these, I never want her to have to go through that again! Thus my insistence on proper pooping posture!


4.    It helps prevent pelvic floor issues. Obviously, no one wants a weak pelvic floor and while there are a lot of other reasons you might have pelvic floor issues (both men and women) you can decrease the likelihood of this occurring but assuming proper toilet posture. Sitting on the toilet, straining to go, and too much pressure on the colon can all lead to pelvic floor nerve damage. The Squatty Potty gives your pelvic floor a fighting chance at remaining strong.


5.    Your risk for colon disease might be lowered. Many studies point to fecal buildup in the colon as a cause of diseases including colon cancer. Why encourage this by sitting to poop?


6.    It aids our bodies in proper nutrient absorption. Bet you didn’t see that one coming! The fact is, when you are not eliminating properly, your entire body is affected. This includes its ability to properly process and absorb the nutrients from the food we eat. I know from experience. I battled a huge flare up of ulcerative colitis for over a year and a half. Having a damaged colon that was further compromised from improper elimination led to a decline in my overall health because my body could not properly absorb the nutrients I was giving it. Don’t compromise your health just because sitting on the toilet is the norm!


7.    The Squatty Potty does not discriminate! Nope – it helps with urination in women just as much as it does defecation. Urinary flow is usually stronger and easier when women squat to urinate. The bladder is emptied more completely when squatting rather than sitting or “hovering”. Squatting can help reduce episodes of urinary tract infections in both frequency and intensity. I’ll sign up for that!


8.    It prevents “poo hording.” Stop laughing. If you are the parent of a poo hoarder you know exactly what I am talking about. Some children, for various reasons, hold their stool. Children have AMAZING bowel control, much better than adults often times. Poo hoarders will hold onto it for days and days, much to the detriment of their health. Placing a child in a sitting position, trying to encourage elimination, is basically like swimming upriver. You are giving them all the tools necessary to NOT POOP! Get that same child onto a Squatty Potty and it will be much more difficult to fight against nature’s call.


9.    It is a pregnant woman’s saving grace! I absolutely wish I had a Squatty Potty when I was pregnant! Oh my. I would have been in heaven! Not only would it have helped keep things moving and kept me pretty comfortable but I am quite sure it would have prevented pregnancy hemorrhoids (which of course were related to pregnancy constipation).  I also know that it would have reduced and possibly eliminated all that pregnancy gas I experienced. (I am sure my husband would have been grateful for that!)


10.  It provides hours and hours of entertainment for an imaginative child! Seriously. My daughter comes up with all kinds of ways to utilize the Squatty Potty in play. You can read more about her creative uses for the Squatty Potty in my post, More Poop Talk.


I could honestly go on and on about the wonder that is the Squatty Potty. It literally has transformed the way we view our bathroom habits and the impact that they have on the health of our entire body. I pour a lot of time and energy into keeping our family healthy through natural, holistic means. Why mess it up simply by sitting on a toilet?



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If you would like to learn more about the Squatty Potty or purchase one for your home, please visit the Squatty Potty website!


Jennifer, author of Hybrid Rasta Mama, is a former government recruiter turned stay-at-home mama to a precious daughter (“Tiny”) brought earthside in early 2009. She is passionate about and writes about conscious parenting, natural living, holistic health/wellness, real foods, and a Waldorf inspired approach to education. Coconut oil and all its wonders is a main feature on her blog as well. Jennifer is committed to breastfeeding (especially extended breastfeeding), bed-sharing, cloth diapering, green living, babywearing, peaceful parenting, playful parenting, and getting children outside. Jennifer has also authored three books; Coconut Oil For Your Skin, Cooking With Coconut Oil, and Salve Made Simple. You can find these on her eBook page


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