Five Best Baby Carriers: Recommended by the Mothering Community

Babywearing offers a huge amount of benefits, but choosing the right carrier isn’t always easy. Recently, we started a conversation in the Mothering community to ask for baby carrier recommendations and the response was wonderful. Check it out here.

Below you will find the top five baby carrier picks from our members. 

Beco Butterfly II Carrier 

Review from Mothering Member “AnlcJz”

Pros: Easy back carry, infant insert included, works great for all body types, beautiful, the list goes on! This carrier is awesome.

Cons: None, besides the fact that they are so georgeous that you want to buy one in every color!

I have been using the Beco Butterfly II for about 5 months now and my son is currently 8 months old. It is very easy to use and a great value. Included is the infant insert so you can start using it right from the start and it goes up to 45lbs so that will last you well into toddler age. The straps are super soft and not bulky like other carriers.  They are easy to adjust and can fit all body types. My husband and I share the carrier with no problems. The back carry is super easy thanks to the internal harness. This also makes it easier to pass the baby onto someone else without having to take him out of the carrier. The internal harness makes me feel very secure when doing a back carry, something which I thought would be too difficult for me. The fabric is super soft and absolutely stunning.  They have so many beautiful and modern options which makes it hard to choose just one. Overall I would recommend this product to anyone. It is truly unique, innovative, a great value and a must for all parents.



Beco Baby Carrier Gemini

Review from Mothering Member “TarynM”

Pros: Comfortable for baby and I from birth up, 4 carry positions, makes me look taller 😉

Cons: No rain cover

I have been a baby wearing mama since I had my first daughter in 2007. We have tried at least 10 different options; a snuggli, a baby bjorn, asst’d ring slings, a baby buddha, and finally the Beco Gemini. And WOW. This carrier is the most comfortable, versatile, easy to use carrier I have ever had. I would highly recommend it and do to any mom. I’m 5’2 and this carrier has fit from the moment I brought the baby home on, and the fact that my babe is gigantic hasn’t even phased me while I’m wearing her in my Gemini. NOT to mention it’s flattering! It does up ON TOP of my muffin top and the way it’s put together makes me look taller and slimmer…lol. ( I’m a short, curvy girl so this is definitely a plus when I’m feeling not so pretty postpartum. ) This is far and away the best OVERALL purchase I’ve made for this baby; there is nothing like comfortably wearing my baby for bonding and making my life easier. With two toddlers on each hand and my baby in my Beco, life is good!



Ergo Baby Carrier

Review from Mothering Member “CherryBombMama”

Pros: easy to use, lightweight, for all sizes (w/ infant insert,) nice color

Cons: hard to sit in, although not impossible

Without the ergo, I wouldn’t have survived my first two months postpartum. I can chase my toddler while my newborn sleeps soundly, and with the infant insert, he stays snug and I can be sure that he is properly situated. My first son loves watching me wash the new baby in the sink, but it was impossible managing a baby in the sink and a toddler on a chair by the sink, so I tossed the toddler onto my back in the ergo while washing and then getting the new baby dressed. It was so easy 🙂

When I wear the ergo, I feel as if I am wearing nothing. That is how normally I can go about my life. I only wish it was a little bit easier to sit in. The padding on the bottom makes me just a tad bit uncomfortable.


I recommend this to everyone!



Boba Carrier 3G

Review from Mothering Member “Ohkellyeah”

Pros: Comfortable, easy to put on, versatile
Cons: None
I’ve been using my Boba 3G since my son was 6 weeks old. I LOVE this carrier.
It is versatile and you can carry an infant without buying a separate infant accessory. I can carry my 11 month old 25 lb son for hours comfortably. My son loves to be carried and I can’t imagine grocery shopping without it!
It’s easy to put on by myself and it adjusts to fit my 6 foot 250 lb husband. I love that we can both use the same carrier.
I literally take it with me everywhere. Love this carrier!!!


Moby Wrap Original

Review from Mothering Member “Poonico”

Pros: easy to use, works well

Cons: slight learning curve

When our daughter was born premature I began searching for a way to be able to kangaroo care her as much as possible, while being able to take care of our son as well.

I found the Moby while in the hospital and ordered it with express shipping. Our baby girl thrived and I was able to be free to move around and take care of our son as well. The Moby was my first venture into babywearing, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

This carrier is comfortable and versatile. I highly recommend this product.


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