Ewan’s birth story: introduction

I’d like to introduce this blog by sharing with you a personal story, of how my son came into the world. Pregnancy and birth is where the amazing, life-changing journey of parenthood began for me. It also sowed the seeds of my writing. It is Ewan who continually reminds me to follow my instincts, who helps me to parent more naturally.

My pregnancy and early labour were natural and gentle, with few medical interventions. Sadly, Ewan was eventually delivered by emergency caesarean section. As traumatic as this was, we were also relieved he was born a healthy little boy and that I was able to breastfeed him problem free. On reflection I began to piece together the possible reasons for what became a very medicalised birth.

This experience has taught me to be far more questioning of the medical profession and proactive when dealing with them. What do these ‘experts’ do to our bodies in the name of ‘reducing the risks’? I am now far more open to alternative methods of birthing. In the hopeful event of another pregnancy, I plan to be more in control and able to manage my labour, knowing when to ask for assistance and from whom.

Caroline Jane Cole

About Caroline Jane Cole

I am a full-time Mum to Ewan James, born in June 2010. When I get chance, I write on natural parenting issues, on topics including sustained breastfeeding, baby-wearing, bed-sharing, home-education and natural living, for parenting magazines and websites. I am an active member of La Leche League GB and a trained breastfeeding peer supporter. See my website; www.stoneageparenting.com.

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