Five Things My Toddler Made Me Forget About Babies

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I was knee deep in toddler-hood with my 22 month old daughter when my son was born. It took no time at all to realize that my 22 months of motherhood made me overconfident about starting from day one again. I prepared for my first’s birth and life like I was cramming for a final, but relied solely on that experience for my second child. Consequently, and hilariously, I had to relearn a lot of fundamentals and even undo bad habits!

Babies need burping

This is babies 101, but it took me a couple days to remember I could actually solve my baby’s gassiness by simply burping him after feedings!

Nursing takes effort

As long as I can expose a boob my toddler can nurse from it. I hardly pay attention to her anymore while she nurses. So, with my newborn I expected to be a seasoned professional nurser. It was frustrating for me when I had to go back to using two hands, be aided by pillows, and sit just-so in order for him to get a full belly.

Babies smell amazing

Sometimes I think I could just smell him right up into my nostrils.

Diapers need changing at night

I prepared for the more frequent nursing sessions at night but it wasn’t until my son was soaking through his clothes twice a night that I remembered he also needed to be changed around the clock.

It takes time to get to know each other

One of the harder lessons is that I didn’t know my son. When you are a first time parent everything is brand new to you and you expect it. Over time, you know your child like the back of your hand. I have getting my daughter to eat or sleep down to a science. I know how to distract her or make her happy. I know what fixes the boo-boos and what songs she likes me to sing best. In comparison, my son felt like a stranger. I didn’t know how to calm him or what his different cries meant.  I had to learn him and he had to learn me. I had to be patient.


What were some things you forgot for your subsequent babies?



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One thought on “Five Things My Toddler Made Me Forget About Babies”

  1. This is precisely what I am experiencing right now!!! I have a 2yo daughter and a 6 day old newborn boy. Everything in this article hits the nail right on the head for me! 🙂 I feel like a ftm all over again LOL 🙂 Even holding a newborn feels foreign to me again! I’m great at toddler wrestling but holding a delicate newborn makes me slightly nervous at times!

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