exhilaration (and anticlimax)

ta-daTa-da! We are done, finished, through. Jan-Feb issue 164 is outta here!

After the frenzy of layouts and proofing and file-sending, late nights and long hours, Managing Editor Melissa Chianta just signed off on the last page—which is a huge relief, and, as always, pretty much a source of wonder.

But it’s also anticlimactic. Since after a day or two to catch our breath (And after, that is, we also finish up the digital version of the magazine, adding links and digital bonus material), the whole process starts all over again. . .

Still, it feels good to have put this one to bed. High fives all ’round!


Photo of my computer screen today, showing some of the digital bluelines our press, Quad Graphics, has posted as they assemble our pages prior to printing.

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