Feeding Your Children Part IV: Affirmations


Welcome to Feeding Your Children Part IV. To read I, II & III, click here.

Now it is time to write out statements of clear intention for what you would like your children’s relationship to be with regards to food. For example:

May my child have food when she is hungry.

May my child understand where food comes from.

May my child eat a balanced diet filled with fresh, organic and healthy foods.

May my child be inventive in the kitchen and create meals with joy.

May my child enjoy cooking, eating and feasting with friends, family and community.

Write these sentences down on an index card and place it on your mirror, on your dresser, on your desk or on an altar. Say these sentences aloud once in the morning and once in the evening. These affirmations are especially helpful after a visioning session. Click here for details.

Enjoy the process and stay tuned for the next step with practical applications.




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