Fatherhood and economic realities

I turned my blog entry here into an op-ed for the British Guardian newspaper, on how the recession could affect fathers and fatherhood. Many of the comments are interestingly hostile, resisting the idea that fathers can or should be anything but breadwinners. A friend of mine observed “that the negative commenters’ real problem is with the economic realities that make a single-income household economically precarious, rather than with a dad staying home after, say, being laid off. But somehow it’s easier to object to a social more than an economic one. i.e. easier to lambast the stay-at-home dad than the economic absurdities that forced him to be home (as opposed to a system that would allow him to choose to stay home).” Which is absolutely right on, in my view.

Some news for those living in the Bay Area: I’ll be running a workshop for expectant and new parents on father involvement at UC Berkeley: “Come explore how new fathers and mothers can equally share in the joys and burdens of parenthood. Emphasis will be placed on successful co-parenting relationships and in understanding and overcoming obstacles to father involvement. Enroll at the UCB Learning Center by calling 510-642-7883 or emailing careserv@uhs.berkeley.edu.” Spread the word to those who might benefit!

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